15 May 2012 @ 07:58 pm
[9] - The Monotony of the Day  
[ A. Action | Grocery Store | Open to All]

[You know, he should be somewhat satisfied right now. Things have been pretty slow, the town hasn't killed him recently and isn't that what he's always wanted? Just a boring sort of thing where all he has to worry about is paychecks and a place to sleep. The drones? Eh, they've stopped bothering him now. He's gotten over it, the familiar faces with now glassy eyes. Life is nothing like it was back home in his world. All the chaos and mysteries he couldn't keep his goddamn nose out of.

Yep. Life is good.

No problem at all.

Yeah, that's total bullshit. Badou's finding himself wanting to make an effort to be more proactive in getting out of this place. In his own way of course. That way being information brokering.

Anyway, here. Have a distracted looking grocer, who's smoking even more so today, helping you find just the right produce for whatever you want to do. Even at his most lazy, he still was responsible enough, so if you're a regular you'll notice it.]

[ B. Phone | Open to All]

Oi, any of you fuckers out there know if you can filter this shit out? Don't need the whole town to know my fuckin' business, y'know?
02 April 2012 @ 11:14 pm
[8] - OH SNAP  
Pranking Corran )

Pranking Crowley )

Pranking The Captain )

[ D. Action | Around Town | Open ]

[Badou can't believe his luck. He's still alive at the end of it all for one thing. Also the whole regaining other people's shit? That is golden. Especially since he's lost some of his stuff (And had to deal with pretty messed up pranks okay?). Okay, the teddy bear with the noose is messed up. The wallet with money is pretty sweet. But the best? Shapeshifting and shit like a goddamn boss. And it wasn't any of that stupid werewolf shit. It is legit. So you'll probably bump into Badou, at the grocery or in the streets, messing with his new abilities. You might not recognize him off the bat, he might look like a kid, a chick, or even have different colored hair, except for the tell-tale smell of his cigarettes. ]
16 February 2012 @ 09:46 pm
[7] - What is love? Baby don't hurt me. (Backdated Feb.14th)  
[ Action | Grocery Store | All ]

[Badou came in late today. Probably because he was distracted by flirting. But look at all the fucks he gives. So he's currently helping out in the store in a particularly good mood. Everything is minty fresh and nothing hurts. If you're a lovely lady over 18 (Or possibly guy as his flirtations don't seem to be discriminating today like they usually do), you just might have a eye-patched redhead flirting up a storm with you. And by flirt we mean starting by using a tried and tested line.]

Hey there, don't see you here that often.

[ Action | Around Mayfield | All ]

[He's in such a good mood he decides to take a fantastic walk. He's still smelling mint and feeling fine and dandy. Again, he is down with the banter of looooooove.]

((ooc:Badou is full of mint all day. But feel free to throw your own flowers in here.))
23 January 2012 @ 09:54 pm
[6] - So a dude walks into a dairy...  
[ Action | Grocery Store | All ]

[As always, Badou Nails is your ever faithful, cigarette smoking, grocery slave neighborhood grocer. Do you need help carrying shit to your car? Can't reach the items on the shelf? He's the man for you. Also possibly because you had no other choice.]

[ Action | 312 Miller St. | Housemates ]

[After that phonecall between the powers that be here, Badou is calling a not!family meeting. Except for drone wifey who he's locked in the bedroom. He only wants you not!kids to be safe.]

[ Phone | Not filtered because Badou has no friggin' clue]

So anyone else hear that freaky as all hell phone call?

Man, it's like those fuckin' late night horror movies y'watch when yer drunk on the couch. It's always fuckin' revenge of the shit or robot overlords from space.

[There's a pause and possibly a sigh.]

Just dunno what's gonna go down when it hits the fuckin' fan.