20 July 2012 @ 02:52 am
Sprig 06: A plethora of packages followed by pain  
Part A| Outside 5721 Cunningham Lane| Morning

[Groot is going through the packages he's received. He's actually left one of them there for awhile, still being a bit wary of the wonderful 'gifts' this town provides on occasion.

Unlike before, all three are merely pictures, and anybody passing by might notice what's on them as he flips through them and checks the back. He scrutinizes each like his eyes will burn a hole in them.

Picture 1 is of Groot, as a Flora Colossi, in a small circle of plants. Outside the circle is a rather stark plain.

Picture 2 is again of the royal tree kneeling closer to the plants from the previous picture with his head tilted to the side.

Picture 3 is of Groot with his hand on tree in a forest that he towers over.

He seems to be lost in thought after studying the photos, muttering to himself.]

Hrm... I wonder how that last one would work as a mammal... Would I need meat? This just ties into my concerns about the regeneration all over again...

Part B| Backyard of 5721 Cunningham Lane| Late Afternoon

[Groot can be seen working on the garden he has made in the backyard. A garden that is suddenly spectacular. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers all in full bloom. Quite a lot of them not even in season. The observant might see him plant a few seeds in a clear spot and then stare at it for a few moments. Just only long enough for a flower or plant to suddenly spring forth and grow like in a fast forwarded time delay video.]

Part C| Porch of 5721| Evening

[Groot is on the porch, and he doesn't look happy. Well, he hardly ever looks happy, but he looks downright depressed right now. And if to further emphasize this, there seems to be a bottle of wine nearby. It is mostly empty. He seems to be talking to himself again.]

I can understand droning of humans, or the need for several drones in general, but all the flarking plants as well? They might as well just make them brainless...
03 June 2012 @ 02:25 am
Sprig 05: All shall return to the Void  
AU Groot details )

Part A| Grocery Store

[Groot is still doing his shifts at the grocery store, but instead of the calm and helpful employee he's been before, he is now doing the bare minimum of work and avoiding customers at every turn. Anytime a customer does get a hold of him gets a surly look or a suspicious stare before he does what was asked of him. Anybody coming into the store when he is working will almost surely feel the change in atmosphere, not to mention the sign he used to put up for 'pets' is left back in the store's closet, forgotten.]

Part B| Phone

[Anybody picking up the phone will hear a voice that sounds calm and regal, but also has a tense and hesitant quality to it.]

So I have been here for some time now, and I was wondering if anyone else found themselves here due to mishap with a device involving quantum mechanics and the dimensional fabric of their reality.

I only ask because, if this is another dimension, then perhaps similar means can provide a path to a different one. The lack of proper technology is less than ideal, but if anybody has found a way to generate large amounts of energy or a means to disperse electrons, I may be able to direct it to open a way to...a better place.

Part C| Garage of 5721 Cunningham

[Since the beginning of June, Groot has been gathering a large number of mechanical devices in the garage. Vacuum cleaners, TVs, radios, and other electronic devices. Anybody passing by can see him in the garage, gutting the various objects and setting the components out in front of him. He stares intently at the pieces, as if by doing so they'll move on their own, or some great mystery will be unlocked. Every once and awhile, he'll sigh, move the pieces off the work bench, and grab another device to start disassembling.]
28 April 2012 @ 08:11 pm
Sprig 04: Lack of communication shouldn't be a problem...  
Action | Around the Grocery Store | Morning

[Having been here awhile, Groot has gotten use to a daily routine working at the grocery store. Stocking shelves, working the register, managing the employee drones, etc. He's not sure if he actually is a manager there, but some of the drone employees defer to him, so maybe he at least has seniority. As such, he's thinking of just testing the limits.

He's noticed the drone employees chasing out the 'pets' of the town before, and he figures its time to see if they fear losing their jobs more than following rule to make this place seem like a normal grocery store.

