17 August 2012 @ 03:23 pm
the water's rising, but i know the course  
[phone, completely public]

[Dist has spent the past hour trying to find the proper pronunciation for "ubezhishche," but he'd be damned if he screwed up such an important call by stumbling over a foreign word. A little editing would have to do.]

I'm only going to read this once. Get a pencil and pay attention.



In the type of event that Project U. is created for -- God forbid such a thing should happen -- there would be no power source capable of sustaining it indefinitely. Project U requires, by design, a greater source of energy than we have access to.

It would be, therefore, inherently unstable. It could not be maintained at the level specified in the original directive. I predict that over time, it shall become more voracious in its consumption of energy as external conditions become less forgiving.

I advise that we bring the project to a pause to reanalyze our design, if not a complete stop. Conditions within it CANNOT LAST according to the original directive. Eventually, disrepair, malfunctions, and ultimately ruin are, I fear, the inevitable consequences of Project U.

I cannot stress further the risk presented here. Attached are my findings and calculations. The math does not add up: the entire project is in danger as it stands.

Grigori Sadykov
Scientific Architect of Project U.

The emblem at the top of the document reads CCCP, if that means anything to anyone. Project U has a longer name that I can't define or pronounce; someone proficient in Earth languages might do better there.

[Dist pauses, thinking for a few moments. It was a shame he'd misplaced the order calling for the man's execution; that would have been nice to read too.]

The date of this document is beyond recognition, but it's clear that Mayfield is what the project eventually became. Those of you who fell into the little town inside the carnival witnessed it falling apart. I've gotten dubious confirmation that the same is starting to happen to the town we all inhabit.

They knew about it from the start. I can't find my copy of the official document but Grigori Sadykov's execution was called for soon after he sent this letter, for crimes against the state and their "Glorious Leader." I don't know what's going to happen to us, but I know that if any of you have any brilliant plans, and I'm sure plenty of you do, now is the time to start pursuing them.

Their hold is breaking. Whoever it was I spoke to, the one who confirmed it, spoke through one of the residents here, overriding the body's holder; this is someone who is outside the system, or who can move inside it more freely than we can. I'm inclined to believe them.

Get on it.
30 July 2012 @ 10:14 am
all my shit has been in boxes  
[action a]

[What's this? A Dist carrying boxes back and forth from someplace to his house? He seems to be having some trouble with it; if he'd rebuilt his Kaiser this wouldn't be a problem, but that would be time and labor intensive and he wants to secure his notes and information first. Sol is running at his heels, carrying a piece of paper in his mouth and looking quite proud of himself. What, how much did you expect a tiny furry creature to carry?]

[action b]

[Well, Dist finally got around to opening that box he got ages ago... and now there's an hourglass-looking thing sitting in his lawn, at least as tall as his house if not moreso. Dist himself is quite happy about it; he's hauling various things up a ladder to a platform in the middle, then activating the machine. Soon enough, there's... two of that same item?

Oh, how wonderful it is to have his fomicry machine back! Maybe now he can be a bit more on the offense to the town.

This time, though, the cheagle is nowhere to be seen.]
25 May 2012 @ 01:07 am
with fingers crossed they'll talk to me  

[This... this is a drunk dial. It's obvious from Dist's tone, the way he's slurring... hell, even the subject matter. He's been brooding a lot lately, mostly due to being brainwashed. Twice. To have your mind forcibly taken... it's not an easy thing to recover from.]

We're all... here, we're all surrounded by people. Prisoners, like ourselves. But who among us... who doesn't feel lonely? Disconnected from all those around you... I fear that's their goal. Isolation, even in the face of a crowd.

[Dist takes a deep breath, possibly taking another swig from his drink.]

We're overdue for a town attack. Divide and conquer. Without unity... I don't know what we'll do in the face of whatever they throw at us.
07 May 2012 @ 05:03 pm
it's okay to say you've got a weak spot  
[phone; filtered to klaus]


Remember how I said we needed to talk? You might not; you were kind of insane.
15 April 2012 @ 01:34 pm
you'll start to really feel it in a week or so  
[backdated to friday]

[...Oh. Oh, well, isn't this interesting? After freaking out about being in a new body, he immediately realizes whose it is -- that wretch the Doctor. With it comes the Demon Crown and a unique ability to study the man's powers for himself. It likely wouldn't be permanent -- Mayfield's changes never are. This could be his chance for revenge!]


