21 October 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Riddle 047: Identity Crisis  

Wouldn't you know it? There are a few drone students whispering right in the middle of one of Edward Nashton's lectures. He continues with the lesson, undaunted, but their chatter doesn't escape his notice. In fact, he's almost entirely certain that he's the subject of their conversation. Why wouldn't he be?

He's no stranger to gossip. Few are, in a town like Mayfield. For as perfect a town as it may be, the people there are still bound to latch onto the imperfections. To the constant stream of rumors regarding a certain ethics teacher caught red-handed in a steamy affair.

What exactly happened all those months ago? Did he really leave Susan for someone else? How were their poor kids holding up through all of this...? All these questions. So many questions...

Enough is enough, Edward decides, as he decides to call out one of the rabblerousers in the back.]

Mr. Daniel. Would you care to share that with the rest of the class?

[A stunned silence from the distracted student in the back; he only seems to tense up even further as Edward strides away from the blackboard and towards his desk.]

No? I thought not. [As Edward draws nearer, he can't help but notice something sticking out from the pages of the student's textbook.] Ohh? What's this? You wouldn't happen to be hiding something, now, would you?

[He would. A quick swipe at the boy's textbook and Edward finds himself in the possession of a ratty old comic book.

Edward regards it for a moment before straightening up, fixing the student with a stern look.]

I'm going to have to confiscate this, thank you very much. Now then...

[The lecture continues until finally, class is dismissed.

Despite that, however, your teacher appears to have decided to stick around the classroom for a little while longer, even after school is out. Whether you're a student of Edward's that's also decided to stick around, a fellow faculty member, or a friend or close relation, you're bound to find Edward Nashton.

Alone. At his desk.

Flipping through the pages of Detective Comics #140.]
19 September 2012 @ 10:02 pm
Riddle 046: Trinity War  

It doesn't take long for the two drone kiddies to notice dear ol' dad as he makes his way up the driveway after returning from school, and they rush towards him in excitement.

Daddy! Daddy! they call out. You got something in the mail!

One of the children, the smaller one, wobbles forward with three thin, long boxes that are about twice his size, only to trip over his own shoelaces and fall forward. The boxes break his fall and he, in turn, breaks into the topmost box. Edward sighs, rolls his eyes, and wanders out of the car, curious about what it is he's been sent this time.

Then he comes to a stop, having recognized a very flat yet very familiar face. It's Batman's face. Attached to a life-sized, cardboard body. If that isn't enough to rile up the kids, they tear into the other boxes before Edward can say a thing to stop them. What should be in the other two boxes but matching cardboard standees of Superman and Wonder Woman? Maybe it's a trick of the light, but the fuzzy little eyes of the drones seem to glow in excitement.

Can we play with them? Huh? Huh? Can we?!

Edward almost feels as though he should stop the children from damaging the standees further, but... ultimately decides against it. It's been a long couple of weeks. Instead, he'll move to the front stoop as the kids make their way back into the front yard. He sits back, pulls out a cigarette, and lights up, watching with an almost bored look on his face as his drone children singlehandedly destroy the Justice League.


Later on in the evening, Edward finds himself---you guessed it---at his old lair underneath his old house. Though in recent times, it's not much of an evil lair anymore. Still, as both a place for him to collect his thoughts and a bunker for emergencies, it's still an invaluable spot for the Riddler. Right now, though, he appears to be more concerned with taking stock of rations and consulting his inventory than with any other sort of brainstorming.]
11 August 2012 @ 11:22 pm
Riddle 045: Could you repeat the question?  
[My, oh my. Where does the time go?

As it turns out, Mayfield had taken away more than Edward Nigma's life this time around. He had also lost a month. A month that could have been spent productively, actively searching for the answers that this town was oh-so-unwilling to yield. Still, he supposes it could have been worse. They could have left him for dead this time.

But they decided to bring Edward back. And Ema along with him.

So, question: What next?

Answer: Pick up the pieces.


