04 May 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Ninth Voyage.  
[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Even though Cinco de Mayo was on Saturday, that didn't mean that there had to not be a celebration of some kind! And so, with some careful planning and asking the principal to do a joint lesson, those who had Spanish as well as World History would find the classes being held in the cafeteria instead for today. The captain was ushering in the students and then walking over to the table to join Caroline's side. ]

I wasn't expectin' there t' be so much of a turnout here, did ye?

[ Caroline looked over the teenagers, just as surprised at the numbers. She'd set up with the makings for salsa and had copies of instructions for them, all in Spanish. ]

I figured just the drones would show up. I guess they like the idea of free food.

[ Ambrosia was thankful that she had lessons in reading, writing, and talking in Spanish, because otherwise, the instructions would all just read as gobblygook to her. ]

Well, obviously. It's food, everyone likes it.

[ Caroline sets out the three sets of instructions the students can pick from: mild, medium, and her Nana's 'ay dios mio' recipe. ]

Teenagers are easy to manage. Feed them and they'll follow you anywhere. Hopefully none of them try to follow me home like that random guy at the bakery.

[ At that, Ambrosia will laugh in a heartily way. Oh, how did she know that - both of them, really! She decides for herself to try the Ay Dios Mio recipe just to see what it's like. ]

Well, if it happens, just throw 'em into somethin'. That won't be too hard, aye?

Pretty sure that's in the teacher's handbook to not throw the students. Or, I guess it is, since I haven't read it. [ Caroline eyeballs the kids that are sitting and waiting for them. ] Think you're ready for this, Captain?

Teacher's handbook, smeacher's handbook. Don't make no difference who they are, just tha' ye've gotta exert dominance when it comes t' people. [ For emphasis, she'll crack her knuckles before nodding. ] I'm ready fer anythin'!

[ And now she's feeling rather like she's charging into war with the Captain. Armed with the fixings to make salsa. Those poor kids. ]

Let 'em have it.

[ This is what people tend to get when they decide to be friends with the captain. She nods as she clears her throat. ]

Yo, everyone! Shut up 'n siddown! We're gonna have ourselves some salsa, 'n so tha' none of ye decide t' cut yerself open with a butter knife, ye better get th' cotton out of yer ears 'n listen up!

[ Don't you just feel safe in their hands at that? ]

( OOC: Joint post between Caroline ([personal profile] fifthtimearound) and Ambrosia to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Let us know if you want them both of just one of them when you tag. )
18 April 2012 @ 09:50 pm
Eighth Voyage. [forward dated to tomorrow]  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane. ]

Mentions of blood and scars. )

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Those who have Ambrosia for class (or are just wandering down the halls) can notice that she's covered in bandages pretty much head to toe. She knows that it's hard to dismiss that she's fine, but she's trying to keep a smile on her face. ]

M'kay, class. Today, all ye've gotta do is be on yer best behavior. Can ye do tha' fer me?

[ Hopefully today won't be that bad. ]

[ Action: Grocery Store. ]

[ Ambrosia can be found in the first aid section of the store, stockpiling on bandages galore, as well as antiseptic. Care to see why she needs so many rolls off gauze or why she looks mummified? ]
03 April 2012 @ 08:13 am
Seventh Voyage.  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane. Morning. ]

[ Those living here can expect to find a box of doughnuts on the table with breakfast already made. No, Ambrosia isn't droned. She's just in a mischievous mood. However, she's busying herself on her ship while she's trying to not break out into laughter.

Oh, and the doughnuts? They're filled with mayonnaise instead of the usual cream filling.

Enjoy. ]

[ Action: 7135 Brooks Lane. Locked to Tsukasa Kadoya. ]

[ Howdy, neighbor! Around your house are buckets of ice cold water trip wired to fall on you. In addition to that, there's a sea cucumber replica right on his pillow.

But, hey. At least there's the charitable way of doughnuts on the table to greet you, Tsukasa. ]

[ Action: Mayfield High. All Day. ]

[ Strewn along the cafeteria tables are the same mayonnaise filled doughnuts as well as in her classroom, there's a doughnut on each desk with some orange juice.

