25 October 2012 @ 08:28 pm
So a doctor and a soldier walk into a haunted house...  
[ A: Setup ]
[ Why... whatever could Bruce and Steve be doing hauling this very large box up the road? They can’t possibly be moving out, can they? ]

[ B: Phone ]
[ There seems to be a distressed voice on the other end... a distressed voice that is extremely overacted and melodramatic. There’s some sort of ambient noise playing in the background that sounds oddly like a recording, and someone keeps breathing into the phone to make it sound like static. They’re not very good at making this sound realistic. ]

It’s Dr. Banner... it’s awful...! I can’t save him on my own. I need your help. Meet me at 627 Topper!

--Oh, are you doing it already? Ahh, help me! I’m being kidnapped by ghosts! And... evil scientists! And some witches I guess. Only you and anyone else in the neighborhood can save me!

[ C: Entrance ]
[ Upon approaching the house, there seems to be a scarecrow on the front porch. It seems like a dummy until she smiles and offers you crazy kids some lemonade with a drop of grenadine in it (some sort of jokes about drones and dummies goes here). When you're inside, there are sheets hanging up all over the place to look like ghosts, along with pumpkins and really fake-looking rubber bats and cotton balls stretched out to look like cobweb. There are arrows leading you in the right direction. But before you get that far, one very disheveled-looking Steve stands in your way. ]

Thank goodness you’re here! He’s upstairs. Hurry, we don’t have long. And watch out for the witch...!

[ D: The Kitchen ]
[ In the kitchen, they’ve dimmed the lights and hung fake cobwebs everywhere, along with inaccurately-drawn hammer-and-sickle posters. A big book has a piece of paper taped over the title to read THE EVERYDAY COMMUNIST WITCH’S COOKBOOK: I’LL GET YOU, MY COMRADE, AND YOUR LITTLE FREEDOM TOO! There’s a pot of green water (literally just water and food dye) bubbling on the stove, with another drone wife dressed in a black witch costume and hat. Should you enter, she’ll smile and offer you finger food, and then make some obviously-rehearsed comment about what an evil communist she is. ]

[ E: The Landing ]
[ There’s a blacklight up here so you might be glowing if you’re wearing white, or if you smile... The walls are covered in dark paper from the hardware store, save for a few cutouts made to look like eyes peering on. There’s also a large stuffed doll out here, much too cute to be a monster, holding up a sign that says “HE’S OVER THERE” in extremely spooky font. There are sounds coming from within a room at the end of the hall, but you’ll have to get through some darkness first... ]

[ F: Upstairs ]
[ The hallway up to the bedroom is rigged so lines of sheetghosts on rope move as you pass, and they’ve managed to get ahold of some dry ice. The skeleton from the high-school science class is there, but they’ve wrapped him in a labcoat to make it less frightening. Only one door is open, and it looks like they’ve set it up like a lab. There’s a stereotypical setup of strange-looking liquids in scientific jars on a metal table, with a very fake-looking dummy on an operating table covered in a sheet. There are labeled bowls of skinned grapes and cold spaghetti to serve as fake eyes and brains-- but they don’t look too realistic, because that would be a little too scary! Ignoring the laboratory stuff, this room appears to be Steve’s bedroom, and it doesn’t look like they put much effort into hiding it. Bruce is hiding not-so-subtly in the closet. ]
Current Location: 627 Topper Street
Current Music: Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)
21 September 2012 @ 01:26 pm
[ OoC: Since it's an open party, please put in the header whether or not you're open to threadjacking.

Oh, and anyone who's previously met Steve is free to um, not recognize him, because he is noticeably... bigger.

[ It's right before noon on Saturday, and there are balloons tied to mailboxes all along Topper Street. If you've been reading some of the invitations on the street posts outside your house, you should know you're invited to an end of the summer block party! So come enjoy this extremely long post, sorry...!! ]

06 August 2012 @ 11:14 pm
[ Action, 627 Topper ]

[ Uh yeah, so Steve is waking up next to a drone for the first time and falls out of bed because hey, wasn't he in 2012 a second ago? And wasn't he, you know, taller? He's going to do the right thing this time, which is not freak out and tear a hole through the wall, probably because it would kill him to do so.

Instead, he will walk downstairs and snoop around and-- there's a picture of him on the wall, smiling, with his 'wife' and two kids.

He sees a rotary dial on the phone and he picks up to call numbers he remembers from 2012. And then numbers he remembers from 1943. And then zero. And then hangs up and goes to rifle through anything he can find in the shoeboxes of the downstairs closet to tell him where he is and why he's there.

Have fun waking up to your new dad sifting through files all over the kitchen table.

[ Action, around town ]

[ He doesn't believe this for a second. But this isn't just any sort of thing; he's small again. Someone's trying to make him forget. So he walks around town, because the one thing he needs right now is to get out of town. ]

Excuse me. Do you know the way to the train station?