08 October 2012 @ 05:53 pm
[7th Portal] Cara Mia Addio Encore  
Action - 850 Goldberg

[Chell opens the door to find 3 packages of varying sizes, one small and rather flat, one medium-large one, and one quite large one of a suspicious size.

She opens the small one first to find her clothes from Aperture. She doesn't plan on wearing them again, but they could come in handy later, you never know. The next one contains her portal gun. She hasn't seen many places that portals could be placed on, but if there were any, it'd be very useful.

Finally, Chell turns to the last one. It's about as tall as a turret, so that's what's got her worried. It's a bit wider, though, so she's not sure what to make of that. She circles the box, knocking on it to see if she can get any information that way.

She assumes that if it was a turret, the gun portion would be facing towards the door, so she tips the box over so that if there was a turret inside, it'd now be facing the ground instead.

Chell pries the box open and discovers that not only is it a turret, but it's the oversized turret that she had seen a few times. It had never attacked her or anyone else that she saw, it just somehow used the elevator and oversaw some of the other turrets when they were making music.

It's an odd choice of something to be returned to her, so she shrugs, just leaves it where it is, and goes back inside the house.

She sets her clothes on the Companion Cube, and when she turns around, the turret is standing in front of her. Chell dives beside the couch and peers around at the turret. The turret doesn't make any movements, it doesn't even have a red laser sight for targeting, it just stands there, staring blankly.

Chell waves her hand at the turret, and it still doesn't move. She shrugs to herself and stands up, walking past it and over to the curtains. She turns her back to the turret and pulls off a long strip of cloth and goes to work using it as a strap for the portal gun. She doesn't want to leave it in the house alone with Cliff and carrying it with her hands would get old, so this was a nice compromise.

When she turns around to head for the door, once more the turret stands staring at her. Chell frowns at it and decides that if anyone would know what's going on, it'd be GLaDOS.

She leaves the house and heads down the street.]

Action - Around Town - The streets on the way to 1450 Mitchell Road

[If you're walking down the street or peeking out a window, you may see Chell being followed by a large turret. You never see the turret move, however, if you take your eyes off of it for even a second, it'll suddenly be further down the street and closer to Chell.]

Action - 1450 Mitchell Road

[Chell finally arrives at GLaDOS' house and starts banging on the door, she's got a frustrated expression on her face as she does so.

The turret is waiting quietly behind her and may not be seen at first glance.]
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Drink Count: 33 || Just when everthing seemed to be alright...  
[Aziraphale is gone again. Crowley had woken up one day to find the bed empty and cold beside him. Aziraphale wasn't in the house and a quick drive over to Kramden Street revealed that the angel was once again a drone. Aziraphale said he wouldn't leave. He should have known better than to listen to the angel's lies. Everyone leaves.

The demon, with his one pristine white wing, is not okay. He gets through each day, but really his heart is broken. His earlier fighting spirit is almost dead. How many of his friends are even left in this place? Integra, Death, and Sniper he knows are still okay, but is there anyone else?

He should have known better. He should never have allowed himself to care.]

A. [About Town: All Day]

[Crowley wanders about trying to find people he recognizes, hoping to find them of sound mind. He knocks on doors and goes to the park. There is still a faint hope that there are others that are okay.]

B. [Olney's Tavern: Evening]

[Crowley's usual enthusiasm is just gone He makes the drinks ordered and doesn't try to get the drones excessively drunk.]

C. [852 Goldberg: Night]

[Crowley hasn't been sleeping, instead sitting up with the television on and a never ending bottle of burgundy. This night is no exception.]
29 August 2012 @ 10:08 am
22nd Tactic  
[phone; no filters]

Not to put a damper on anyone's excitement, but, provided this place doesn't finish breaking down and taking us all with it, school will be starting again on the sixth of September. For those of you who are new or who just haven't been paying attention, there's a few things you need to know:

First, you don't actually have to go to school every day. The town will only force you to go if you miss three days in a row. If you have someone willing to call you in sick from your house, you can extend that time frame for another day or so.

Second, grades don't matter. The worst you'll get by blowing off your work is either dull disappointment from drones or relatively harmless ire from certain teachers.

[You know who you are, certain teachers.]

And finally, don't be surprised if you end up repeating classes. You can end up doing that a lot and it'll have nothing to do with whether you passed or not.

That's it, your annual school announcement. The one that matters, anyway.

[/end phone]

[Caesar sure hopes he won't have to give that speech a third time next year...

