02 April 2012 @ 04:07 pm
#3 - Prankfield  
 [A] - [for Anakin [personal profile] chosen_to_fall , Fujiwara no Mokou [personal profile] reflames , Mion Sonozaki [personal profile] envyspites , Will Schuester [personal profile] bustsamove , and Ilsa Higa [personal profile] ooeeooahah  ]
[Once he'd gotten home from downtown, Keith had found the letter and what Shirley had done made much more sense. 

What a strange town. . .

While not exactly competitive, an idea suddenly struck him. He was used to games - Hero TV, for example - and he enjoyed them. Maybe if he could help some people but still play the game, it would be worth it.

Which is why the people in his letter are going to get a knock at the door, or a ring at the doorbell. When the door is opened, the only thing that will be on the porch is a pastry box and a note.  You've been ding dong ditched!

 The pastry box has pie!  Delicious, normal pie, to make up for the trick. The note reads: 
Have a nice day. 

p.s. You may want to stay inside. 

It may be possible to catch him though; maybe he's tripped, or maybe this house has something magical about it, or maybe there's a sneeze from those bushes or behind that fence.  But he's trying very hard for a clean getaway!]
B. - Anywhere
[That was better.  It was a bit strange how he felt so much better after leaving his notes; less tired, so much less that it was noticeable. He's going to walk home quickly though; he definitely understood he was a target for othe-- Oh, that was a nice cloud in the sky.

Maybe he's a little less focused than he hoped.  And he'll definitely be helping anybody in need.]

10 March 2012 @ 09:25 am
02 ✖ three little birds sat on my window  
 I - [phone, morning]
[Sup guys guess who's back from being droned? She sounds terribly uneasy.]

Uh. Hey. Guess I was decommissioned for a while. Kinda creepy to wake up and be wearing a frilly nightgown I know I didn't fall asleep in. [A pause.] Anything really noteworthy happen?

[Another pause, this one longer.] ...and sorry to anyone who might have worried.

II - [highschool, afternoon]
[If you happen to be wandering around after school, you can conveniently find Mion in an empty classroom. She seems to have lugged a sewing machine from one of the Home-Ec rooms up there, and is feverishly repairing stitches and such, from a giant pile of various frilly dresses and costumes. Maid. Catgirl. School swimsuit. Et cetera.]