16 September 2012 @ 03:10 am
11th Tea Party: Heartache beyond Relief  
(Welp...Kreutzer's attempts at being useful fell unsurprisingly short. At the very least, she didn't die or get horribly messed up like she did in Carnivalfield. That was bad. No, this time she made it out with her health intact. Not much she could do at this point except continue to survive through whatever the town decided to do next.

But at the very least, they decided to give her something for her troubles anyway. Made sense; the event was over so things were bound to be given back. On the front lawn of her house, Kreutzer looks over the mail and finds the letter addressed to her. She's hesitant to open it, but puts the rest of the mail back in the mailbox before doing so. In it is a picture of a faintly familiar girl. She stares at it for a few seconds before...


(And just like that, memories rush into her head, filling in the blanks that were there for so long. She remembered everything that happened, actually succeeding and, most importantly, the closest she had to a friend before Mayfield. It's far too much for her to handle; she clutches her head and screams. The sudden remembrance made her head throb in pain while simultaneously making her heart ache in agony. Before anything else can happen, Kreutzer flies away from the immediate area.)

John Doe Park; Nighttime

(It's been a long, long day for Kreutzer. Technically she didn't do anything, but remembering all of these things was the last straw for her. She was already weighed down by losing some of her best friends, but remembering the only one she had back home? And everything she did? She couldn't take it.

Kreutzer is sitting at the edge of the lake, a doll with striking resemblance to a certain unicorn held tightly in her arms as tears roll down the girl's cheeks. She spent enough of the day hiding from the rest of the town, especially from her housemates; they didn't have to see her like this.

Her sobs are quiet, but anyone passing by at the right time will hear her singing a particular song. Crying isn't enough to fully let her emotions out, so with indicative heartbreak, Kreutzer sings the song to completion before returning to her quiet sobbing.
19 August 2012 @ 09:41 pm
10th Tea Party: Shameless Simplicity (Also, haters gonna hate)  
Action: John Doe Park

(Anyone passing by the park might notice Kreutzer flying over it and scouting over it from above. After gesturing for her dolls to follow, she touches down on the ground while her dolls begin to carry in...furniture? Yup, that's most certainly a table they're carrying in. And chairs. And various pieces of silverware, including cups, spoons and even a few tea kettles. Once they're all finished, the scene is wonderfully decorated and welcoming with treats, chairs and even a lovely parasol for shade. Yup...she just put together a three minute tea party.

Kreutzer takes her own seat and begins drinking tea, but there's more tea and tea party treats than she can consume herself. There's also multiple chairs around the table. Care to join in?
11 July 2012 @ 11:59 pm
9th Tea Party: Princess Perseverence  
Action: Outside 7135 Brooks; for Rarity

(It was over...that terrible nightmare was finally over. Five hellish days of needless death, starvation and suffering were finally over. Somehow, despite her incredible recklessness, Kreutzer survived all of it, just like she told Rarity she would. She debated whether or not she should go home and clean herself up or go straight to the unicorn's house, but subconsciously, the girl found her way outside the household. Kreutzer looked awful; her face looked exhausted, her clothes torn, most of the blood on her wasn't even hers, she still needs food and sleep seemed like a luxury at this point.)


(It was a poor attempt to call for her, but an attempt nonetheless. The fifth day's grand escape left her especially weak, particularly through the lack of water in her system. The dizziness was far too much for her to handle; Kreutzer collapsed right then and there, forcing a grip around her consciousness and refusing to let things end like this. Not now...not when she was so close...)

Phone; after a good part of her recovery

I want to believe that something useful came out of that travesty, but I highly doubt it. All that went on was suffering...just suffering. I hope everyone else had better luck there than I did, because as it stands, I'm under the idea that this entire carnival was just another trap to catch everyone in.
24 June 2012 @ 12:41 pm
8th Tea Party: Emergency Depot  

Well it seems like something grand is finally going to happen. It seems to be putting many people in a state of panic, but before that escalates to a higher level, I'd like to offer my support.

I'm an enchantress, you see; I can put together most kinds of machinery and equipment, provided I have the material for it. I've been working on a separate communications system for those who won't have access to phones or anyone while they're exploring: communication crystals. I doubt the town will have any access to these, so if anyone's interested in helping me test them, I'd greatly appreciate it.