You may catch the Riddler wandering around Mayfield throughout the day as if trying to discover something, anything out of place. Though he'll spend most of his time investigating the town at large, he does have a final destination in mind: his old abode, 726 Anderson Lane. He's headed there for a few key reasons.
  • If anything crucial has happened in the past month or so, there's a good chance that Susan, Luke, or Slugger will be able to get him up to speed.
  • He'll be able to piece together his old notes once again, if they're still where he left them in the lair underground.
  • All of his things are still there. At least, he hopes they are. For whatever odd reason, the town had decided not to bring any of Edward's suits, equipment, or question-mark-themed doodads over to his new home at 462 Stone. Meaning that, if they haven't disappeared altogether, they must still be at his old home.
Once he makes it to 726 Anderson, he'll try walking through the front door. ...Only to find that it's locked. He'd reach into his pocket and get out the key, only he doesn't have one to this house anymore.]

Oh, for the love of---

[Don't tell him he has to break into his old house.

...He's going to have to break into his old house. Terrific.

Well, he might as well see if the back door is unlocked, at least. He wanders around the side of the house but stops in his tracks as soon as he makes it into the backyard.

Someone appears to have stuck a familiar-looking cane into the ground... Who could have---?

Don't be stupid, Edward. Do you even need to ask?]

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21 June 2012 @ 07:09 pm
Riddle 044: What can you break but not touch?  


Comes the sound of a thick glass bottle colliding with a nearby wall in the study upstairs. The room reeks of alcohol and cigarette smoke, to say nothing of the man in green that's currently sitting alone in the corner, indulging in far too much of both. Putting it lightly, this really hasn't been Edward Nigma's day at all.

He'd known about Schuldig's droning for some time now, and it had made him uncomfortable enough. But after a visit to 1492 Kramden Road earlier this morning, he'd discovered something horrifying: Ema Skye had been droned as well. They had gone through a rather tumultuous year or so together, but despite Mayfield's instabilities, she kept him stable. She was one of the few people to ever give him a second chance. The first person Edward had ever truly loved aside from himself. And now the woman who had always encouraged him to be a better person had joined the telepathic madman who always managed to bring out the worst in him in a state of complete and utter emptiness. To see both of them smiling like mindless dolls as their daughter---no, his daughter---laughed along with them made him absolutely sick. Far sicker than the alcohol's likely making him now.

Edward's stuck. He knows it. So what the hell is he supposed to do now? His main investigative partner is gone. His so-called Legion of Doom has dwindled down to only a scarce number. His fellow Gothamites, former friend and foe alike, have been plucked off as well. Crane. Freeze. Pam. The Joker. Even the Dark Knight himself. And after almost two years, the Riddler hasn't found a way out.

He hasn't found the answer.

This isn't right. It's not fair.

He stares down blankly at the pool of whiskey that's growing larger and larger on the floor and the bits of glass that are peppered through it. He almost feels like the bottle. Shattered. Empty. Broken.

For above all else, above every single question Edward's asked himself today, none are quite as significant as this:

"What good is a Riddler who can't solve anything?"]
10 April 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Riddle 043: Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb...  

What on earth could that massive package addressed to the Riddler possibly be? It's been at his doorstep since dawn. Having shoved said package down the driveway and into the garage, Edward takes his cane in hand and uses it much like a crowbar to pry the wooden lid off the top of the box. He begins to dig through all the packing peanuts before stopping very abruptly at the sight of a glowing orange symbol...

It couldn't be...

He shakes his head in disbelief, but after a bit more digging, the rest of his package is unearthed...


I need a wheelbarrow. [No questions asked.] Now.


There's a man in a loud green suit en route to the Post Office, carting something veeeeeeeery sensitive in a wheelbarrow, hidden beneath a thick tarp. And if you're blocking his path on the sidewalk, there's a very good chance he'll grumble at you in a clipped, almost frenzied voice:]

Get out of my way.

[Oh, and yes. You might want to avoid peeking beneath the tarp, if you know what's good for you.]
02 April 2012 @ 04:40 pm
Riddle 042: Animal Magnetism  
[As it turns out, pranking a PSI user has its advantages. Not only has it managed to rid the Riddler of his sickly condition, but it's netted him an unexpected new ability: telepathic communication with animals.

Meaning that, after a quick visit to the pet store in the dead of night, this April Fool's Day just got a lot more interesting...