Or should he be hoping to, depending? Oh well. He'll go back to lazing about on the front porch with Bonaparte the Second after that, trying to keep from getting too bored between watching the drones glitch out as they wander by and dangling a string over the cat for her to bat at.
20 August 2012 @ 02:34 pm
。002 | action + phone  
[ You might notice, if you were to walk around the street, an angel asleep in the sunshine. He's gotten better at the whole 'sleeping for energy' thing, but it's warm and bright outside and he's settled down to enjoy himself. The only thing is that he's not exactly asleep outside his own home - rather, he's outside Crowley's. He really only spends one night every now and then in his own house these days, just so he doesn't upset the balance and get himself killed. Besides, the tree by Crowley's house is much nicer - the demon was probably scaring it in to it's brilliant growth. ]
[ Aziraphale still sounds a little tired and worn down, but at least he's trying to be social! He's just not very good at this sort of thing. ]

I don't suppose anyone could tell me what they do for... Fun here? For pleasure, I mean. I'm rather fond of reading myself, but the library here is somewhat lacking - I've found myself a little at a loss, now, you see.
07 August 2012 @ 05:33 am
[ order 12 ]  
{ Action ; 852 Goldberg }

[ There is something so odd about this morning, as Integra makes her way toward consciousness with the same briskness she generally approaches most things in life.

Of course, waking up tends to be somewhat complicated when one finds herself sharing a bed with a man. Two men, in fact, the knightly filling to a sandwich played by Heaven and Hell itself.

They're about to learn that Integra really has some pipes on her.


Later, after whatever has happened has in fact happened, she finds herself standing at the edge of the front lawn, the low shrubbery and a white picket fence separating her from the pavement and Mayfield beyond. Behind her, Baskerville lowers his head to scratch at an itch with his hind foot, uncaring, just like a dog to remain oblivious, living (or unliving, really) in the moment.

This is no dream. What purpose have I returned for? ]

{ Phone }

[ Integra's made an effort at phoning those she knew from before. Her message is quick and succinct: ]

This is Sir Hellsing. I've made it back.

{ Action ; John Doe Park - Afternoon }

[ Nothing quite like a quick walk around the place to see what's up. While the trailing hound busies himself by snapping at bees, Integra has her hands in the pockets of her slacks, pausing to people-watch in the shade beneath an oak tree. Recon a bit, begin the processes of stockpiling and reaching out to potential allies. By luck it seems the Major is gone for now, just another mindless drone carrying out his business. She doesn't believe in luck. With him, or without him, to stay in Mayfield is to always prepare for war. ]
31 July 2012 @ 08:35 pm
[04] Fourth Job  
{A: Action - Open to all}
-location: 848 Goldberg Street
-time: Late morning-ish

[If you happen to be walking down Goldberg Street, look out! Mal pelts a metal cross pendant necklace out the front door as hard as he can.]

{B: Phone - Filtered to Inara Serra}
-time: Midday

Hey, uh, I know we ain't talked in a while but I reckon it's time we did. Elephant in the room an' all that.
30 July 2012 @ 09:32 am
Drink Count: 32 || A Return to Normalcy  
A. [852 Goldberg: Morning]

[Oh look, packages for Crowley. One is small and light (perhaps a power?), the other large and heavy. He opens both of them on the porch. The small one looks empty upon opening, but he feels the rush of energy as another aspect of his power returns.


Oh... He flexes his metaphysical muscles and slowly realizes that it is his healing ability that is the most recent addition to his demonic arsenal. The least demonic of his powers... Well, in this town it will be handy.

The second box is his state of the art sound system. Bose, to be exact. He moves the box inside and starts setting it up. He forgets to wire the speakers to the control console, but they will work regardless.]

B. [Olney's Tavern: Afternoon]

[Everyone's favorite demon bartender is behind the bar. Come get a drink and have a chat.]

C. [1487 Kramden: Evening]

[Like usual, Crowley just barges on into the house that isn't his own, but might as well be with the way he's always there. He looks for Aziraphale and grins rakishly when he finds him.]

Hallo, Angel.
12 July 2012 @ 08:44 pm
Healing Omega  
[action, 846 Goldberg Street]
[Three days after the escape from the carnival, Lucas reappears on his bed, head thankfully fixed back in the correct position.  His sleep is troubled as he constantly tosses and turns, his quiet murmurings punctuated by the occasional cry.

