30 September 2012 @ 10:26 pm
Mission 17: La Resistance Lives On  
[Phone, filtered from drones and TPTB]

Just to be perfectly clear, Bingo Night isn't going anywhere. I still have all the cards and dabbers. Six o'clock.

[Bodine Fashion, around five]

[Wes has led drone!Olivier to Bodine Fashion in an effort to keep her clear of tonight's activities]

I'm sure you have plenty of new outfits you're dying for, so you take your time here.

[If the real Olivier could witness this, she would shoot him]

[1671 Nelson/Undergroud Base]

[Wes sees that arrivals make it safely to the base. Once people are settled he addresses the room]

I'll be honest, I've never really been a speech guy. Shooting has always been more my thing, but here we are. We've taken some heavy hits lately, but that's all the more reason we can't let them stop us. Especially since we know something big has gone down.

So we need to talk about that. And where we go from here. I still have all of Olivier's intel down here.

((There is also a mingle log up))
18 September 2012 @ 07:59 pm
[Action: Locked to 1667 Nelson]

[Mart snores loudly in his sleep and starts rolling around and blindly gripping at the pillow in his sleep. He grips something. But it isn't a pillow. More a person. A person named Annie Goldstein. This can't end well.]

[Action: Outside 1667 Nelson.]

[Outside, you can hear loud screaming, crashing, yelling, and swearing. Followed by Mart, in only his boxers, flung out the bedroom window and onto the pavement below. He slowly gets to his feet in a daze, more or less unharmed. Dare you approach and see what this is all about?]


[Phone: Filtered From Drones]

So. I guess even not celebrating your birthday in Mayfield still counts. Now, I'm 18, and an adult by town standards. And... forcibly married. Can somebody fill me in about what this means?

And since the cat's outta the bag, would anyone want to help me have a belated birthday party or something? Shit has just gotten too damn crazy now.
16 September 2012 @ 11:35 am
action; phone (forward dated to Monday!)  
{ACTION} Mayfield Elementary; before class
[Despite seeing and hearing some things he didn't want to encounter during the trip into the void, Czeslaw has been attending school without missing a day. Dressed in a white shirt with a tie (fixed to be straight by his drone mother) and jacket but missing his usual hat, Czes makes his way on campus, arriving a little bit early.

He bumps shoulders with people sometimes, uttering a small "sorry" whenever he does. But if he sees a face he recognizes, he looks up with the best smile he could plaster on his face.]

Hi... good morning! How's it going?

{ACTION} Stone Street; afternoon
[Czeslaw received something in the mail after coming home from school. It was just an envelope with a card inside, but what's important to Czes is what is dran on the card. It's a two-panel comic, a simple picture of a human with a wound in the first panel; the human's wound is healed in the second. He looks at it for a couple of seconds before he pales and nearly drops it, turning white and running inside the house.]

{PHONE} filtered to Firo Prochainezo
Firo! Hey Firo, can I talk to you?

[First he calls Firo, because this is the guy he was living with back home. First he's got to call Firo and see if he's still alive and around, and tell him what happened. He already tried to see if the mail wasn't joking, and sure enough it was real. The cut on his lip he bit down on it earlier healed in seconds.]

Not over the phone, though -- I can come to to your house or meet you anywhere, but I need to talk to you!

{ACTION} Nelson Street; nighttime
[Czes was also going to try calling Elmer C. Albatross but instead he runs. He remembers that Elmer lived on Nelson Street, so he runs as fast as he can to that street, hoping he'll find the house. But it's the one with the treehouse, right?

He's running so fast he might crash right into a passerby, saying "Sorry!" and hoping he won't get pulled into a conversation.]
29 August 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Patrol Twenty | Instability Abounds  
-Action A: Park-

[Olivier's been a bit on edge since waking up from her two weeks of droning, not just because the droning, but because she'd been in Mayfield for a year now, and it's getting close to that time when they locked her up in a hotel room with Yosuke for a night.]

[Those who cross her path during her morning training will find she seems to be a bit sluggish in her movements.]


This instability thing has been going on far too long. Bingo night tonight.

-Action B: Annie's Flowers-

[Usually Olivier passes the time in the shop by putting together bouquets, but not today. Today she's at the counter ignoring drone coworkers and customers while looking over a notebook in front of her.]

-Action C: General Store-

[Olivier wanders around the store, pulling random snack foods and drinks from the shelves. Have any suggestions for her?]