So, on the morning of this particular day, he's placed a large signboard in front of the store, written in bold letters to make sure it grabs anybody's attention:

All Sentient Creatures are Welcome!

He takes a step back to see how it looks.]

There now. Hopefully that will make it obvious when some of the animals can shop here. And a good way to see how much the drone employees will listen to me...
13 March 2012 @ 01:19 am
Sprig 03: Groot is actually in a somewhat good mood here...  
Part A | Back yard of 5721 Cunningham Lane

[There is sound from the back yard. But it is not the usual grumbling of Groot. No, it sounds like a happy tune being hummed or whistled. Could it be that Groot is actually having a good day?

Yes, it does seem Groot is in high spirits as he moves about the back yard. He has sectioned off some edges of the back yard, and it looks like he is planning on doing some major gardening. Or at least getting ready to. It looks like he's gathered some vegetable seeds from leftover produce at the grocery store and has plans to set up a garden near the back of the house. But there's still some other areas he's already set up that have yet to have anything planted in them.

Of course, the drones stopping by giving advice is really starting to get on his nerves.]

I swear if one more of those drones ask me about a victory garden, I may very well see how helpful they would be as fertilizer...

Part B | Outside the flower shop

[So. This place. Groot has set up the vegetable garden alright, but he also wanted to plant some flowers as well. And he'll need to get more supplies as well. Which means going to this place of botanical enslavement. If he had the wealth, or felt he could get away with it, he'd just steal all those poor trapped plants, forced to grow in a stunted environment for the amusement of others, and plant them in more open and free areas such as large yards or the park. As it is, he'll have to make do with the small numbers he can save with his current means. Or he would if he would just go inside the store already. He's mostly just standing there, bracing himself, maybe trying to psych himself up to not get angry about what's going on inside there. Maybe offer some encouragement?]
18 February 2012 @ 12:30 am
Sprig 02: This is getting to be a habit...  
Part A | Phone | Thursday

[If you pick up the phone early enough, you might hear the strained sigh of the Planet X Monarch before he begins speaking.]

So tell me, do all Earth holidays require the death of plants to celebrate them?

I mean, I was willing to bite my da'st what is it called, oh right tongue when most of you were waving the dead flowers in each others faces, mostly because it seemed they were thankfully blooming everywhere and alive elsewhere, but then last night they just all wilt and die by some kind of strange order? It's enough to make this Monarch weep.

Now, I know this is mostly this "town's" doing, but the killing of flowers, essentially what a plant uses to reproduce, as a gesture of affection in the hopes of procreation? That is just horrible. I want you all to know I am disappointed.

Part B | Action | Inside 5721 Cunningham Lane | Early Friday Morning

[Groot has been trying hard to take things easily. He's still been learning about the town here and there, but some things are still puzzling. Like his Christmas gifts. One he recognized, even if it had some bitter memories tied to it, but the other... Well, it was merely like one of those before and after pictures during one of his recoveries after a Guardians mission. He had no idea what the point of it was.

Or at least he didn't until he was making some breakfast and cut himself. Annoyed about the pain, he tried to do the normal human thing and suck on the wound before getting a bandage. Except the wound was gone. He looked again. Yep, healed right up.]

...Well this is new. Still, I wonder how much of my regenerative ability I now have. Now what would be the best way to find out...

[Groot glances around, contemplating this, and then his eyes land upon the cutlery drawer...]

Part C | Phone | Shortly After Part B

D'ast it all, how do you humans stand having so many pain receptors?!?

I merely chop off one of these finger things and I felt I was going to faint from the pain!

Oh, and now I'm leaking sap, no, I mean blood, everywhere. I swear, being a mammal is just one annoyance after another!

Part D | Grocery Store | Later That Day

[Despite his morning, Groot has a job to do. And if anything, he understands responsibility. Of course, that doesn't mean he has to be happy about it.

So anybody picking up groceries today, there's a surly looking guy at the cash register. Or stocking the shelves. And he has his hand and pinkie finger completely surrounded in bandages.]