So, for those of you with godlike abilities... how many are enjoying being without them? The thought of someone else going about, learning and mastering your skills? Must be maddening, I'd imagine.

[filtered to the Riddler]

Edward, I don't know what body you're in right now, but I would appreciate your assistance with something.
29 March 2012 @ 02:18 pm
send you roses when they think you need to smile  
[backdated to monday evening, closed to inhabitants of 726 Anderson]

[It sure is convenient when you don't lock your doors. With his thinking suppressed, Dist doesn't really have the ability to do any breaking and entering. He also doesn't have enough reasoning to realize that no one would be home until the evening, what with two of his targets being children and one being a schoolteacher. He'd shown up in the early afternoon and thusly spent his time looking through all of the rooms in the house, one by one, over and over, seemingly forgetting where he's already looked.

Guys, there's a zombie in your house.]
16 March 2012 @ 11:27 pm
the kind you can't suffer quietly  
[1767 Beaver, closed to [personal profile] doctor_despot]

[Dist awakens with a start, suddenly clearheaded. He can think again, has true hold of his intellect again... it's like water to a man who's been trapped in the desert. He even bends over in his bed, placing his hands on his temples and breathing. Freedom. It had never felt so... relieving.]
05 March 2012 @ 12:44 am
i think you're slipping  
[action, 729 anderson, backdated to march 1st evening]

[Okay. Okay, this is definitely the right house. There's more than one blimp in town, and Dist hasn't exactly been on strong speaking terms with Klaus so he'd sort of forgotten about it. Still, the little swan Klaus had given him for Christmas - the one nesting in his lap with Sol - has Dist pretty convinced that his house would be a decent hiding spot for his sensitive notes and machines.

As a side note, he'd found a box with a letter attached to it when he'd gotten back to his house, but rather than open it immediately he'd decided to bring it with him. It might be something important, and he didn't want to waste time.

Unfortunately, though, by now Dist is slightly delirious and the Kaiser is buzzing about in an almost drunken manner. This makes his landing in the backyard less of a landing and more of a crash. Hope you don't mind, Klaus.]
01 March 2012 @ 11:36 pm
spread the word, tell a friend, tell them the tale  

Hmph. You people don't know how good you've got it. Don't realize how lucky you are to have me.

[Remember Dist? He's still an idiot. He sounds so convinced of his necessity, too.]

I'll have you know I've started printing copies of my letter again, with an additional note towards all those irritating hero types we've been getting lately. Best to cut them off at the start of things, before they make us suffer the consequences of their naivete. I removed the timeline at the end, as well, as it was mostly taking up room and was difficult to edit comprehensively. Thus, you'll mostly find the bare basics, and brand new prisoners will make the best use of it, but you can't deny that arming them with information is a necessity. Until they understand how Mayfield works, they're only dead weight.

If you're looking for a copy for yourself or distribution, you know where the library is. I'll be at the front desk, because working in the shelves is annoying.

[action, library]

[If you happen by the library, true to his word, Dist is sitting at the front desk, alternately reading, doodling machine schematics on spare pieces of paper, and building what looks like a very tiny device; he's making no real effort to hide the fact that he's not actually working. Next to him is a tall stack of the letters, which are free to take. He is keeping an eye out for anyone who might be in the town's employ, but only halfheartedly. He's more worried about being punished than "letting it go into the wrong hands."]

(If you're just looking to give the intro letter to your character, you don't have to post in if you don't want to; I just wanted to get it back into circulation, so handwaving "quietly taking a note off the stack" is fine. I love CR, though. ^^)
14 February 2012 @ 03:21 pm
hearts beat in sync, beat in time  

[Great, this holiday again. The last two were no fun at all, and he's really not looking forward to it this time.

Or, well, that's how he'd feel if roses hadn't started to appear all over his house. His super fun surgery day had left him with something of a resentful attitude towards flowers in general, but hey, today feels good!

One day he'll start to question his feelings, since Mayfield is so good at manipulating them all the time, but... well, Dist is no Jade. He'll even keep a rose on him when he goes to work, because they're pretty, dammit. Maybe today nothing bad will happen.]