She's not in there just yet as she's busy in the teacher's lounge, but go ahead and enjoy yourself in the meantime with some breakfast for those who possibly haven't eaten it.

However, later on in the day, she has set up a few glasses of water around where it's hard to find a water fountain. However, the water itself has had a few drops of white vinegar in it and one can expect to have the same in the teacher's lounge as well as in her classroom.

April Fool's is her day to pretty much shine. ]

[ Action: Makeout Point. Evening. ]

[ When things die down for the day, Ambrosia can be found practicing her shooting and swordplay while always keeping an eye out for some eventual prankers. After all, Mayfield wouldn't be Mayfield without them.

But she'll take it in for fun if she ends up on the receiving end of pranking or if someone wants to try to get one up on her. ]
12 March 2012 @ 11:49 am
Sixth Voyage.  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane. Early Morning. ]

[ After Ambrosia got her pirate brand back at the post office, she found that even the basics were hard to do with both hands. So, when she wakes up to get ready for work, she can be found in the bathroom with a roll of cloth bandages, antiseptic and some cream. She's mostly trying to keep quiet for the others, but occasionally there's a hiss or even a curse word thrown around. ]

...Dammit, ow...

[ Action: Mayfield High. ]

[ Those in her class or just around can find that Ambrosia's arm, around her elbow, and wrist are completely swathed as she's decided to break out a dress today for the warm weather that's been going on since the beginning of this month.

If someone asks her about the bandages, she'll simply smile and brush it off. Or if someone presses on for information, she'll decide to answer to some degree. After all, having others worry about her isn't something she likes to do. ]

[ Action: John Doe Park. Late Afternoon/Early Evening. ]

[ Limitations, schmitations. As long as Ambrosia has her hands, she's going to at least try to dual-wield like she used to before this. She manages to aim a slash or two at a tree with her good hand and with the other, she's just trying to clench the hilt of her saber. When she takes a break, she'll gingerly rub at her wrist with her sabers at her side. ]

'Course it's gonna be hard... Tch, well - I ain't gonna give up.

[ Pep talk never hurt anyone, right? ]

[ Action: Grocery Store. ]

[ Those who go to the store today will find Ambrosia with a cart full of cartons of milk, fruits, meats -- basically everything one would need for a good diet to help her wrist out. She's stopped at the butcher to observe some other meat, specifically fish. Because dammit, it has been a while since she had some good old fashioned fish. ]

Do I want th' salmon or would I want th' haddock? Decisions, decisions...

[ Action: 754 Partridge Drive. Locked to Akira Date. ]

[ 'sup Date? Ambrosia is gonna pay him a visit after training. When she gets there, she'll knock on the door with her good hand and wait for him to answer the door. ]
26 February 2012 @ 11:52 pm
Fifth Voyage.  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane ]

[ Residents of this humble abode will find Ambrosia at the helm with a bottle of rum in her hands. She's usually rather chipper, but today she seems to be rather somber. And, actually, if anyone catches a glimpse of it, her cheeks are stained with her tears, even if she's doing a crap job at hiding it. ]

Here's t' ye, old man.

[ And down goes another swig of rum. Wanna see what has her so down? ]

[ Phone | Midday | Filtered from drones. ]

Ahoy, there! I got t' thinkin' last night - there's plenty of people here who need t' let things out, aye? So, I'm gonna be holdin' a bonfire at Makeout Point. Ye really don't gotta attend, but I just thought it might be nice fer those who wanna just stand 'round a fire 'n let things out.

Just lemme know if yer gonna attend 'n I'll get some stuff ready. See ya there.

[ Action: Makeout Point ]

[ When people arrive at Makeout Point, they'll find an already going bonfire with plenty of stuff to eat and drink around it with Ambrosia already there. She'll greet your character and offer them something to drink and eat and invite you to join her by the fire. ]

( OOC: For the log, just mingle around the fire - tell stories, make s'mores - do anything you want! There's a thread set up for people who want to talk with Ambrosia directly, too. If there's any questions, you can ask me them in IM/plurk/PMs! )
16 February 2012 @ 04:38 pm
Fourth Voyage.  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane. Morning. Locked to Marvelous. ]

[ When the flowers' effect wears off, Ambrosia feels a growing sense of dread forming in her stomach. Oh, by Blackbeard's beard, what the hell did she do? Ramming her head into the wall wouldn't fix anything, yet she knows that what was done is done and now she has to deal with the ramifications of everything.