-Action D: 1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[After unloading her haul from the store, Olivier specifically seeks out Wes and Emmett.]

I'm holding a meeting tonight, is there anything we should focus on?

-Action E: 1671 Nelson/Underground Base-

[Olivier greets everyone at the door, but quickly ushers/points the way to the basement. Once everyone is settled, she clears her throat.]

As I mentioned on the phone, this instability has gone on too long without advancing. I'm sure it will in the next few days. We need to make plans against the next movements of the town.

[ooc: Mingling Log Here!]

21 August 2012 @ 08:22 am
Latest intro ever  
[//Action for Housemates at 1670 Nelson Street]

[It isn't exactly unusual for Senri to be a little unsure of his surroundings when he wakes up. His mind isn't really good at holding on to details like the events of the previous day. At least not without reminders. That's what his book is for.
And, as this is actually his second trip to Mayfield, the town has seen fit to allow him to keep the things he had regained during his previous stay. The book included. So instead of panicking, he flips through his book, checks his reminders, and looks around. ]


[Yes, this is Mayfield, but... Something seems different. Is this the house he was in before? Well, he's in the pictures so... it must be. He spends a little while poking around the house, confused to find the previous drone woman gone and the drone children too. That's .... somewhat disappointing actually. She had been nice. Odd, but nice. He wonders if there's a reason for the change. He's also wondering if he should be leaving now? Wasn't there a place he'd been told to go to every day? Maybe Cooro would know. He'd been around the last time this happened....]

[//Action for whoever]

[Later on, Senri has finally pieced together that school was the place he was supposed to go. Except not. Because the school year hasn't started yet. But it's not like he knows that. So he's just standing outside the school building, looking confused. The building does seem vaguely familiar, but he just isn't sure....]

[OOC: replies after work ^^;;]
10 August 2012 @ 03:03 pm
destinies shattered: 0  
[1664 nelson street: 8:00 AM]

[It had happened in an instant. They were so close, they were going to defeat fate... and Keiichi, holding the torch high, had fallen. A single bullet had hit it's mark, and the cold brush of death had once again taken it's victim. A toss, a turn in the children's room of 1664 Nelson was met by Keiichi throwing his head up and arching his back.]


[Had it all been... a dream? No... that was impossible. He could see it so clearly. Takano had clearly--]


[The pain, it was still there. Keiichi's hand brushed along his chest and, once his shirt was risen, he found no wound. But he felt it. He knew for a fact it had happened. It was extremely vivid, far too realistic for a mere dream. But there was a problem... Once the shirt was lowered, Keiichi made a very shocking discovery.

This wasn't his room.

That wasn't his shirt.]

W... Where the hell am I?!

[Trying his best and I mean his absolute best not to panic, the boy jumped himself up out of bed. An entire hour was spent running around the house, trying to take in any familiar details. He couldn't see anything... but then caught his eyes on a photo. The photo pictured many strangers that he didn't recognize, which caused him to nearly break out in a cold sweat. Was this the afterlife?]


[Nope, it wasn't. Evidenced by how the teen tried to pinch and tug on his cheek. He wasn't dead, he could still feel it. He wasn't dreaming because the pain was very real. So what the hell was going on here? All Keiichi could do was take the phone off the hook and reach it over to his ear... But who to call? Who to communicate with? Once he let out a harsh breath into the phone, he noticed that it had seemed to reflect across the home. Perhaps others would hear him too? The normally confident, explosive orange flame had a very large hint of worry in his tone as he spoke.]

[phone: 9:00 AM]

L-Look! Someone tell me where the hell I am! The last thing I remember is... [...] Ah! Rika, Satoko, Mion, Rena, Shion!! Can any of you hear me?! Are you guys alright? ....Did you make it out alive....

[The final question falls as his voice falls. He wasn't even sure if they were here, let alone if they'd ever hear his voice. What if they had perished? What if all of their efforts had been in vain, and they couldn't break away from fate's cruel grasp? A long bit of silence is heard over the phone, before Keiichi finally mutters.]

...If you guys are out there... please... answer me...
07 August 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Patrol Nineteen | Not Again  
- 1671 Nelson | Locked to Housemates -

[Olivier is in the kitchen having her morning cup of coffee when she notices that the refrigerator is full of an outrageous number of casseroles and baked good, her immediate reaction is to head for the calendar, and once she sees the date, she lets out a string of curses and growls. Dare to approach, housemates?]

