19 October 2012 @ 07:32 am
7th Relic  

I think I've waited around long enough. So I have to ask, did we just all give up? ... or are we waiting for the town to give us some answers? Do I have a plan? No... though if one speaks out, more are soon to follow, right? Heh... or is this just wishful thinking?

Do I have a plan? At this moment? No, but it doesn't mean I'm not working on one.


[Locke thought that his call was more enough of a wake up call. He had come to accept those he knew were lost to him, and it upset him greatly. Yet he couldn't dwell on it. He had gone outside and toward the street. Sitting on the curb, he had to think things over.]
20 September 2012 @ 09:54 pm
.006 Family Ties  
[A: Morning: 835 Hastings (Closed to Housemates)]

[When Al woke that morning he didn't have time to realise he wasn't in his usual house because waking was quickly followed by the realisation that he had woken at all, which meant he might have been away.

Big clanking feet dash down the stairs and out into the street at top speed, going right for where his brother should be. And still was... sort of. The black smile of a drone, the lack of any of his possessions, it all cut Al so deeply that he felt winded despite not having any lungs to lose air from. Brother... not Brother, not now.

He can't stand the sight of that empty smile and the hollow words coming out of Ed's mouth. He gives a choked sob, even if he can't cry, and runs back to the house he'd woken up in. Sorry for dashing out on you, housemates, but now you can have a very dejected looking Alphonse walking back in.]

[B: Afternoon: Phone (Open to All)]

[He starts to say something several times, but none of the words sound right. He should say something inspirational about how Ed was happier at home, something to comfort his friends.

But he can't.

In the end his voice is only barely above a whisper, small and sad.]

Brother... Edward Elric is gone.

[ooc: This entry is backdated to Al moving house and Ed leaving.]
08 August 2012 @ 06:38 pm
Action for housemate )

[Action for anyone]

[Van's gotten the basic rundown, even had the entire problem of timelines explained. Now, he's just exploring. He could probably be mistaken for Edward Elric at first glance, the same golden eyes and long gold-blond hair, but his build is different (thinner, for one thing), and he's kind of lost-looking (but not frantic, not obviously looking for anyone), and he's wearing basic Mayfield clothes but no shoes.

Maybe Ed and Al had a brother they never mentioned before.
05 August 2012 @ 05:22 pm
2.1 (first.)  
A:) early morning - Hastings Blvd; open.

[there is a woman with a light coat pulled up over her nightgown taking a few bewildered steps from her front door and toward the street. perhaps you're used to the sight of someone waking up in Mayfield for the first time and want to help? or, maybe she accidentally bumps into you where she's staring at 'her' house as she starts down the sidewalk?]

B:) late morning - phone; open.

[there's a slight and hesitant pause before Trisha starts speaking.]

Edward? Al? [a beat...] ...Winry?

Are you still-- Can you hear me?

C:) early evening - around town; open.

[having gotten her bearings and taken the time to check up on old and familiar faces, Trisha is back in her own clothing and has taken to the streets for some air. she's trying to feel out what's changed from the last time she walked the likes of Mayfield; the bitter chill of winter has gone and it seems summer is here in earnest. had it really been so long...?

she seems a little confused-- stopping to look at building storefronts before continuing along. maybe you bump into her? or are you a kind soul who cares to ask what she might be looking for?
24 July 2012 @ 11:33 am
❥ Lost her Waifu  
[ action ❥ 838 Hastings Boulevard ]
[ Keine waited around for a few hours, but Mokou never came. It was unusual, since Keine's waifu usually came for breakfast. After waiting until noon, Keine left her house and went to visit Mokou to make sure she wasn't moping... only to be invited inside by an oddly chipper Drone. After realizing what had happened, Keine politely excused herself from her neighbor's company and rushed home.

She's now sitting the front porch, dazed by her emotional overload. As much as she wants to cry, Keine is too overwhelmed to get any tears out.
] Mokou... dear, this can't be true...

[ ❥ phone ]
It... seems that Mokou dear has been... droned. I understand that there are still children in that house, yes? Miss Nitori, Miss Reimu, do let me know if you... [ she swallows back her tears, keeping her voice and expression as straight and calm as possible.  ] ... if you need anything, won't you? I welcome you both to come over for meals... I'm told the drones are not quite the preferred cooks and you know my dear Mokou...

[ She sighs, trying to distract herself from the thought of Mokou. ] That offer is open to anyone, by the way. Please let me know if I  can help you during your stay in Mayfield. My cooking is Japanese, but I can attempt any favorite recipe you'd like. I'd... appreciate being able to stay.... busy, for a while...

[ action ❥ tavern ❥ evening ]
[ Even after her phone call and trying to keep her calm, Keine can't chase away the sick depression in her chest. So she heads to the tavern, despite being exactly exhausted, and orders herself a drink. Bar goers may notice Keine sitting at the bar with a half finished drink, with her eyes finally beginning to water. ]

... It tastes so bitter... when she's not here...
15 July 2012 @ 09:44 pm
5th Relic  
Action One!
[He went out that morning, thinking he was going to be going to work, when he spotted a package. No, it wasn't just one, it was two! Not knowing what he did to deserve two packages, he simply opened them up.

