20 January 2012 @ 01:14 am
Second Sunset ★ Not sure what to make of this...  
Action 1 High School

[During passing time, Roxas continues to sit and stare vacantly at one of the tiles in the ceiling, absent-mindedly twirling his pencil. He hasn't even realized it was time to switch classes. He seems to be in deep thought, as if tossing ideas around in his head, or trying to figure out a puzzle that has several pieces missing. He'll occasionally mutter  things like 'That doesn't make sense.', 'How are you suppose to handle...', or 'Why would alcohol...'  He doesn't even notice you coming up to him.]

Action 2 Make-out Point

[Roxas returns to his usual spot at sunset, the highest place in Mayfield. Although he didn't come here every day anymore (it was too cold for that), he still showed up when he had a lot on his mind. It was the perfect quiet place to just sit there and relax. He may have a lot on his mind, but if you pass by he'll give you a small smile or a wave.]