27 May 2012 @ 10:13 pm
[WELP ever since her unfortunate regain the Fair Lady hasn't really been feeling very fair. It's been centuries since her spider half was actually alive and she was capable of seeing what it looks like; being reminded of the monstrosity that's replaced her legs and torso has left her feeling more than a little self-conscious.

When she has left the house, it's been to fetch groceries or to attend school, and she always leaves when it's dark and not many people are around. Her days at school are spent hiding in the girls' bathroom, her spider half crammed inside a tiny stall. She's afraid of what the other real citizens would think of her, of course, but she's also afraid of the drones: what might they do, to see such an abomination in the midst of their perfect town? Quelaan doesn't want to find out.

Even still, the loneliness is becoming unbearable. She's spent centuries in silence and darkness, only to be dropped into a world of light and sound upon arrival in Mayfield. She craves conversation, noise, interaction, and eventually that craving is enough to overcome her fear.

So, today Quelaan can be found...]

[A. ...at the high school, tentatively stepping out of the bathroom while classes are in session. As far as she knows, the halls are empty, but even exposing herself this much has left her on edge. Her spider half stretches its legs, enjoying its reprieve from the bathroom stall.

She jumps a little when the bell rings and the classroom doors fly open, and a look of terror crosses her face. The drone children mill about her, going to their lockers and chatting in their cheerful monotone. Not a one of them shrieks or gasps at the sight of the teenage girl with a giant arachnid for a torso. In fact, one of them even smiles and waves at her, saying "Hi Quelaan!"

The Fair Lady looks absolutely confused, and murmurs to herself.]

Have they no fear of anything...?

[B. ...at the park, in a bit of a dilemma. Some jackass has been letting his dogs run around unleashed, and naturally they've been roaming around the entire park. One of them has run right up to Quelaan, yapping excitedly and sniffing at her legs. Needless to say, her spider half is less than pleased, and it appears to be on the verge of attacking. Quelaan is trying to calm her lower self down and shoo the dog away, with little success.]

No! You mustn't... please, pup, begone! 'tis not safe...!

[Help the poor girl out?]

[C. ...in the forest on the outskirts of town, enjoying the peace and shade. Her spider half is spinning a small web between trees while Quelaan hums a soft tune under her breath, unaware of anyone nearby. All is well.

All is well until a large bear shambles out from the trees, that is. Quelaan hasn't noticed it yet, but the bear is rising up on its hind legs and looks ready to charge. Intervene?]
02 May 2012 @ 05:12 pm
iii. (spider warning)  
[Quelaan was not accustomed to receiving mail, both in her own world and in this one. The small box with her name on it had puzzled her and spooked her a little, and she had been hesitant to open it. What if it was some sort of trap?

Yet in the end, curiosity had won out over fear. Besides, if it was fatal, surely she would just reappear the next day? With that in mind, she opens the box...]


[...and screams, loudly.]

[OOC: Quelaan has regained her spider lower half, as seen here. The picture is of her sister Quelaag; Quelaan's spider is smaller and white instead of black. The principle, however, is the same; the lower half of Quelaan's body has been replaced with a gigantic, fire-wreathed demon arachnid.

02 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
20 ✿ i believe that pranks are much better than death [backdated to april 1st]  
[[truthfully, she had been preparing for the events of last year to repeat themselves as the man on the phone had told her. but, thankfully, her hopes were recognized, and the minute she finished reading her letter, she felt every bottled up fear flutter out of her in the form of a happy sigh. and then she questioned the fact of her "agreeing" to do this. and then the remembered it's mayfield, and mayfield does stuff like this because mayfield.

anyway. playing jokes on people? pranks? she'll do her best (although, she doesn't like the idea of making people cry, so none of that).

now, to find her targets.]]

locked to: chen, lili, inara, and the fair lady! )

[[action (after the fun "pranking" shenanigans]] // john doe park // open ]]

[[somehow, nia has found a way to prank herself. sitting in the park, she's having a little bit of a wrestling match with a tenacious piece of saran wrap. she can't seem to get it off her arms and/or torso. what a problem! what a pickle! what a conundrum!

although, she doesn't seem all too upset. she's laughing about it, in fact!]]

28 February 2012 @ 10:38 pm
ii. around town  
[After about two days of keeping herself locked in her room, convinced that she is trapped in some new fever-dream, the Fair Lady has finally dared to venture forth into the BRAVE NEW WORLD that is Mayfield, USA. When she walks, it is with shaking trepidation: she is not used to the feeling of having two legs again, nor of having a body that actually responds to her mind's commands. The sun is bright in her eyes, but somehow not entirely unpleasant.

She can be found in one of several locations:

Mayfield High: A chance meeting with several drones who asked her why she wasn't at "school" has directed Quelaan here. She wanders the halls while classes are going on, looking utterly lost and occasionally peeking into the open doors of the classroom. When the bell rings and students file out for their next class, she hurriedly runs into the bathroom and locks herself in a stall, waiting until the halls have cleared until heading out once more.

Achewood Bakery: Quelaan can be found outside the bakery's front window, staring at the pastries and treats presented on the display. The rumbling in her flat stomach is undeniable, but unfamiliar: actually requiring physical food is a new sensation she hasn't experienced in eons. The thought of going inside and ordering something, however, is a little frightening. These strange, blank-eyed smiling people are more than unnerving- how will they react if she goes within? So for now Quelaan merely waits outside, her eyes locked on the display hungrily, and her stomach growling.

Main Street Barber Shop: While passing by this building, Quelaan ran smack dab into a group of drone women, who immediately swarmed around her and ushered her inside, asking who did her hairstyle, and how they managed to get that lovely white color, and did she hear about that trollop Mrs. Johnson stealing Mrs. Smith's cookie recipe? Quelaan, naturally, has no idea what the hell any of them are talking about, and can be found stammering and attempting in vain to excuse herself from the conversation.]
21 February 2012 @ 04:46 pm
[The thin, wavering voice that speaks over the phone is so quiet that you may need to strain your ears to hear it. The Fair Lady has awakened, free of pain for the first time in centuries. She feels stronger and more clear-headed than ever before; not only is the pain of the Blight gone, but so too is her... lower half.

And yet for all the physical relief, with it comes mental distress. How has this change come to pass? Where is her sister, and her unseen servants? The world around her is unfamiliar, alien. For Quelaan, who has remained in the same room for centuries, the shock of waking somewhere new cannot be overstated. She can see again, but what she sees is a room that is not hers, in a town she has never seen before. These pictures, the ones with her face on them, only serve to confuse her further.

The sound of her own voice is strange in her ears. She stumbles over her own tongue, practically whispering into the device from which she heard voices.]

...h... hello?

Quelaag? Sister, are you there?