11 July 2012 @ 10:58 pm
[007] Action, all over town (and the park)  
[Wally's kind of sad today. A friend of his has been droned, just when they had really started to be good friends. Sure, Eddie could be a jerk, like, a really big jerk, but he had been really growing an changing, you know? And now he's gone.

And Wally knows that it might not be as good for him back home.

So Wally can be found walking around town today. Or, well, in the morning.

Because by afternoon he can't really contain his jitters anymore and he's running.

No, he's not wearing his costume.

No, he doesn't particularly care who sees him running faster than pretty much all the cars on the road in his civilian clothes.

Because you know what? He's realized that having a secret identity here doesn't really matter. It's not like it was a big secret anyway.

So you can find Wally either walking around town or running past you. If you call to him he'll stop and chat, because that's what he does. He won't ignore anyone, even if he's in a bad mood.

Also later on in the afternoon he'll just be sitting on a park bench eating ice cream.

Don't ask how many cones he's had already. (It's probably a very large number.)]
17 May 2012 @ 06:48 pm
[006] - Phone and Action  

So hey guys! How's it going? I just kinda realized I've been neglecting my... I dunno, civic duty to generally be a nice guy and check up on my friends and stuff and see how everything's going. I hear there's a Prom coming up! Sounds like a riot. You can totally plan on seeing me there. Better put on your best dancing shoes because I am a hard man to follow once I get on the dance floor let me tell you.

[Action: Early Afternoon, the pharmacy]

[Wally West: Pharmacist is filling prescriptions and helping customers like any good pharmacist should. He may even be whistling happily. He's just that cheerful. Good lord.

He may be sneaking peeks at the clock every now and then, though. He must be getting antsy.]

[Action: Late Afternoon, ALL OVER TOWN]

[If you're paying attention you might notice a scarlet blur whizzing down the street. It's Wally, in full Flash getup, and he's on patrol. Basically this just means he's running around. If he see something SUSPICIOUS he'll totally pull up and check it out. If you shout at him he'll stop and say hi! Because he's your friendly neighborhood Flash, and he's here to help. :) ]

[Action: Nelson Street]

[Wally's sitting out on the porch with the newspaper. He's not reading it. He finished it about a second after he picked it up, and it was boring. Now he's crumpling it up into balls and tossing them at Rainbow Dash's cloud house.

HE'S BORED NOW. OOPS. It's been really quiet around the house since Foster left.]
20 February 2012 @ 10:11 pm
[005] Phone Call  
So... okay this might be a long shot, but say you found out that in some other world you apparently have a daughter and she just showed up here. But where you come from you don't have a family like that.

Anybody got any tips on sudden and unexpected fatherhood?