But since everyone will want to prepare, I'd like to help out with that as well. Weapons, defenses, utility items...if it's within my power, I'll make it. The town will likely be restless for a while, so anyone who needs my services is free to contact me; my name is Kreutzer.
24 May 2012 @ 10:26 pm
7th Tea Party: Princess Magical Girl And Pony Princess Return  
Action:2239 Stevens

(Mother's Day proved to be a wonderful experience for Kreutzer. Not only did she probably troll Hajime harder than she ever did before, she also learned the secrets to Joker, Chalice and his transformative powers overall. As such, she's decided to...expand on such knowledge. She was already working on such things thanks to her encounter with Poison Joke, but that conversation with Hajime sparked further inspiration.

So after painstaking study, experimentation and maybe a few mishaps, Kreutzer finally perfected her latest creation: a transformation pocket watch! It's sleek, effective and oh, so very stylish. Don't mind her as she proudly parades around the house, proceeding with her regular activities with her head held up high and ego through the roof.

Action: Around Mayfield

(Woah, what the hell was that over there? Was that a superhero over there, hopping across rooftops with grace and and style? Or was it perhaps a pony flying through the skies with a confident smile and a lovely hat to match? Kreutzer's built quite a few forms into that pocket watch of hers, including the pony form she had during the Poison Joke event. Why? Because she not-so-secretly liked it.

The superhero design, however, is much more humanoid and very similar to this. Quite majestic and eye-catching, isn't it? She's going around Mayfield, proudly showing off her new looks. The transformation sequences, while to others are a simple flash of light, are just as animated and excessive as they are in anime to Kreutzer...complete with music!

As for which one you'll bump into, well...that's entirely up to you!
04 May 2012 @ 05:58 pm
6th Tea Party: The Princess' Prom Preparations  

Good day to you all. My name is Kreutzer; with prom inching closer each day, it seems that there are many who seek the aid of a tailor or seamstress to have their outfits custom-made. I am one of the numerous seamstresses offering her services.

The prom will elect two people to serve as the king and queen, will it not? If you wish to compete for the title of king and queen, then don't you agree that you should look like a king or a queen? I can help you look the part of nobility.

Some of you may have already seen some of my work with my past customers. Perhaps you've realized how very satisfied they were with the results? You can be sure to get the same level of satisfaction if you request for my work. You won't have to worry if you haven't seen what I'm capable of so far; I've prepared a preview of sorts for all of Mayfield to behold. At 3:00 pm today, my dolls will make their routes around town; their attire, while only a taste of what I can do, will nonetheless showcase my workmanship and skill with a needle and thread.

For any who are interested in prom outfits or any other requests, feel free to visit my home at 2239 Stevens or place an order now. I'll be glad to help you dress like royalty.

Action: Around Mayfield

(And true to her word, by 3 PM, you'll find dolls harmlessly flying around Mayfield, wearing miniature dresses and attire of all sorts, from formal to cute and even to casual. Oh, and they may approach you to speak to you about Kreutzer's services, so there's that to look forward to as well.)
21 April 2012 @ 05:07 pm
5th tea party: The Poison Joke's Pony Princess  
Action: Around town

(These strange flowers apparently saw it fit to turn many of the town's residents into ponies...and Kreutzer was no exception.

However, she was chased out of the house by her not!husband before she could really calm down, so here she is, cautiously walking down the street with absolutely no balance and a group of ponified dolls flying around her...this was going to be a long weekend.

Action: John Doe park

(After stumbling her way here, Kreutzer shyly sits in a corner of the park, trying to get adjusted to her newfound wings while her blushes refuses to fade. Occasionally, she'll hide her face behind her hat, but she's mostly keeping to herself and her dolls.)

I don't like the idea of being...this exposed. I'm naked! It truly wasn't necessary for Hajime to be so rude...


It's surprisingly difficult holding a phone without fingers...especially when limited to a payphone. I don't suppose there are any other people turned into ponies, are there? Or perhaps someone with an idea of how this happened in the first place?

