19 April 2012 @ 09:52 am
Case File# 001  
I. Action >> 948 Beulah Street >> Early Morning

[Hakuba awakes in a bed that isn't his own and runs a quick check in the room and on his person for his handgun, which is nowhere to be found. He spends a few additional minutes searching for bugs of any kind.]

[Eventually, he gives up and dresses in the clothes provided to him - which aren't all that different from his own, to be honest - and makes his way cautiously downstairs to inspect the perimeter. Anybody home?]

II. Phone >> Mid-Morning

[When Hakuba gets on the phone his voice is clear and even, practically detached. He sounds almost as if he is reading off of a report by rote.]

As I have been led to believe that my current situation is a wide-spread one, I would like to request any pertinent data as to our location, our captors, and their motives. Any additional information that anyone could provide as to the types, and levels of enforcement currently in place would also be much appreciated.

[His tone turns faintly irritable now as he continues.] And if my abductors are listening as well, I would like my grandfather's pocket watch back.

III. Action >> around town >> Noon

[Hakuba has been stopped in his investigation of the town by a drone adult that wants to know why he isn't "in school, young man!" He is attempting to explain himself to them with little luck.]

No, I've just said I don't go to school anymo-- well, yes, I suppose in the strictly legal sense of the word I am still classified as a child but I---

IV. Action >> Library >> Evening

[Hakuba is sitting at a table with a large stack of books, pertaining to details of the town's "history" and such, a few of them open around him. In a notebook in front of him he is sketching a rough map of the town from his explorations earlier in the day, making tiny, illegible notes in the margins as he goes.]