- A | Outside 1671 Nelson -

[After settling down enough to think straight, Olivier heads out for her morning run and training, but she is stopped short by two boxes sitting on the porch with her name on them. She opens the small one first, to find a set of white gloves, but the left one is covered in blood. She smirks a bit at them and tucks them away in her pocket.]

[She shakes the second box, and it gives a bit of a rattle. She rips it open to find a toy tank. It doesn't take her long to open the garage door and find the real tank the toy had represented.]

It's like the Postman is telling me to take action.

- B | Streets of Mayfield -

[There is a tank roving the streets, and it might just get dangerously close to you or your car before stopping. Once you're out of the way, it will continue on unless you're loud enough for the driver to hear you, or violent enough to get her attention.]

- C | John Doe Park -

[The tank is parked as close to the statue of the mayor as Olivier could get it, and she sits on top of it, staring at the statue and mumbling to herself.]

I was already droned two week, what's another few days for destroying this thing?
29 July 2012 @ 10:05 am
8th Smile  
[Action A, 1670 Nelson: It's just another bright, cheery Mayfield afternoon when your local Smile Junkie goes to grab the mail and sees two boxes for him. How exciting! Not bothering to wait, he opens one right there. He lets out a thrilled "Yes!" and runs back to the porch to sit down and immediately play his Gameboy Advance. Looks like he left the other box in the open mailbox. Care to check out what's going on?]


[Action B: Hardware store, then back to 1670 Nelson: Looks like Elmer is stocking up on supplies. Planks of wood, nails, paint, things like that. He'll be bringing them home in his car and dumping them on the front lawn near that nice, big maple tree in the yard. Soon, he's sawing, hammering and nailing things to the tree. Seems like a treehouse is underway! Elmer cheerfully hums and sings to himself as he works. So serene, so happy. Feel free to interrupt. He might even flag you down as you walk by.]

Oi! Are you busy? Can you hold on to this for a moment?

26 July 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Mission 16: Viva La Resistance  
[Phone, filtered from drones and the other usual suspects]

Bingo night's back on for tonight. Still at 1671 Nelson. usual place.

[Action: REsistance Base, evening]

Hopefully no one minds me calling this meeting. With Olivier out of commission temporarily, it's become obvious that we need to keep contingencies in mind.
16 July 2012 @ 11:29 am
[➊ Action - Outside Mitchell Road]

[A blue haired man is standing outside in front of his house, looking so confused. Kaito woke up in the morning and realized he's been sleeping next to an unknown lady. Can you believe that? Probably he got drunk yesterday. Surprisingly, he's able to 'breathe', and his body is lighter than he used to be.

But still! Everything doesn't make any sense! He never had an affair with this lady, even though the picture frames showed that they're couples!]

Emergancy bite. I need an ice cream, as soon as possible.

[➋ Phone - Public]

Rin, Len, Luka, Gakupo, and yes, you too Gumi. I need a brief explaination on how you set me up on this prank. I can handle one or two, but this is way over the top. I had my limit, you know?

Otherwise, if that was none of your doings then it could be someone else. I guess...

[So much doubt /sob]
12 July 2012 @ 10:35 am
Anyone mind telling me who's dog is at our house? [Some happy barks in the background] He's tan with shaggy hair.

[Action for 1671 Nelson Street]

[Emmett can be found in the front yard examining the dog's behavior]

[Around town]
[Emmett can be found collecting various pieces of scap metal and odds and ends of the like around town... with a dog following him everywhere]

(Emmett has no idea who Einstein is.)
11 July 2012 @ 08:16 pm
2nd Worm  
[Action; 1666 Nelson Street]

[Well, Kariya's finally out of that horrible carnival-themed nightmare, and it looks like Mayfield has seen fit to reward him for his suffering.  He's standing out on the front lawn with the package as he opens it, pulling out a neatly folded grey hoodie and a photograph of what looks like a
circuitry diagram.  And it is, but not the traditional kind.  Before he even has time to consider what the picture might mean, it disappears in his hands.  There's a momentary rush of power through his body, causing him to stagger back for a moment as he has to catch his breath.  It doesn't take him long to acclimate to the feeling, though, and once he's regained his senses, he smiles to himself.]

Heh... looks like they didn't waste any time.

[Phone; filtered from Tokiomi Tohsaka]

[Now that he has his magical potential back, Kariya knows he's going to need some way of protecting himself.  And since he doesn't actually know any spells himself, that means only one thing - it's time to go Servant shopping.]

