11 July 2012 @ 10:17 pm
Quest Thirteen: Back from the wastes.  
[Mae spent Tuesday as a drone. Wednesday she wakes up normal. Only very confused.

It's been months for her. Months. Her real life apparently doing its best to imitate this place and emotionally destroy her.

Mae gets up and walks downstairs to stare at the place. Right.....none destroyed things... that was what was here. She's just going to look around and stare at things for a while until she gets her head on straight.....

[A: Mae is standing at the mailbox opening a box. She pulls out........a jar with.....is that a small chunk of a brain? Yeah.....]

You have got to be kidding me.

[B: Her second package is a lot better and after making a quick stop to buy some ammo, Mae can be found in the park with her old trusty BB gun. She's got some targets set up and is firing at them. The targets being bottles and stuffed animals.]

[Phone: Have an annoyed Wastelander.]

Dear Mayfield. Thanks for sending me home for a few months. It's nice to know that a nuclear wasteland is still a better place to live in then this place. Next time just leave me there.

[She's going to hang up but then pulls the phone up again.]

And that mail wasn't funny!

[Slams the phone down]
03 June 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Quest Twelve: Brotherhood Duties  
[Mae has been a little confused recently. She's not sure why she has old tech strapped to her arm or a vault suit. Or any of these things really.

It takes her a while. But she's slowly starting to get used to her normal memories being back. Well she's a Scribe she should at least be trying to do her work here. ]


Um....hello. My name is Mae. I'm an Apprentice Scribe with the Brotherhood of Steel. ...it's an organization from my world....Anyway. I was wondering if anyone would let me record facts about their world.

I ...think it might be good if we had a data base of all the places people come from. I don't...have a terminal yet. But for now I can write it down.

Ah...if you're interested, please call back. ...thank you.

[Action. In the park. Mae is poking the device on her arm. Trying to figure it out. She's not sure how you get it off, so for now she's just muttering to herself and poking.]

How do they work these things...

[ooc: Mae is from an AU where she grew up in the wasteland. Her parents were killed in front of her when she was five and she spent the next few years growing up in the Brotherhood while they fought a war with the Enclave. It's over now, they won and she's an apprentice Scribe. She's a lot quieter and withdrawn because of this AU.]
09 April 2012 @ 01:04 pm
Quest Eleven: All work and no play  

Whoever picks what regains we get. Thanks. I really needed a piece of paper that means nothing here. Thanks a lot.

[Charon's contract, which yes, was a nice reminder of home. Not really that useful.]

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone here know how to cross-stitch? And would be willing to teach me?

[A. Mae is plying her trade as a walking make-up saleswoman so. ...Knocking on your door or waving you over if you walk by her on the streets.

B. Oh you have a drone wife in the house? Mae is talking to them inside your house as her sales pitch. Also pocketing a few things, like....bobby pins...and money and ...bottlecaps? Shh...she's going unnoticed by the drone woman, feel free to spot her though.

C. April....April. Mae is knocking on your door. Because she's bored and is dragging you out to do something.]