At about six o'clock in the morning, Lucas wakes himself up when he unconsciously shoots a blast of PK Love at the ceiling and drops a piece of plaster on his head.  Whoops.  Hope that blast didn't bother anyone.]

A-Ah, this is Lucas!  Is everyone OK?!  Did we all make it back?!

[He didn't really think it was likely, but the thought of anyone being devoured for good by that fog was too terrible to consider.]

I'm not sure what happened there at the end.  I don't know, I'm so sorry I couldn't do more.  ...It really all happened, didn't it?  It wasn't just a strange dream?  I feel as if I've just been having nightmares for days...  Miss Natalie - Is Miss Natalie here?  Henry, you made it back with the notebook?  And... And Rin, there was that... thing we found in the house about... about the murder, right?

Have we all had a chance to recap yet?  The papers say it's already the 12th, so it must have been... two weeks.  How is everyone?  Did anything terrible happen back here?  There was the 4th, wasn't there?  That was when... all of that strange stuff happened last year.

[Lucas trails off a little, sounding a little unsure of himself.]

Ah, I'm sorry.  I shouldn't be rambling so much.  I still feel awfully... foggy.  Foggy in the head.

...Has anyone seen my paddleball?

[action, park]
[Lucas can be found standing in the park, idly practicing yo-yo tricks and staring up at the perfect blue skies.  ...Things like this were always a stark reminder not take Mayfield for granted.  It was terrible in many ways, but... well.  Clean air, food, and shelter was all anyone really needed to survive.  The sky wasn't falling apart, there weren't monsters hiding around every corner....  There weren't even chimeras or Pigmask Army soldiers to worry about.  For the majority of a month, Mayfield was, if not a perfect place to live, at least tolerable.

After an hour or so of this, Lucas will meander over to a more isolated area of the park.  The bodies weren't there anymore, he knew, but... a grave was symbolic.  To have a body interred was only the physical manifestation of what it truly meant.  He spends a few minutes quietly contemplating the two small markers he and Tiffany had erected for Samantha Achewood and Evan Olney.]

11 July 2012 @ 09:35 pm
21st Tactic  
[...the faintest memory of fog closing in on them, a horrible burning pain, and now waking with a start to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling is what welcomes Caesar back to the normal Mayfield. As normal as it is compared to the other one, at least, but it isn't a comparison he can make just yet.

He doesn't remember it, not beyond some panic-inducing nightmare which grows fainter and fainter in his memory. Memories... Where was he, anyway?

action; locked to 847 Goldberg St. )

[phone; no filters]

Hello? Is anyone there? [Caesar's talking in a hushed, uncertain voice, though not really all that panicked.] Can someone connect me to the authorities? Or at the very least tell me where I am? I think I've been kidnapped or I'm lost or...

[He's not quite sure, even though he should know better, having already been trapped in Mayfield for over a year!]

[action; the rest of town, later on in the week]

[And despite any warning about staying inside he may or may not have gotten, until his amnesia faded at the very least, Caesar can be found a day or so out and about after his confused call to the town. He may have snuck out through the window, but can you blame a guy for being curious?

He wanders aimlessly, stopping at certain places to look around and try to find anything to jog his memory. The school grounds, since it's closed itself. The park, following some half-remembered paths to places he thinks may have been old haunts, favorite trees to be in. The library gets a visit. He can even be found standing just outside the bakery, though turned to stare uneasily at the dairy instead of the other building. Even he can feel the dread about that place, though he wishes he could figure out why...

(OOC note: Caesar is back from a grisly fog-ridden death! He did not revive immediately following the end of Event: Step Right Up and has been missing a day. His penalty is full amnesia for several days. He doesn't remember his time in Mayfield or his time in his original world beyond the extent of thinking the occasional person, place, or object is vaguely familiar.)
24 June 2012 @ 02:44 pm
[action, 846 Goldberg]
[It's been a long time since he's thought about the mystery surrounding the town. In his room, Lucas removes the third drawer of his dresser, dumps all of his clothing out, and takes out the small box that he had taped to the bottom of it. He spends some time reviewing his notes before reaching for the phone. If anyone walks in on him now, it's likely that they'll find him staring at a driver's license. The name is Richard Grey.]


There are a few things I'd like to add to what's been being said over the phone lines.  Mayfield hasn't shown us anything new in a long time, so there are probably a lot of you who haven't heard this before.

