31 July 2012 @ 06:43 am
03: Cooking lessons and lunches  

Um well, I meant to announce this a while ago but...considering this place didn't give me a job, I decided to go out on my own and offer one-on-one cooking lessons.  If you need help with the basics or a certain recipe, I'd be happy to help. We can negotiate the price on case by case basis and I can help provide ingredients.

Oh that's right. I do owe a few people some meals. Sorry, um if anyone knows Basco, I need to get a hold of him.  Oh and there was that guy I was drinking with when there was the party the town held. I don't think I ever got his name and I was out of line with my behavior and I'd like to apologize to him.


[Saori's in the park later in the day. Without the daily routine of fighting rogue supernatural creatures and stuff, she's left to just work on her hand to hand combat skills. But after going at it for two hours already, she's taking a  break, reading a novel while she's sitting in a random tree. She just wanted a change in scenery and away from any drones that would harass her.]
07 June 2012 @ 07:07 am
[308 Miller Street]

[Saori wasn't expecting any sort of mail, let alone a package. There was a small box sitting on porch, addressed to her but no return address written on it. Was this one of those regain she heard and read about? Only one way to find out. She picked up the box and shook it. Very light, almost as if it was empty.  The drones in her house were gone at work and at school so opening it now would probably be the best time.]

[She sat down on the porch and opened the box. Poof! A large cloud of smoke  escaped from the box. She coughed and began to wave the smoke away from her face. Instead of the smoke dissipating, it clung onto her fingers and followed their movement. That could only mean..yes! She got one of her powers back! Saori let out a shriek in joy.  Never mind any people passing by, she's begins to play around with the smoke, forming little animated creatures and shapes.]


Well, that was rather interesting to say the very least. Now that things have calmed down, I suppose it's a good time to ask this: Where can I get a job? Yes, I know my choices are limited but I just really need to get out of the house now. My sole housemate's droned and frankly I think I'll go insane if I'm stuck in that house all the time. Not to mention the idea of being a wife to a drone when I'm already married back home is awkward to say the very least.

I don't mind office work but I'd like to do something more hands on like baking or cooking.
19 April 2012 @ 06:23 am
01: Keep calm and...wait what?  
A. [308 Miller Street - Action]

[Saori wakes up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. Out of habit, she slams down the snooze button. Wait a minute. She immediately sits up on the bed and looks around. Well this definitely wasn't her room. Last time she checked it wasn't a western style house. Staying in bed won't solve anything so she starts quietly exploring the house. She finally goes down stairs and sees a family photograph featuring herself and other people she had never met before.]

W-what's the meaning of this?

B. [Around Mayfield - Action]

[After the initial shock of waking up in a strange house, she figures exploring the area and getting her bearings would be to her advantage. Feel free to spot the newbie as she looks around and you might be able to hear her muttering things to herself.]

Hmm...you'd think there would be a place to get some tea or something here...

C.  [Phone -unfiltered- evening]

My name is Saori and I just arrived here. So what exactly is this place? I get that everyone is from different worlds and times but how exactly? This isn't exactly an afterlife or anything like that. I'm guessing there's no way out of this place either. Not to mention its stripped me of my abilities.

Also...is there a place where I can train with those drones or whatever you call them pestering me?  Hand to hand combat to specific .