19 March 2012 @ 07:06 pm
second experiment  
[So as it turns out, April Fool's Day is coming up. And before you ask, yes, Mao is definitely going to take advantage of the occasion. In fact, he's already been planning in advance, if the blueprints and overly-complicated formulas scribbled in his school notebook are any indication, but now he's going to start collecting all the materials he needs.

Clearly this is going to end well.]


[A - General Store]

[First things first, he needs to get to the general store. And that is where you'll find him, pushing a cart and perusing the shelves. Every so often he'll take something off them and dump them unceremoniously into the cart, or if they aren't up to his standards, he'll shove it back without checking if it's in the right place.

Sometimes he might just even place it in his pocket, if it's small enough.

...and very rarely he can be found drooling over something. Probably something complicated and scientific, really, but it's a little disturbing.]

[B - Jonathon's Tools]

[What is a kid doing inside this store? Well, he's probably there for a project in home ec, right?

Not really, because Mao is looking through the sharper tools. Some of the drones are giving him uneasy looks, but for the most part, he doesn't really seem to be doing anything. Though, why are his pockets bulging?]

[C - Comic Shop]

[Hey, even a genius needs to take a break every so often. By now Mao's become a familiar fixture at the shop, as there's a rather messy stack of comic books there. And yes, his face is currently buried in whatever tacky adventure Superman is having this week, the little geek.]

[D - On the way home]

[So, after a very productive day, one very tired demon with bulging pockets, scores of comic books and a few sharp tools is now making his way home. Care to bump into him?]

What the hell?! Watch where you're going!
24 January 2012 @ 05:17 pm
first experiment  
[PHONE, filtered to Hal, Almaz and Barton]

Hey, you three. You heard about the dairy, right? I'm going in--there's no way I'd pass up something like this. I bet there's all sorts of new stuff to find there... [huff, huff, drool]

Anyway, meet me at the dairy. Now.

[ACTION, open]

[Clearly, Mao is set on going to the Dairy while he's got a window of opportunity. Part of it is, of course, for scientific purposes (then again, when is it not?), but the other part of it is that he does not take kindly to being called a fool. And since this Diary place is going to open up anyway, he might as well grab it and go!

But first, time to get some practice in. There is now a carnage of mangled and frozen over trees in the park, and if you track the source, you'll find that there is a certain mad scientist causing it.

Better get out of the way, lest you want to get a face full of tree bark.]