Richard Grey, Evan Olney, a girl named Annie, and the man who's now Billy Smith were the first ones who tried to rebel against Mayfield.  Or... maybe they weren't the first; maybe they were just the only ones we've heard about.  There are others - Samantha Achewood was the first one to be droned.  William MacCready is the man we call the Mayor.  And the one who's really in charge of Mayfield is named Zemekis.  His first name is probably John.  There's not much we know about him except that he's in Lucy Smith's body, and he wants us all to stay in this town.  He's controlling the Milkman, too.  Or maybe the Milkman is controlling him.

These people fought their battle in a place called Westport.  They lost.  Billy Smith turned against them first, then Evan Olney betrayed them when it was just Richard and Annie left.  Evan became a man named Chief Grady, and for a long, long time, he was the one we all hated.  He carried out the dronings, he started some of the events.  Samantha Achewood became Jane Smith.  And Billy is Billy.

Both Evan and Samantha are dead now.  Samantha fought the droning and begged to die; Evan killed her out of sympathy.  Evan -- Chief Grady -- was punished by the town and killed as well.  This was just last year.  ...They're buried in the park.

If I had to guess, Annie is the town librarian.  She tried to escape last year during the April Fools' prank after fighting with Billy over the telephone, and she's the only other person who's ever talked about Richard Grey.

There are a lot of new people now -- the woman who did the surgeries, Jack Smith, the Postman.  ...And I don't think anyone ever figured out what happened to John Smith.  They might be Rick or Amy or the other people mentioned in the rest of the notes, but whatever the case, they're not on our side.  I think the Postman, at least, hates the town just as much as we do.

The really weird thing...

Richard Grey is dead.  His body was found in Westport two years ago.  This isn't the first time he's left us a message after he died, either.
23 June 2012 @ 01:12 am
zesentwintig - this time  
A - 1447 Mitchell for [personal profile] achromous 

[Canada had been back for a few truly happy weeks for Holland.  He was just so glad she was back, and Hilda too, and he'd tried to spend a lot of time with both of them, even if he was incredibly bad at telling them directly how badly he'd missed them.  He supposed it could look really pathetic, the way he enjoyed living like a human being, and not a nation.  Good thing he never really gave a damn about what others thought.

This morning, a good-morning kiss from Canada had him waking up, again, happy.  As happy as he could be in Mayfield. 

. . . that is, until she called him by that human name the town had given him.  It wasn't her.  She wasn't there, again.  After literally pushing the drone away, he'll go down the hall, long and purposeful strides giving away how worried he truly was.  

He'll stop at Hilda's door, knocking a bit too loudly, a bit too fast - desperate, really.  Please be there.]

B - The Pharmacy

[Glad, at least, that Hilda was home, he didn't want to stay in the house with Canada's drone.  While he doesn't stay at work, co-workers will notice Holland come into the pharmacy, prepare a prescription of very high strength barbiturates, then leave with them.  He will not say hello.

He'll be using them to sleep tonight, hoping the sedative will do it's job. Falling asleep alone in the house had been hard, when he thought of his housemates being droned.  But Hilda was there; he reminded himself of that often, now.]

anywhere in town

[He'll visit a few places today, walking by himself.  The flower shop, the hardware store, and he'll stop at the pet store to get a new toy for his rabbit.  He'll also look at all the other pets.  

Anything to make him feel better.  It wasn't as though he weren't used to people coming and going; he was a nation, he'd been alive for over a thousand years.  

He just really, really, really hadn't wanted Canada to be droned.  What if she didn't come back?  

If it's any indication of how much he's been affected, and how he's feeling, Holland actually looks sad and upset.  It's plain as day, right on his face, the neutral expression only trying to surface now and then when anybody talks to him.]

D - for 846 Goldberg

[There is a tall, irritated-looking nation sitting on the porch.  He hasn't knocked on the door yet.]

17 June 2012 @ 11:31 pm
tempting fate  

I'm Kumatora, and I've got a quick message for all the dumb guys out there.

And I mean just the dumb ones, 'cause here's the message: I dare ya to try messin' with me today. You can if ya want, but I'm gonna make ya regret it later. Just thought I oughta say that.