Some students and teachers---particularly certain students like Youka Naze and teachers like Padmé Amidala---might find live mice hiding in their desks! Each of them have a small sheet of paper tied to their leg, with a familiar riddle in green ink:


ACTION - JOHN DOE PARK - Locked to Anakin Skywalker and Yuyuko Saigyouji

Sure is a nice day out at the park, huh? At least, it would be if it weren't for this loser in the green suit. If he's managed to spot you, then you're sure to spot a big dog headed your way, carrying what looks like a newspaper. Would you care to give it a read?


Of course, now that the Riddler's managed to accomplish pretty much all his pranking, he'll be wandering around town to carry out a little bit more mischief. He's got time to kill, so maybe he'll send some squirrels to the Doctor's house, suggesting they nest in his bowtie drawer. Maybe he'll find a gang of pigeons hanging around the phone lines and send them in the direction of Schuldig's convertible. Or to Crane. He's not picky.

Or perhaps, if you're lucky enough to have the Riddler as a target, you'll be able to take advantage of an opportunity like this and pull a prank against him!

Eventually, though, it'll be time to head back home. But he's been saving the best prank for last.


Check it out, Puzzle Party Death House. There are cats. Everywhere. They're prancing all around the house, but they seem to have taken quite a liking to Susan's room in particular...]
18 March 2012 @ 10:33 pm
Riddle 041: World's Finest  

There was a time that Edward used to actually work here, but that was never meant to last. Today, though, he's here to pay a visit to his dear friends who remain on the other side of the law. Yes, one of the Riddler's biggest archenemies in Mayfield is beyond these doors, but hey! There's at least one or two other officers he knows that are on his side. He thinks.

So if you just so happen to be a quirky Time Lord or perhaps a Force 'a Nature, there's a pretty good chance that Edward'll stroll on over to your desk.]
15 February 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Riddle 040: A Little Less Conversation...  
[At some point on this seemingly ordinary Thursday afternoon, a conversation between two older men can be heard over Mayfield’s phone lines. No, it isn’t Jack Smith or the Mayor. But who could these men possibly be...?]

-- I do NOT have cobwebs--

Well, from the sound of it, you certainly don’t anymore.

I have no idea where you’re getting such horrible lies from, Nigma, if you haven’t just thought them up yourself, but they’re just that. Lies.

He actually defended you, you know. Do you mean to tell me that all those lovely things he had to say about you were lies?

And you’re just going to automatically believe-- No, of course, of course you’re going to trust the word of a textbook narcissist over mine; it’s like talking at a mirror for you two, isn’t it?

What’s the matter, Jonathan? Can’t handle it when I rustle your feathers? You had no problem rustling his.

... I am hanging up the phone, Edward. I will never be picking it up again.

I’m sure you won’t. Wait. Hang on a second. [A dramatic pause.] ...Oh dear.

... [Why is he letting his curiosity get the better of him?] What?

Well, it appears as though---in my haste to check up on you, of course---I neglected to filter the call. Must have slipped my mind.

[As good an actor as Eddie may be, there’s no hiding that shit-eating grin that’s just crept onto his face.]

... I am going to fill your veins with so much fear toxin you will never have a coherent thought ever again.
08 February 2012 @ 06:10 pm
Riddle 039: Same Time, Same Bat-Channel  

Well, that past couple of weeks sure was hell. But now that the Riddler's got his memories back and his brain in proper working order, he's going to be swinging around town---around the school, around the hospital, even door-to-door---to check up on certain people.

For some, he might stay to talk. For others? There may be no sign that Edward was even here, apart from an envelope on their doorstep. What do they say? Who are they for? Now that's a riddle, isn't it?

Knock knock.


And now that all that's taken care of, it's time to settle into his underground headquarters for a bit of contingency planning. If this place has the power to take his memories away again, then time is of the essence. He can't get distracted by---

Huh. This definitely isn't how the atrium of his headquarters looked earlier this afternoon. He's momentarily concerned about how all this junk got down here, and whether or not the Mailman tampered with anything in his supposedly secret HQ, but the suspicion is fleeting. Apart from the new decor, nothing appears to have been broken, stolen, tampered with, or otherwise touched. He really should be more worried about his security system, but that can be taken care of later on this evening. Right now, he's just recovered a blast from his colorful past, the set to something he's not seen in ages.]

