16 January 2012 @ 11:18 pm
First Phase of the Moon  
[ Action 1 | 845 Goldberg Street ]

[Woken up by the loud alarm, at first glance Saïx has no idea where he is.

At second glance, he has even less idea. A normal bed, in a normal-seeming house, and certainly nowhere he's been before.

Saïx stands, intending to find the answers to two questions - one, where is he? And two, what is that sound? He's stopped by a strange feeling - at once familiar and completely unfamiliar. His hand goes to his chest, feeling something there that he's searched for for ages.]


[ Phone call ]

[Some time later, after Saïx has gotten his bearings. His voice is cool and collected, if somewhat curt.]

Any information on the changes this place enacts upon us would be appreciated.

[ Action 2 | Library ]

[Saïx can be found in the closest thing the library has to a section for medical and psychological books, an expression of irritation painting his features as he picks up book after book and finds absolutely nothing useful.]

Shaving? Who would need a book on that?