[action; around town]

[If, for whatever reason, any male (or female) inhabitants would still like to bother Kumatora, they can encounter her in a few locations:]

a) 846 Goldberg: Kumatora's daily routine includes a whole lot of nothing, typically, but family members could find her snacking on something in the kitchen, or slothing in the living room or her bedroom.

b) the park: Find her climbing trees, taking a nap, or just strolling about.

c) the streets: Find her zipping around on her bike at dangerous speeds, or see her on a little break where she'll be resting in the shade of a tree.]
15 June 2012 @ 11:41 pm
DEPLOYMENT 19: Mech Warrior  
[ACTION - A JUNE 8 (847 Goldberg, Morning, OPEN TO ALL)]

[On the morning right before the Blackwing Project virus is unleashed, Balin gets his own package in the mail, sitting right by the mailbox. He picks it up to take a look at it, realizing quickly just how heavy it is, and setting it back down again just a few steps onto the driveway.]

[If it's this heavy, it's got to be some kind of hardware he had back on the front lines ... but the town's already given him back his Series 3 shotgun, which means—]

[Balin promptly starts opening the package right then and there, tearing it open almost like a kid on Christmas. Then he puts on what's inside—pieces of armored plate and underlayers, fitting right over his usual PT uniform. Boots excepted, of course—he swaps those out with the armored ones in the package.]

Balin puts on his Mech Armor suit.

[Neighbors or passerby on the street might see him putting it on—and of course, so will the housemates, since he'll be going back inside the house to take care of a few last things before heading off to work.]

[ACTION - B JUNE 8 (Anywhere in Mayfield, Late Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's feeling a lot more like his usual self now that he has his Mech Armor suit back, and it shows. He's wearing it everywhere he goes today, whether it's working at the construction yard or on his daily physical training regimen. For anyone who's met him before—especially back during the memory corruption—Balin carries himself in a more confident way as he goes about his business.]

[ACTION - C JUNE 9 (Anywhere in Mayfield, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[When the Blackwing virus shows itself, though, it's back to business.]

[He'd heard Ciel's phone call about it, but this time, he's not going to trust Caesar to the battle nun's care. With more of his hardware and Logos Abilities in his possession than last year, Balin's a lot more confident in his ability to hold ground against something so infectious. This kind of thing is, after all, exactly why he spent so much time trying to make homebrew Claymore mines.]

[But while he does have a number of usable prototypes on hand, neither he nor Quinn have had the time to work out a control system for selectively detonating the mines from a single location. He also doesn't have the blasting supplies on hand, which means ...]

[Balin's decided to take a risk while the outbreak is in its relatively early stages to try and get blasting caps and supplies from the construction yard for rigging up to the makeshift mines he'd built at the house. He's almost certain that the town's going to turn into a war zone very quickly, which is why he's armed, armored, and dangerous. Care to prove him right?]

[ACTION - D JUNE 10-11 (Goldberg Street, Morning to Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[The Blackwing zombies may retain enough tactical skill to set up ambushes and traps, but Balin's not about to be shown up by the undead. For the infected, Goldberg Street is a deathtrap—Balin's set up the house with the rough homebrew claymore designs he'd been building and experimenting with for the past few weeks.]

[Whether you're a survivor or an infected, you might occasionally hear the sound of a Claymore detonating every now and then if you're in the area. Or you might spot Balin using his Logos Abilities and firearms to clean up the streets. And he's probably not alone in fighting them.]

[PHONE JUNE 12 (Afternoon)]

[Once it's clear that the virus has burned itself out, Balin's going to see Quinn about finishing up the perimeter defense project properly. This time though, he's going to phone ahead.]

Yo, Quinn? I gotta speak with you on somethin'. You free?
14 June 2012 @ 06:44 pm
first cut ❤ answers  
[ action ≫ 849 goldberg street ]
[ Anri is clearly much warier than she usually is-- her expression is riddled with confusion, and she has yet to figure out who (or what) has taken her away from her apartment in Ikebukuro.

The undisturbed atmosphere in the house is unsettling. Not a thing is out of place, and there's not a speck of dust to be found when she runs her finger over a shelf. Her eyebrows furrow ever so slightly at the sight of a childhood portrait on the same shelf - and the funniest thing about it is that she can't remember ever having it taken.

This isn't good. Care to fill her in?

[ phone ]

[ Not a word leaves her lips. She's not sure if anyone's actually listening, but she decides to speak anyway. ]

.. i-if I can ask, does anyone understand what's going on..? [ Because she sure as hell doesn't. ]

[ action ≫ around town ]
[ Worry has driven her out of her house and onto the streets of Mayfield, but she has no set destination and it's clear that she's got no idea where she's going. The whole 'I'm lost but I'm going to pretend everything is perfectly fine' aura is almost literally oozing from her very being.

