22 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
A - 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Holland had regained a good number of things in almost a year of time in Mayfield. He had two rabbits now, his old friend Poffertje and another one of his pets, Soesje, both rabbits named after cream-puff like pastries. At least Poffertje was happy; he needed a lady-friend.

He'd also gotten by with comforting items like his pipe, his scarf, and even his coat . . . and this morning he gets something more. There is an envelope shaped like a card in the mail, and when he opens it on the porch, he's greeted by a picture of a field of tulips. For a moment he's distracted by the flowers, the relaxing colors and they weren't laid out too badly either . . . it definitely looked like something from home.

And that's when he hears the loud crashing and shouts from the kitchen. He'll run into the house, only to be met with an enormous pile of tulip bulbs filling the kitchen.

He could use those. ]

Don't damage them!

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Holland is going to walk his new notdaughter Romana to school. In the cute little dress that Canada picked out, with her cute little pigtails she's. . . well, still Romana, but cute. Eat your heart out, Spain.]

C. Phone - Morning

For anybody who knew Italië Romana, she's back now only she's very small and she's living in my house now.

Spanje, you can't come over.

D - The Pharmacy

[Holland is hard at work, or hardly working depending on the time of day. For now, he's stocking shelves, a seemingly endless job. Now would be the perfect time to talk to him and ask him about his awkward personal life.]

E - Phone - Afternoon - to all

I'm staring a gardening business, because it sounds like a lot of people want to learn. You can come to a free demonstration at my house, 1447 Mitchell Rd. at 10 A.M on Saturday. Free pancakes.

[ooc: There will be a log for this. Also he may or may not have discussed the pancakes with Canada beforehand. . .]

16 March 2012 @ 11:39 am
† First Post; Action; Phone  
A: Locked to residents of 1447 Mitchell Road; Morning

[Romana is alert as soon as she wakes up, her eyes wide and her metaphorical tail bushy. And then there's a large crash from her bedroom as she tumbles out of bed, instantly in a defensive positioned. This isn't her camp, this isn't one of Prussia's places, or anything she remembers France or Spain having, and it isn't her own land. That means panic.

But still, she tries to be sneaky. Creeping down the stairs as if that crash never happened, still staring at the strange nightclothes she's wearing she misses the string of photographs placing her as a member of this family. She also misses seeing the table holding the phone, running into and knocking it over with another crash. Romana jumps back, startled.

Then unknown to her it dials out, calling the town as Romana leans down to hesitantly poke it.]

B: Phone; Morning

What is this... Some strange piece of art I guess... weird sculpture.

[She calls out to the house, trying to sound brave, phone still in her hands] Hello? Is anyone here? I... Francia, if this is you, I'm going to kick your ass, I will!

I was going to do it anyway, but I'll do it now if I have to! And Spanga if this is yours it won't work, I'm independent now! I'm almost complete, and I'm not coming back, because I have very important things to do!
09 February 2012 @ 10:14 am
Uno ๑ Action  
 A: Action; 750 Partridge Drive - Morning

[When Romana gets up she's expecting just another day. Another day with the drones of Wy and Seborga staring at her blankly, acting nothing like their usual selves, of tripping over the menagerie of animals Australia's acquired, of trying to live some kind strange half life. She's been away from home for so long, more than a year and she misses it. Misses her sister, misses her people, misses hearing her language spoken all around her, drinking good coffee she hasn't made herself and trying new pastries from the bakery down the road. She even misses paperwork, and screaming meetings that go nowhere. She misses home.

The day starts to turn to the different as she goes down stairs. On whim she checks the front door, blinking in surprise at the small pile of parcels. That's right,  it's been months since this place had given her anything from home and slowly she checks the labels, only picking up a package when she knows it's hers.

The first is an
outfit, small and delicate, clearly old but still looked after. Her first court dress, that Spain got especially for her to be introduced to royals and nobles. Dress, corset, stockings, shoes and the few jewels she had and even her hair ribbons, they're all there. And so a lump begins to build in Romana's throat, even as she moves on. A bible, the one she got in the 16th century. A fencing sword, a fine polished silver with small red gems, the one Spain got for her when Romana demanded to be taught to fight. They're all Spain's gifts and suddenly Romana can't help it she can feel the tears start to come. She misses her so much, almost as much as she misses Venezia.

It's with tears that she pries open the last parcel, a large wooden box, wondering what last heartbreaking gift she'll get. She doesn't see the airholes, doesn't hear the scratch of claws on wood so when the wolf leaps out of the open box she's taken completely by surprise, falling backwards. And then she has a lapful of wolf and she's crying happy tears, recognising her gift straight away. Lupa licks her cheeks and Romana can't help it she clings to the animal, feeling more and more like the little girl she once more now that she has her first protector.

If anyone was to walk past or come out of the house they'd spot her easily, laughing and crying and clinging to a small female
wolf, whose squirming against her, trying to find what's wrong. It all probably looks like an attack though, from the wrong view]

B: Action; The Butcher Shop - Afternoon

[Having calmed down eventually Romana did go on with her day. First thing was first though. She had to get something for Lupa to eat, and so it's easy to find her at the butchers, buying a ton of raw meat. Lupa sits outside, patiently waiting for her mistress though watching everyone carefully.]