27 August 2012 @ 11:38 pm
eleventh song ♪♫ ((before i make the final sacrifice...))  
tl;dr introspection )

[phone / filtered from the drones]

[When Kotomi's voice comes on the line, she is quiet but firm, with no hint of "fooling around".]

I need assistance in constructing a bomb. I am aware of how to assemble one, but lack the means necessary to gather parts.

Alternatively, if anyone has any with them from personal construction or regains [...........] I would like to take a few off of your hands, for any price wanted.
23 April 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Tenth Song ♪♫ ((flirting curtsies to the thirteenth floor))  
 I - [phone]

A-Ah, hello everyone...have any of you ever received an empty package? At least, empty of any meaningful objects...mine only had a picture on it, a small white orb...but I have no idea what it means.

Is the picture not supposed to represent an immaterial thing being returned? I don't remember ever having anything of that nature...I'm so very confused...

II - [action, all around town]
[Still horribly confused about what's happened (and whatever a "light orb" might be), Kotomi tries to go through the rest of her day as normal as possible. She can be found virtually anywhere--at the school, at the grocery store, walking around, or at 728 Anderson, and all looks normal. Except, if you can sense that kinda thing, she seems to be radiating a large aura of magic, very pure and untainted magic, enough to make anyone who didn't know she had this sort of "power" (read: everyone) do a double-take.

She herself is blissfully unaware of any of this.

13 April 2012 @ 04:41 pm
Ninth Song ♪♫ ((I said 'Hey! You! Get off my couch!'))  
[There is a public phone call made early in the morning.]


[Insert whimper here.] I...I...Patchouli-san, if you can hear this...p-please, what happened...

[That's certainly Patchouli's voice. Except Patchouli really doesn't have massive panic attacks and run around screaming with mild endurance and hyperventilating like no tomorrow. Good luck to anyone in her house or going to visit her.]
08 February 2012 @ 05:04 pm
eighth song ♪♫ ((i start rushing towards the skyline...))  
I - [728 Anderson - morning]
[GUESS WHO GOT A PACKAGE?! Yup. It's still sitting out on the front step, because it's huge as hell and Kotomi can't seem to actually get it inside. She tries pulling it, pushing it, even tying a rope around it and trying to tug it along, but it's just too damn heavy.]

II - [action, hair stylist's]
[If you happen to be in the area, you might spot Kotomi walking out of the hair stylist's building. With her hair cut short, emulating the style she wore as a child. To anyone who's only recently met her, or is just meeting her now, it probably doesn't seem too out of the ordinary. But to those of you who know her, it probably seems very odd, seeing as her hair once fell down to her thighs--and she made sure to take immaculate care of it.]

III - [phone, evening]
[filtered AWAY FROM: Nadeko Sengoku, Madoka Kaname, Minato Arisato, RED Engineer, & Touma Kamijou]

[It took her long enough to figure out how to make a filter as specific as that. Tech wasn't exactly her game. But once she did, she breathed a sigh of relief. At least no one she really cared about would be hearing this.]

I'd like for someone to teach me how to fight. Or even just defend myself.

I can't do magic. I don't have superhuman strength or speed. But...I'm a quick learner. If that helps.

Thank you to anyone who can help me with this.
14 January 2012 @ 12:38 am
Seventh Song ♪♫ ((add some ice, and choke on my sick vice))  
I - [action, morning, around town]
[If you have CR with Kotomi, even a small bit, she will be knocking on your door at around 4:30 AM, while the sirens are still blaring. she's still in her pajamas and slippers, but tossed a coat on. She looks like she's been walking outside in the cold weather for a while.]

Greetings. I came to check if you were alright.

[Housemates, you will feel Kotomi shaking you from behind. Even if you're standing up. She is worried okok.]

 II - [phone, around noon, filtered from the drones]

Good afternoon, everyone. I don't doubt most of you heard the alarms that went off this morning, at five o'clock AM. From what I gathered, the sounds were emanating from the ever-locked dairy processing building, and we received our new fellow captives when the alarms stopped.

I'm sure there is more, as I am only one person, and the scope of my investigations simply cannot cover the entire town.

[She clears her throat, and there's the flipping of pages.]

Which brings me to the point of this call.  

History repeats, does it not? If the information I've received is correct, a majority of the incidents that we have been forced through center around the town's dairy. 

I arrived here in July of the year before. The first "event" I witnessed was the town forcing us all to tell the truth via a strange gas in the air. But I know there are many who have been here longer than I. If there is anyone who can give me information on the previous happenings in the town, it would be greatly appreciated.

I intend to compile my findings if they are reasonably put-together, and will distribute them to anyone who desires the information.

Thank you very much.

((tl;dr Kotomi wants information on the shit Mayfield's done before Truthfield/July 2011. She can't "tell" if your character is lying, but she knows what's plausible and what's not, so keep that in mind.))