...Is there anyone in town who knows anything about forming magical contracts?

[He's trying to keep it intentionally vague, just in case.  The Holy Grail War was supposed to be kept secret back home, so he doesn't really want to just put his true intent out there right away.]

23 June 2012 @ 10:58 pm
Patrol Eighteen | Bingo Call  
-Phone | Filtered From Drones-

Bingo night is on in twenty minutes. I'm still trying to put together teams and we've lost a few members, so I encourage anyone interested swing by 1671 Nelson. If I have enough time, there may even be some snacks.

-Action | General Store-

[Olivier is walking through the store with the gleam of woman on a mission in her eyes. She makes a beeline for the stationary, then heads towards the soda aisle. Care to interrupt or ask if she needs help?]

-Action | 1671 Nelson-

[No need to knock, the front door is open, and she waits just inside. If she knows you, she'll greet you with a, 'Glad you made it.' If not, she'll introduce herself, 'I'm Major General Olivier Armstrong, welcome to Bingo night.']

-Action | Underground Resistance Base-

[The tables and chairs are set up in a giant rectangle again. The only thing different is an old hand carved wooden desk shoved between two tables at the head of the rectangle. True to her word, there are bowls of chips and bottles of soda scattered every so often among the tables. She stands behind the desk waiting for everyone to settle down.]

First, I apologize to everyone who has relied on me for not getting this group together even half as often as it should meet. I'm sure I could try and make excuses about this town making me crazy half the time I've been here, but nothing accounts for my complete laziness and lack of dedication that other half of the time. I'm usually able to figure my way out of any rough situations I'm put in, but this town has stumped me.

So, tonight, to keep myself in line if this town does do something strange to me after that radio broadcast, I will write down a brief history of my past and personality in a notebook, and keep it somewhere safe, giving the location of it to a handful of people in case it needs to be shown to me. I have notepads for those of you who wish to do the same.

As for the real business of this meeting, that radio broadcast seems to foreshadow good and bad. Possibly a way out, but also harm. I urge everyone to stock up on supplies and weapons as soon as you can. I will offer this base as a safe house for anyone who needs rest during anytime in the coming days. And my offer to train anyone in hand to hand combat or with weapons still stands. Although, swordsmanship is my area of expertise, and there are others here who may be better for different weapons training.

Now, does anyone have any thoughts on anything else this broadcast might have meant?

[OOC: Now with a log for mingling between those at the meeting.]
23 June 2012 @ 08:41 am
1st Worm  
[Action; 1666 Nelson Street]

Locked to housemates )

[Action; Streets of Mayfield]

[Once he's finished with his housemates, Kariya decides to go out and have a look around town.  He's fresh out of the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, so he's not feeling too keen on hopping on the phones and announcing himself to everyone around.  After all, if this place can really bring anyone here, the other Masters and Servants could show up at anytime, and he's powerless without the Crest Worms and Berserker to protect him.  He does have the distinct look of a newcomer, though, as he walks around slowly and takes in the various sights and sounds.  Every so often, he coughs loudly into his hand, and he seems to be clumsily half-shuffling along during the times when he's not paying attention to his own steps.  His body has been restored to what it was before the War, and it's getting used to what it's like to be fully functional again.  So for someone trying to keep a low profile, he's doing a pretty bad job of it.]

19 June 2012 @ 04:42 pm
7th Smile  
[BACKDATED to Father's Day Sunday because I'm a failure]

[Elmer knows what today is. His drone children woke him up to celebrate early this morning. And since Mother's Day was the day women had to listen to men... Now it's the other way, right?

It doesn't take long for him to figure this out. Time to use it for his advantage.]

[Action A: HELLO, LADIES. You're being followed by one (1) Smile Junkie. He's not trying to be sneaky or anything, but he is seems to be closing in on you. If you don't turn around to say something to him first, eventually, he'll be right in front of you, or keeping pace.]

Hi, there! Lovely day, wouldn't you say?

Action B: for household )
08 June 2012 @ 02:05 pm
Consequences (backdated to right after AUfield)  
1. 1668 Nelson; locked to housemates

[The silence of the early morning is broken by a frustrated scream. it seems that Gilgamesh has now properly processed the horrible haircut that he had received from Archer.]

[Seconds later, Gilgamesh comes marching out of the bathroom, glowering and pouting like an unhappy child.]

2. Phone; unfiltered

Okay, if you're that tanned asian guy working in the barber shop, listen up! I'm challenging you to a duel!