((OOC: All responses will come from [personal profile] ponykreutzer))
08 April 2012 @ 10:13 pm
4th Tea Party: Sewing up the Ranks  
(After all of that mess with pranks, Kreutzer felt very proud of herself and the fun she was able to have with it. Mayfield seemed proud of what she was able to accomplish as well since she found an envelope addressed to her when she returned home. Upon opening it, she found a picture of eight very familiar dolls; dolls she's no doubt made before...)

Action: The General Store

(Anyone doing some grocery shopping today may notice a group of flying dolls roaming about the store. No one seems to be watching over them and one of them is carrying a hand-written list of things that needed to be purchased. They're strong enough to carry the grocery baskets on their own, even the gallons of milk! Should you bump into them, you either see them going about what they're looking for...or arguing amongst themselves. And yes, they all have voices on their own, so you may think it's a group of people going around!)

Action: Jonathan's Tools

(Yup, the dolls are all here, too! Anyone dropping by can expect the same shenanigans as they caused in the supermarket...except there are a lot more sharp things here. Why is that one holding an exhaust pipe...? And another sporting garden shears?! Who knows what they might be up to!)

Action: Outside 2239 Stevens

(The garage door is wide open and anyone passing by will see Kreutzer working on...something. It appears to be mechanical, but since it's still far from complete, there's no way to tell what it is...unless you ask her. Will it be curiosity that makes you step up? Or are you there to complain about the noise? Or maybe there's something about all of the dolls that are flying around the house that makes you want to ask exactly what's going on? The choice is up to you!)

Phone: Filtered to Rarity

Good afternoon, Rarity. Are you free today?
04 April 2012 @ 05:19 pm
3rd Tea Party: The Princess and the Prank Wars  
For [personal profile] genkibot

Will be edited in once a plan is discussed )

For [personal profile] micronation

Prank battle! )

For [personal profile] 20percentcooler

Target: Rainbow Dash )

For [personal profile] its_decided

Target: Nozomi )

For [personal profile] thepurpleway

Target: Gakupo )

Action: Everywhere in Mayfield

(Just want to talk to Kreutzer? Or prank her, whether or not she's on your list? That's totally fine because this is the post to do it!)
18 March 2012 @ 02:25 pm
2nd Tea Party: Insecure trade-off  
(Kreutzer decided to take her chances at the post office, signing off whatever forms they presented before her as she was presented an envelope...but suddenly, her memory feels faulty. The worst part of forgetting something is when you can't remember what you've forgotten. All she could remember was feeling very nervous and tense...whatever it was, it must've been worth whatever was in this envelope. Once she opened it, she found a photograph containing very familiar dolls...)

Action: For Rarity

(Darling, there is an ensemble of dolls knocking on your door. They are, in fact, flying and doll-sized and waiting patiently for your answer.)

Action: Around town

(So now this girl is going about town (in normal clothing this time), carrying bags of what seem to be like sewing supplies. However, she's not carrying them along; she seems to be helped by...flying, adorable little dolls!? And she's talking to them, too? But they're talking back! Maybe you need a closer look for a proper examination. Don't worry; they're cute and huggable! Nothing can be wrong with such cute little dolls, right?)

((OOC: Kreutzer has regained her ability to create her low-tier dolls; more information about them can be found here. If you just want to speak with a particular doll or just Kreutzer, simply say so in the subject line. ^^))
09 March 2012 @ 06:08 pm
1st Tea Party: Party of One  
(After waking up and meeting her not!husband, Kreutzer left the house on her own to venture through Mayfield and learn about what kind of place it is. Since she died at the end of the game she's from, she's convinced that Mayfield is some sort of afterlife; what kind of afterlife has yet to be specified.)

Action A: Around town

(After learning that she apparently has a job as a seamstress, Kreutzer actually attends and completes the work as normal. It's far too easy for her and she quickly gets bored enough to decide and use the day to make a dress of her own. Mayfield's clothes are terrible.

So now that she's done for the day, she's casually walking through the streets in a very fabulous and formal dress and matching red hair bow, though she's clearly new to Mayfield and looks like a lost princess. Will anyone try and save this confused damsel?

Action B: 2239 Stevens; open to all

(She's been gone for most of the day, but this home's new mother has returned! Kreutzer's still wearing the very same dress she made, but this time she's sitting on the grass and lost in thought. Anyone who wishes to approach her might need to make several attempts at grabbing her attention.)