Her gaze shifts from left to right frantically. She looks like she's searching for something - and you're not entirely wrong in saying that, because she needs answers - but she can't really put her finger on it herself.

Who can she ask? She's allowed to ask for help around here, right?
08 June 2012 @ 12:28 am
[03] Third Job  
{A: Action - Open to housemates, neighbors, and anyone else who might be walking by}
-- location: 848 Goldberg Street
-- time: Mid-morning

[Anyone within the vicinity of the Reynolds residence might notice a new fixture in the neighborhood. Precariously parked in the back yard (and leaving not a foot of space to spare) is a mid-sized transport ship that looks like it's got quite a few years on it. Several scorch marks also suggest that it's seen some excitement.

The side gate is open and anyone who's curious will see the ramp down and Mal walking back and forth, moving his personal possessions armload by armload into the ship. Looks like he's moving in.]

{B: Phone - Open to Kaylee Frye}
-- time: Mid-morning

Kaylee? Come on over. Yer captain's got a present for ya.
04 June 2012 @ 10:01 pm
DEPLOYMENT 18: The Shadow on the Sun  
AU Information and introspection under cut. )

[ACTION - A (847 Goldberg, Morning/Late Morning, HOUSEMATES/GUESTS)]

[Usually Balin would be much more focused on his project with the homebrew perimeter defense, but today his heart doesn't seem to be in it. He does tinker with it, looking over his notes while trying to find the best way to assemble a housing for the explosive charge and the payload. Maybe it's the way his eyes look a lot more unfocused—but haven't they always been that way?]

[ACTION - B (Outside 847 Goldberg, Noon, OPEN TO ALL)]

[First order of business: cleaning up the yard. After that fight Meiling and Utsuho had the other day, the yard has been a mess, with Meiling's scales and Utsuho's feathers strewn everywhere. Balin's out trying to rake up the detritus, and he's got help—in the form of Caesar, who is also affected by his own bout of memory corruption.]

[Care to stop by?]

[Note: For this prompt, responses may come from either Balin, Caesar ([personal profile] commentboxtroll), or both. Specify if you want someone specific!]

[ACTION - C (Anywhere in Mayfield, Afternoon/Evening, OPEN TO ALL)]

[Balin's still keeping to his usual physical training regimen. It may serve no purpose to stay fit for the war back home, but between Mayfield's whims and the sadistic residents, there's no reason not to stay in shape. So you might run into him around town, jogging or doing push-ups. He's also heavily armed, of course—having heard some of the genocidal declarations over the phone lines this week, if he gets caught by one of them he won't be going down without a brutal fight.]

[ACTION - D (Makeout Point, Night, OPEN TO ALL)]

[With nothing left to do for today, Balin's going to be spending some time stargazing up at Makeout Point. He's got a case of Mayfield's consumer-brand beer with him. He'd never been a heavy drinker, but the fact that he's survived death only to be a plaything to the people who run this town has overwhelmed him tonight. He might be a little drunk if you come to see what he's up to. Just a little.]
04 June 2012 @ 08:01 pm
The Unmasked Man  
[Once upon a time, two little boys saw their mother killed by a monster before their very eyes.  Sacrificing herself so that they could live, the brave woman was later avenged to some degree by the efforts of her heartbroken husband... but not before another of the boys had lost their lives.

Resurrected and controlled as a weapon by the invading army due to his immense innate PSI power, this boy would go on to fight his twin over and over again in a battle for the fate of their world itself.  In the end, his mind restored to him, he would die again at his own hand such that his twin could make an effort to revive their dying world.

...But which twin had been which?]

[Lucas's voice, slightly cold and detached as it usually is, sounds over the phone.]

...I'm tired of receiving things I've never actually owned.  There's a lot of junk clogging up my room.  I'm leaving it out in the yard in case anyone wants it.  Feel free to pay or not.

Not the Pork Bean; I can use that.  ...Though I don't know who gave it a makeover.  Not that I liked the original design very much, regardless.

[action, 846 Goldberg]
[As promised, the items sitting in Lucas's yard, among other things, include (1) one walking table, (1) one weird book filled with pictures of monsters, (1) one yo-yo, and a bunch of other toys that look unused.  He'll sit on his porch looking vaguely bored, swinging a baseball bat idly and occasionally stabbing at things with it as if it were a sword.]

