12 February 2012 @ 08:27 pm
Volume two ..._〆(・∀・@)  
Hey, Mayfield! I'm gonna be running a fortune telling stand in front of my house on 624 Topper Street today, one day only! After answering a few questions, I'll tell you about what lies ahead in your future, including your love life just in time for Valentine's day, for just a small fee! I'm pretty good, so you'd better be there. It's definitely worth it.

[After the call ends, Erika exits her house and takes a seat behind a table she's set up. It's covered in a violet cloth and strewn with glitter, save for a single stack of notecards she's placed in one of the corners. A sign hanging from the front reads "Semi-accurate for .50¢, nearly flawless accuracy for $1!" She begins explaining to a passerby that happened to stop at the table.]

Yeah, so your reading may not be accurate unless you pay the full price. [...] No, there's no money back guarantee. What do you take me for? This is a fortune telling service, remember?

[ooc: So Erika's basically intent on destroying your character's 4th wall (or at least partially, depending on how much you're willing to pay). She won't outright tell anyone that they're from a manga/anime/light novel/game/etc., but she'll describe events from their future if she happens to know them (or just tell your male protagonist to hook up with his really hot BFF that totally has the hots for him). If your character is from a canon she doesn't know, from a very recent point in their canon, or I don't have permission to 4th wall them, she'll make something up (and it'll likely be obvious). She probably won't tell the whole truth unless you pay full price anyway (by the way, $1 in the 1950s is equal to a little over $8)!

Before replying, please be sure to post here if you haven't done so already. However, seeing as this post is a little different from Erika's usual knowledge, please elaborate in your character's tag/comment in this post on what is acceptable/unacceptable for her to mention, though she'll still keep your character's fictionality under cover. Just stick it in the title or an OOC comment and we're good to go! Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the cooperation, guys. ♥]