She did have the nickname Fearless Ambrosia, but she feels frightened and not wanting to deal with this. So, she sits up in bed and shakes Marvelous' shoulder rapidly to get him to wake up. ]

Marvelous... Marvelous, get up. I've got somethin' I need t' tell ye.

[ Why is it that she can already hear her father's yelling in her head? She doesn't like that feeling at all. ]

[ Action: Mayfield High. During the Day. ]

[ Even though Ambrosia is mentally flipping tables, she looks to be as if nothing's wrong with her at all. As far as it seemed, the recent events could have just simply been another day in her adventurous life. So, if you have her as a teacher, expect her to be her usual flamboyant self.

In fact, when they arrive in class, what's written on the board is nothing but "FIELD TRIP" in big, bold letters and with her dressed in her usual pirate regalia. (What, you expect her to leave the swords at home?) ]

Get yer coats, class! I'm gonna be takin' ye t' see somethin' great!

[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane. Evening. ]

[ What's that, Lassie? Ambrosia's actually attempting to cook like a responsible adult? ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION! Sure, there's a big mess in it with plenty of pots and pans in the sink and the smell of smoke, however at least she is at least giving a decent effort. ]

At least it... tastes okay?

[ Because the most she's cooked is over a fire with food stuck on sticks and that's very seldom. But, hey - old dogs can learn new tricks, after all. ]

[ Phone | Filtered From Drones ]

Yo, Mayfield. Hope all of ye are well after tha' lovely event 'n all. However, there has been somethin' on me mind as of late with how frequent weird things happen 'round here.

Is there any kind of a defense force established or have there been plans, but they fell through th' cracks? Feel free t' talk me ear off if there's a lot of information or ye can meet me at 7134 Brooks Lane if ye prefer t' talk it over in person.
07 February 2012 @ 06:11 pm
Third Voyage.  
[ Action: 7134 Brooks Lane ]

[ With things mostly normal now, Ambrosia is glad to not be hearing those damned sirens in her head anymore. That being said, she decides to wake up early to check if there's anything waiting for her in the mail, since she's heard stories of people receiving personal effects from home. And lo and behold, there is a sizable box waiting for her.

Instead of waiting for her housemates to wake up, she begins to open the box and first sees a longcoat and instantly wraps it around herself, along with a white blouse and a pair of black pants with her boots. Then what she uncovers next are two of her trusty sabers. At least Mayfield is nice in these regards.

However, what's in the box puzzles her. She takes out what appears to be a ship in a bottle. ]

...what in th' blazes is this? It looks jus' like th' Mary.

[ Yet, even though the ship is in a bottle, what's outside is the actual Bloody Mary in all her pride. Although, it is parked right on top of the car with the anchor in the garage. Have fun with that, guys.

However, it seems like that's not the end of the stuff in the box since there's something else inside of it. ]

...eh? What's this--?

[ She gets quiet all of a sudden and notices that there's a small wooden heart. Her small wooden heart that's usually in her hair. ]

So, ye are here after all, huh?

[ A smile creeps up a bit to her face as she takes it into her hand gently, as if it'd break at the slightest touch. All the treasure in the world couldn't compare to this wooden heart. ]

[ Action: Later On ]

[ Now that Ambrosia has noticed her pink elephant in Mayfield, she's deciding to work on cleaning the ship. And this is one of the many times she misses her crew because she can usually holler at them to work on everything while she stands at the wheel.

But, you know what? She's done it before and she can do it again if need be. So, while she's in her pirate regalia and cleaning the ship, she's singing an old pirate song. ]

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle 'n loot!
Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!
We kidnap 'n ravage 'n don't give a hoot!
Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!

[ Action: John Doe Park ]

[ Well, since she has her sabers back, Ambrosia's deciding to do some well-needed practice in the park with them since she feels like her ability to dual wield is severely lacking. She can be found practicing on one of the trees and making small cuts in it, though she's definitely willing to have a sparring partner to help her out. ]