10 May 2012 @ 12:30 pm
➟ 002  
[ A » Action: Mayfield General Store ]

[Let's not mince words here: being a grocer is boring. Believe him, he's been through the whole song and dance with the whole being in a different time period. You haven't seen nothing until you become a blacksmith's apprentice in the 19th century. This gig has all the perks of slacking off but no glory whatsoever. Things pick up and then slow down drastically. One cannot just simply re-stock an re-price for the next 4-hours. Nah, you gotta get a little creative.

So you might be going about your own business, maybe just picking up some milk- err... orange juice for the family. You will see this McFly going about his duties with some...rhythm. The radio seems to be tuned into some catchy doo-woop you can't help but tap your toes to. You might find him moonwalk his way those shopping baskets back neatly onto the basket pile. Maybe even do a little-twirl around the breakfast aisle.

Does he even notice people are staring at him?]

[ B » Action: The Record Store ]

[Oh yeah, he's going in. What sorts of records will he find in his small venture inside the record store? He sifts through a couple of vinyls from the Blues section. At the classics are still here. Maybe a few drone artists here and there but so far, so good.

But what Marty is really coming for is the rock'n'roll vinyl. That's right, we're getting hardcore with some heavy hits from Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis...

...Too bad there's very few records to go through.]

I guess the drones aren't ready for Elvis Presley just yet.
18 April 2012 @ 05:21 pm
➟ 001  
[ A » Action; 918 Bilko Boulevard (Morning) ]

[ Jeez it felt like days since Marty last slept. He probably could get away with sleeping all the way until the afternoon but a part of him was pushing him to at least pry one eye open. The last thing he remembers was taking the DeLorean back home with the Doc but everything else is just one huge blur in his head. Chalk it up to getting your atoms scrambled on a near constant basis. Maybe that's what he needed, sleep it off a little more. That subconscious of his seems to have the right idea, it really does feel like he's sleeping on a full size mattress fit for two.

Yeah... just a few more minutes.

But as he shifts from beneath the comforters, something feels kind of off. His eyes finally flutter open that this...is definitely not his bed. Now that reality has caught his attention, his eyes are now wide open and shoots up from bed. ]

[ B » Action; Bilko Boulevard ]

[ Okay so Mayfield, right? Now he just needs to get a date on this place. The newspaper was able to tell him that much but the full year is scratched off. Great. Nineteen fifty-what? Every page he flips, the printed year appears to be nonexistent. Like something purposefully redacted it from the print. Nah, it can't be right. He just needs to get his hands on a better copy. If you're up and about enjoying your daily routine, don't be alarmed if there's a kid near your front yard, opening your trash bins for old newspapers. ]

[ C » Action; Downtown Area ]

[ Well... here we go again. You're probably one of the newer residents, maybe even a pro-Mayfield veteran. Who cares! Marty sure as hell can't tell. So whoever you are, there's a wild Marty from behind yelling-- ]

Excuse me!