18 February 2012 @ 12:10 pm
I. What world is this anyway?  
Action [730 Anderson Lane]

[Xigbar slowly comes to consciousness in what he now realizes is not his bed, wearing what is not his sleepwear.  He doesn’t recall drinking at all last night… probably a sign of the severity of the problem.  He gets out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom, taking in his surroundings as he goes.  He looks in the mirror, and sees two eyes on a scar-less face looking back at him.]

Just what kind of world did I wake up in anyway?  Doesn’t matter, I’m outta here.

[He puts up a hand to open a door to darkness, to no avail.  This sends a slight surge of panic through him, further amplified after failed attempts to teleport and call his arrowguns too.

Not wanting to be caught at a disadvantage (which he already has been), he takes to the nearest closet and throws on one of the many bland suits in there.]

These duds are pretty tacky.  Guess it beats running around in pajamas.

Phone [Open]

Hey, whoever listening here, someone mind letting me know just where the hell I am anyway?  Is this some kind of bizarre 1950's amusement park?

Action [Around town]

[Looking to get an idea of what he’s up against, he wanders the town, spying in on passers-by.  Man, this walking stuff is for the birds…]