[action, park]
[And whenever he's done with his yard sale, he can be found in the park smashing said bat against a tree.  He wonders how long it's going to take to get a sword and his wings back, but until then, he can at least practice fighting with a blunt weapon.  Lucas was already a formidable fighter before, but with the training he received with the Pigmask Army, he's much stronger.  His form is excellent; every step he takes seems to be smooth and coolly calculated.  It is a mark of his finesse that the tree only receives minor damage - he's practicing form here, not strength.]
02 June 2012 @ 06:43 pm
8th Protocol--[847 Goldberg and the surrounding property]  
[As hollow as her head was at times, even Utsuho couldn’t not notice the changes that had come over the town lately.

It made her realize she had been slacking in chasing intruders off of “her” territory…mostly, because she was confused as to where that was supposed to be. The old house…there was no one in it she recognized as family in it anymore. This other house had a Satori-like figure in it and was a place to get food, so it probably counted…

In any case, it was reason enough to get the hell raven perched on the roof in her humanoid form, wings spread and braced against the peak of the roof like bipods. Her crouching posture doesn’t stop her from glancing furtively down the roads whenever something goes by—a person or a car. As long as it keeps on moving—or she recognizes the person in a favorable way—things are rosy and Okuu does nothing.

It’s if whatever-it-may-be doesn’t that things might get festive, as this is obviously a challenge! And made Okuu puff up her feathers to look twice as big as she already did and hiss.

…yes, even if you just stopped at the mailbox. Or with the daily paper.

((OOC: Okuu is unaffected by any AUs.))
01 June 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Drink Count: 30 || Angel of Rock and Roll (except not really)  
He was not particularly angelic in appearance. He had dark hair and good cheekbones and the kind of smile that is usually described as 'ironic', or perhaps 'wry.' He was thin, and very, very British in a way that recalled a thousand drugged out rock stars. He wore black a lot.

He never took off his sunglasses.

A. [852 Goldberg: Morning]

[The winged being that wakes up at 852 Goldberg is certainly not the one who went to bed. Sure, he's still got his wings and dark hair. But his eyes (still hidden by sunglasses)are grey and his shoulders are hunched like he has the weight of the world on them. In a way he does. He is wearing faded black clothes (mostly denim and an old black t-shirt). He is an angel by the name of Caphriel and has been on Earth since the beginning doing everything in his power to make the world at least slightly better.

The one good thing about Mayfield is that he never has to wonder where his next meal would be coming from. He is in the kitchen leaning on the counter with a mug of tea in one hand and a slice of toast in the other.]

B. [About Town: Midday]

[Caphriel has always been a bit confused by Mayfield giving him a vintage Bentley. He had never really learned to drive, preferring to walk or bike from place to place. So the car has been sitting in the garage since it's arrival and he's continued to walk from place to place like right now.

He's enjoying the warmth of the sun on his wings as he walks and offers a wry smile to those passing by him and a wave to those he knows.]

C. [Olney's Tavern: Evening]

[The angel Caphriel is mixing and serving drinks like usual. He's much more relaxed now than he was when Zirah had been in town. Relieved even. And he greets his customers with a smirk.]

((ooc: Crowley's AU is one in which Aziraphale had been the one to fall and not Crowley. He remained an angel (Caphriel) while the demon Zirah (Aziraphale) lost his mind to the fires of hell. If you would like to read the fic I took this AU from, it's called The Sacred and the Profane.))
01 June 2012 @ 12:53 pm
20th Tactic  
au information )

[Caesar's up and about early and would have even been gone from the house just as early if he hadn't had to pick through his clothing for something suitable. When did his room become such a mess? He'll have to settle for a relatively clean pair of dark jeans and a nice black dress shirt he finds untouched in his closet. It'll be nice once Mayfield returns his own clothing, but until then... The next stop is the bathroom so he can put his scruffy red hair into order. Now there's an ordeal all on its own.

That done, he has business with the rest of the town before he heads out anywhere, so he will be lingering around the house on Goldberg.

[phone; no filters]

I wonder if anyone else has noticed a difference today. [There's a pause, but not a long one, as him noting he's suddenly younger isn't his real message today.] Not that I would expect most of you to, knowing how preoccupied you all are upon your own silly dramas.

Is anyone else tired of those yet?

I hope I'm not alone in wanting to finally do something again besides sit around fretting some more, preferably without the idiots who keep charging around trying to save the day this time... There are better options to grand heroics here, after all.