01 June 2012 @ 11:38 am
۞ 15- Hologram summer once again (aufield)  
[ Action - 1664 Nelson Street ]

[ You know whats better than getting gifts on your 18th birthday? Being turned in to an emotionless machine instead. June first was Sion's birthday but there would be nothing fun or exciting, it was pointless. There was only one thing that needed to be done and it was resuming the job or recording all living life and destroying it. Seeing as this place was teaming with life, it was different from the barren future where everything had fallen already. It didn't really matter, what ever power Sion had regained was starting to active the systems put in place by Dust, even if they weren't as powerful as they normally were. Everything would be put in it's place in a matter of time.]

[ Anyone outside or nearby might notice that the house is slowly being covered in a light layer of fog. Do you dare enter and try and see whats going on? ]

((ooc: Sion's AU write up can be found here, to put it simply Sion has become an emotionless machine that only wants to save humanity by destroying it, she goes by Dust of Osiris. All replies will be done with the journal [personal profile] blackland  ))
05 May 2012 @ 09:09 pm
۞ 14  
A. 1664 Nelson Street

[ It was somewhat early in the morning, Sion was downstairs in the basement finishing up some notes she had gathered from before. Sadly no one was willing to give a blood sample, and in the end she was the one giving blood. Or at least agreeing to give a blood sample to Marisa sometime soon.

The house had been quiet since Naze left, but it was just the nature of this place. Even if it was a bit sad, there was valuable research and data that came out of the “family” like relationship. After a placing the paper with the notes on it on the table Sion walked back upstairs to gather her items for school.]

B. Mayfield high

[ Sion had gotten in to the habit of skipping class every few days after the first few periods of the day. It was enough to fool the drone teachers in to thinking she had gone to school for the day. The only real problem was getting home and not being seen in till school let out for the day. If you happen to be in the hall you might notice her sneaking out.]

C. Downtown

[ It was late afternoon already so there wouldn't be any problems going out after skipping afternoon classes, or at least no risk of any problems with the drones. What exactly was Sion doing downtown? Looking at a few of the clothing stores. She knew there was a chance of someone trying to drag her along to the upcoming prom so it would be better to get things ready ahead of time. ]
29 March 2012 @ 11:43 pm
۞ 13  
[ phone ]

I have been meaning to do this for some time but I haven't been able to figure out a way to do this with out seeming like it's a bit uncalled for or diving in to personal manners for some.

If you have regained some sort of power steaming from vampirism, or are a vampire your self I would like to request a meeting. All I would like is for you to answer some questions and a sample of blood or some other form of DNA, though blood is better for research uses. If you don't wish to give a sample I would still like to ask some questions.

[ around town ]

[ Sion has a small stack of fliers that she's posting on lamp posts and other objects. It just says what her phone call from before said only in a much more advertisement style way. To sum it up she decided to put a small cash reward for anyone willing to help out along with where to find her if need be. ]
23 February 2012 @ 06:17 pm
۞ 12  
[Mayfield high]

[ Sion is wearing her trademark purple uniform now thanks to getting it back awhile ago. Though she's not wearing the hat right now because she doesn't want to get yelled at and or draw unneeded attention to her self during class. ]

[ It's lunch time and well classes have been boring, well not boring just extremely easy. So Sion is trying to get out during break and head back home, seeing as she'll be far better off in the lab doing research instead of trapped inside the school learning math problems she could do in her sleep. ]

[ Around town / the park ]

[ After walking out of the school Sion decided to head to the park to where she normally was when ever she needed to think. It was just going to be a quick stop, only a half hour at the most but she had a few things on her mind. It was more of a “why haven't I gotten anything done lately” type of thought seeing as she had been completely useless in the last few major happenings in the town. ]
05 February 2012 @ 11:17 am
۞ 11  
[ Action - Downtown ]

[ After hearing the last mass call to people dealing with what crazy things had been going on the last few days Sion decided to head downtown. Not because she was going to destroy some of the building or try and do anything. She hadn't collected any data on how powerful a few people were in town, after getting in to quite a few fights over the last few months due to certain circumstances it was best to collect more data now then to have a disadvantage later. ]

[ She's just kinda thumbing over how in just a short amount of time people are already all over the place venting anger or just destroying things now that there's no backlash for doing so. ]