06 June 2012 @ 12:13 pm
What Did I Do Last Night?  
 [Residents of Mayfield may see Panty wandering around town, holding a bottle of water and her head in her hand. She has on a huge pair of sunglasses, her hair is tied up in a pony tail and she's wearing a rather short tank top and shorts. She looks like someone coming down from a wild night of partying, thing is she can't remember ANYTHING about last night, or the last month for that matter. What the hell happened?]

Action A: The General Store
[Clearly the first thing to do when one thinks they  have a hangover is to load up on pain killers. Panty is at the drug store buying pretty much anything that says it cures a headache.]

Action B: At the Diner
[The second thing to do is go eat a giant greasy hamburger. She's sitting at the bar in the diner, still wearing those sunglasses and waiting on what has to be the biggest burger in the joint.]

[After her errands she still can't piece anything together. Must be time to own up and find out if anyone else can put her missing memories in place.]

Did someone throw a party last night? Fuck, I can't remember anything... 

02 April 2012 @ 07:12 pm
4th Coffee  
[Well, Maladict likes to think simple pranks are above her, but given what people have been saying about the last time the census went out, she might as well give it a go]

[Action; Nia]
Nia's prank )

[Action; Elizabeth]
Elizabeth's Prank )

[Action; England]
England's prank )

[Action; Panty - 3AM]
Panty's prank )

[Action; Hilda]
Hilda's prank )
07 February 2012 @ 03:39 pm
Chuck to the Future (action/phone)  
What the fuck?! I go through all that bullshit and this is what they send me?

[you can hear something faint in the background]
chuck chuck chuck chuck


[Panty is walking down the streets of Mayfield, arms crossed, looking rather pissed. A strange little green dog is following her.]

[she turns around and yells at it.]

OI, go fucking bother someone else you little piece of shit. FUCK!
01 February 2012 @ 05:06 pm
Action | Phone  
ACTION: From the Hospital to 767 Bunker

[Panty was let out of the hospital with the rest of the patients from yesterday. Unlike many of them though she is seemingly herself both mentally and physically and she looks angry. She's making a bee line back to her house but if you stop her she will be sure to tell you what's on her mind...probably with very colorful language.]


OI! Not everyone in this fucking hell hole can be completely broken. I've put up with way too much shit since I got here but this is the line. I'm going to find the bitch that did this to me, chew her up and spit her out. Anyone else want to join me?