15 January 2012 @ 03:00 pm
2 ♕ The Hangover [Phone/Action]  
[ A - 849 Goldberg Street ]

[ When the sirens began to ring, the only thing Tsunade could do was wake and dash downstairs. There, she encountered her package. Regains from Christmas. She was hesitant to open them during Christmas, given their lack of marking, but, now, without any clue of what would be inside, she decided it would be best if she could open them. Her first one? A picture of a bunch of paperwork from home. ]

What on Ea-[ BOOM

Within the seconds of Tsunade's statement the house seemingly explodes into paper filled chaos. Stacks and stacks of paperwork begin to torrent around the living room, and the living room door bursts wide open, with paper flying out of there by the forests. If you dare to take a look to see what the hell just happened, you'll get a Tsunade who's sitting down with paper up to her shoulders before her pet pig, Tonton, stark naked and without her expensive pearl necklace, pops out of the paper with a fierce oink! ]

[ B - Phone.  ]

Ah, this is probably the worst hangover I ever had. [ Her voice sounds haggard and raspy. She sounds exhausted and weakened by all accounts. ] I can't even remember the last couple of days. What the hell did I drink....? [ She knows what really happened, but, she wants to synthesize as much information as possible and for that, she has to play dumb ] 

[ C - The Post Office ] 

[ With the realization that the paperwork had her entire life story and biography in it with the mysteriously missing parts filled in with her journal that has a day by day summary of her life, Tsunade realized it was time to go to the post office. On the way there, you see a very, veryold lady walking into the office. If you're in there, you know what happens. Tsunade finally made a trade and is, within a blink of an eye, transformed to her younger state.

If you're waiting outside out of curiosity, Tsunade emerges
young and not wrinklyas ever. Her loyal pet pig is by her side.  ] 

Ah, Tonton, now that that's out of the way, let's get going. Oink!

[ D - Anywhere! ] 

[ There is a pig following you. Just a random pig. And no matter how much you try to shake it off, it just won't leave you alone. It'll continue to follow you down many streets, with its nose slammed into the ground like a police canine unit. Yep. She doesn't speak, she doesn't talk, she doesn't do anything but follow. ]

[ E - Olney's Tavern ]

[ Tsunade, with her trusty pet pig in her purse like Paris Hilton and chihuahuas, sits at the bar, wallet ready and eager. ]  All right, bartender, make some magic for me. This damn town took two weeks away from my memory, and, in return, I'd like to forget whatever the hell I've been doing from now until the 27th. One Long Island Iced Tea. By the gallon even, I don't give a damn.