Now, how did that old intro go again...? [He clears his throat, trying to remember.]
Ladies and gentlemen...

[He glances around the seemingly empty Hall before twirling his cane and adopting the voice of something resembling a game show announcer, his tone suave, showy, and saccharine. As he continues with this incredibly self-indulgent introduction, it's easy to tell that he's really getting into it.]

Ladies and gentlemen, we're now only moments away from midnight... the Hour of Uncertainty. The time when all stands revealed, naked in the face of complexity. Ladies and gentlemen, The Riddle Factory is proud to present...

"Riddle Me This!" With your host... the man of questions, intrigue, and style... the lean, mean, green machine... the Riddler!

[He chuckles to himself, nostalgic at glory days long gone, before poking his head around his evil lair-turned-television set.]
26 January 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Riddle 038: Banking on a Breakdown  

Well, well. You’ve got quite a lot to answer for, haven’t you, Mayfield? But what?!

What is it that you have to answer?
But to answer, you have to ask?
And to ask you have to speak?
And to speak, you have to know
The answer…!

[Should he speak any faster, Edward Nigma might start tripping over his own tongue-twisters. His voice is shaking, and from the sound of it? The way he’s fumbling with the phone in his hands makes it clear that he’s shaking too. He sounds exhausted, both physically and mentally. Enraged. Anguished. Wounded. Definitely unstable.]

What? What’s that, Mister Mayor? You haven’t got an answer for this? For these---these old wounds? Is death your final answer for all of us?

[He laughs. It’s a deranged, unhinged sound, furious and terrifying yet slightly pathetic at the same time.]

Guess again. You and your incompetent Chief of Police, and your---your---whoever the hell that woman on the phone with you was. Guess again.

Riddle me this, morons. "What… is the poorest bank in the world?" Hmm? [A beat.] I’ll give you a hint: It’s not a riverbank.

Still no answer? Pity. Because if... If I don’t have an answer from you by midnight, if you’re stupid enough not to have that damned machine of yours fixed by the end of the day and if you don’t bring her back---[Steady, Edward. Steady.]---and put everything back to the way it was before… then you’ll learn just how dangerous I can truly be. You will learn that I am not to be underestimated any longer. And by the end of the night, you'll get the message. You'll get it through that thick head of yours, even if I have to---even if I have to break it apart myself. You will know, Mister Mayor… that the Riddler… is better than you.

Don’t keep me waiting.


Hearing how awful the Riddler is on the phone is one thing. Seeing how awful he's becoming is another thing entirely. Between Ema's death yesterday and his phone call today? He's gotten a hell of a lot worse. There are two distinctive wounds on his face---one on his temple, the other dead center on his forehead---and if you look carefully enough you can see the beginnings of what appears to be a very small dent growing in the back of his head.

After his little address to the town, there are a few things Eddie's got to try and take care of.

He's in the bathroom at one point, unraveling a roll of bandages and wrapping it around his head just above his eyebrows before shielding his bandaged skull beneath his hat.

He's in the bedroom for another moment, emerging in a tight green bodysuit littered with question marks with a heavy green trenchcoat resting over his broad shoulders.

He's in his study soon after that, filing frantically through index cards with handwritten instructions.

And finally, he's in the garage, loading up the trunk of the Riddler-Mobile and preparing himself for a long overdue business trip to...


Because what better a way to get the Mayor's attention than a good ol' fashioned bank job? The frightened drones are loading up massive tote bags with cash, but the money's immaterial. Hostages are Edward's currency right now, drones in particular, and with enough hostages? The Mayor's bound to budge. He's bound to fix everything, right? ...right?]

What's. Taking. So. Long? [He paces around the bank in frustration, a loaded machine pistol hanging loosely from his fingers.] Where is he? Where? Where?

[Are you one of the Riddler's fellow partners-in-crime? A hostage who got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or are you one of those noble do-gooders, here to try and save the day? Whoever you are, it's getting easier to tell that Eddie's condition is continuing in a steady decline. He's jumpy. He's twitchy. And his mind, what should be his most powerful weapon, is turning against him. What will you do?]

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