3.Main Street Barber Shop; action

[The door of the barber shop flies open from Gilgamesh's kick. He stomps in and grins at the workers and the patrons.]

Told you I was coming.

[He holds up a pair of garden shears and a razor.]

I really need to pay you back for that bad haircut.
02 June 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Patrol Seventeen | Prim and Proper  
-A: 1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[Clothed in a dress and apron, Olivier is makes her rounds through the house with her cleaning robot in tow. They'll work together to make sure every inch of the house is sparkling. She'll even being doing room checks to make sure things are tidy.]

-B :Around Town-

[Those who know her, may notice that she's not in the uniform she normally wears, but a dress, and her trusted sword isn't hanging from her side. She may even seem a bit more friendly, stopping to chat on her way to work. Or, maybe a bit more judgmental, giving a critical glare to females wearing pants.]

-C: Annie's Flowers-

[There's not a new florist in town, but she certainly does act a bit more chipper as she gently puts together bright, beautiful bouquets worthy of the Armstrong name.]

-D: Rec Center-

[She's back in pants, but only long enough to get in a few. of laps on the track. Being an Armstrong meant having a great figure, and she planned on keeping. Running next to her? She might fancy race.]
01 June 2012 @ 11:38 am
۞ 15- Hologram summer once again (aufield)  
[ Action - 1664 Nelson Street ]

[ You know whats better than getting gifts on your 18th birthday? Being turned in to an emotionless machine instead. June first was Sion's birthday but there would be nothing fun or exciting, it was pointless. There was only one thing that needed to be done and it was resuming the job or recording all living life and destroying it. Seeing as this place was teaming with life, it was different from the barren future where everything had fallen already. It didn't really matter, what ever power Sion had regained was starting to active the systems put in place by Dust, even if they weren't as powerful as they normally were. Everything would be put in it's place in a matter of time.]

[ Anyone outside or nearby might notice that the house is slowly being covered in a light layer of fog. Do you dare enter and try and see whats going on? ]

((ooc: Sion's AU write up can be found here, to put it simply Sion has become an emotionless machine that only wants to save humanity by destroying it, she goes by Dust of Osiris. All replies will be done with the journal [personal profile] blackland  ))
23 May 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Patrol Sixteen | Pins And Needles  
-Phone | Filtered From Drones-

I need someone who is up to the task of sewing a flag for me by Monday. I'd like to be able to by what this place refers to as Memorial Day. I'd also like to commission some lighter weight versions of my uniform. It's already far warmer here than where I'm from, but I can wait a bit longer for those.

-Outside 1671 Nelson | Open-

[Olivier is standing in the front yard, hands planted on her hip as she stares at the house mumbling to herself about where might be good place to hang a flag.]

Flower Shop | Open-

[Despite the fact that there are scores of red, white, and blue flowers to make patriotic bouquets with, she is putting together bouquets of yellow, white, and plenty of greenery. Occasionally, she'll make one of blue and white, but she'll leave out the red unless someone requests it.]
17 May 2012 @ 06:48 pm
[006] - Phone and Action  

So hey guys! How's it going? I just kinda realized I've been neglecting my... I dunno, civic duty to generally be a nice guy and check up on my friends and stuff and see how everything's going. I hear there's a Prom coming up! Sounds like a riot. You can totally plan on seeing me there. Better put on your best dancing shoes because I am a hard man to follow once I get on the dance floor let me tell you.

[Action: Early Afternoon, the pharmacy]

[Wally West: Pharmacist is filling prescriptions and helping customers like any good pharmacist should. He may even be whistling happily. He's just that cheerful. Good lord.

He may be sneaking peeks at the clock every now and then, though. He must be getting antsy.]

[Action: Late Afternoon, ALL OVER TOWN]

[If you're paying attention you might notice a scarlet blur whizzing down the street. It's Wally, in full Flash getup, and he's on patrol. Basically this just means he's running around. If he see something SUSPICIOUS he'll totally pull up and check it out. If you shout at him he'll stop and say hi! Because he's your friendly neighborhood Flash, and he's here to help. :) ]

[Action: Nelson Street]

[Wally's sitting out on the porch with the newspaper. He's not reading it. He finished it about a second after he picked it up, and it was boring. Now he's crumpling it up into balls and tossing them at Rainbow Dash's cloud house.

HE'S BORED NOW. OOPS. It's been really quiet around the house since Foster left.]