Inside, was a piece of equipment that he could only tilt his head at. Studying the glove for a minute or so, he eventually places it upon his hand. On to the next package! That one, held a rather fancy looking dagger, complete with a sheath and clasp to hook upon his belt.

Well, isn't that just neat?

Action Two!
[Locke decided to take the day off, and casually walked around the town. He doesn't seem to have anywhere in particular to go, he's just enjoying himself. The fellow seems to be in a pretty good mood. Try not to ruin it, okay?]
27 June 2012 @ 08:39 am
❥collecting data  
[ ❥phone ]
I suppose it cannot be denied that something strange is going on with that carnival. I've taken a look around myself and find it all to be quite disturbing. I'd like to highly advise that anyone who has not gone yet save themselves the trouble; it is not worth it.

That said, I know many people have gone and visited the attractions. I realize it may be difficult and unpleasant to look back on it, but if you would be so kind then I would like to make a record of everyone's observations. Knowing anything, even just what prizes are won from the games, would be wonderfully helpful. If there are any useful clues in there then we will not find them without combining our viewpoints. I'd like to make this collection available publicly, if that's alright.

I am also to understand that there have been references to past... 'events' that have occurred in Mayfield. I'm told I've been here, but I've no memory. If anyone might be so kind as to fill me in, I'd be most appreciative.

For those interested, I'd like to extend an invitation to my home for the afternoon. I can provide snacks and refreshments, so please do drop by. My name is Keine Kamishirasawa.

Thank you.

[ action ❥ 838 Hastings Boulevard ]

[ Keine can be found outside on the porch, patiently waiting for visitors and waving to anyone who passes by. She's looking up at the sky, even though it's sunny. ]
Just under a week, then... if that card from the mail is to be trusted, I'll know in just under a week. [ She reaches up to tap her head and sighs. ] I suppose I should warn Locke before hand. Would the children understand? I wonder if they will even notice.

20 June 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Case File Two: Stuck in a horrible job  
[A. 839 Hastings: Clarice is picking up the mail out front when she notices one addressed to her. Curious she opens the letter and pulls out a piece of paper with.... a picture of something. She's distracted though and drops it as something seems to hit her face. A moment later she tentatively touches under her right eye...for anyone that sees her, she appears to have a strange mark ...almost like a burn there.]

[So on top of regaining her gunpowder burn, Clarice also got a message from a place calling to tell her she's going to be fired if she doesn't show up to work. ...as a secretary.]


I'm sure this is a foolish question, but is there anyway to change our jobs here? I'm a federal agent, not a secretary. 

[B. Turns out the answer is no. So Clarice is at work at a generic Mayfield office. Looking quite unhappy as she sorts papers.]

[C. Shooting range. So what do you do when you've had a bad day? Go down and practise shooting things. Which is just what she's doing now. Ignoring the male drones glares as she easily outshoots them.]
14 June 2012 @ 10:36 pm
Level 20  
[Action; 841 hastings]

[Sorry those who live here, Almaz came over to see if Mao was alright, but when he found a drone again he started going through his stuff and taking it... a good chunk of that stuff was his to begin with though, so don't get scared and think there's a thief. Or feel free to do so since this strange guy is rooting through someones stuff ready to take it.]


It's true... I didn't want to believe it with everything going on but... I don't think Mao is going to go back to normal.... Why do they do that? Why do they take them away yet leave them in... that state? It's just painful to see the people you know and care about like that.

[Action; around Mayfield]

[Almaz was not his usual upbeat self, the idea of Mao being a drone was really bothering him and it left him rather depressed. He tried to do all the things that made him feel better, like go to the comic book store, see a movie, play video games, but none of it helped.

One could find Almaz all over Mayfield today obviously bothered.
13 June 2012 @ 10:33 pm
❥ history nomming  
{ ❥ phone }
Oh dear... That was quite an eventful weekend. I hope that everyone is well and recovering now. It may be forward of me to ask, but I would like to document the events of this recent incident for future reference. If you could come tell me of your experiences, no matter how big or small you feel they were, then I would be most appreciative. I can offer tea and refreshments to repay your kindness.

And Mokou, dear? Would you join me for grocery shopping this afternoon?

{ ❥ action | Outside 838 Hastings }
[ Keine is waiting for anyone who wants to come tell her about their experiences. To keep herself busy and productive, she's also tending her house's garden. ]
Oh my... I didn't realize gardening was quite this exhausting... I hope I am doing this properly. These flowers are unfamiliar...

13 May 2012 @ 04:57 am
[001] Wake up & Action  
[Action, 841 Hastings Boulevard]

[He knows, the instant he wakes, that something isn't right. The room doesn't smell like his own, the bed doesn't feel like his and the general hum of fae activity around him is made conspicuous by its absence. Norway lies there, eyes closed, thumb and forefinger pinching firmly at his forearm to prove to himself that it isn't a dream, before he slowly opens his eyes and sits up]


[A quick glance around the room tells him he isn't alone here, and he isn't sure if he finds that comforting or a matter for concern. Still, he wastes no time in getting up and dressing, barely an eyebrow raised at the style of the clothing, and moves quietly through the house to the front door. Despite the bruise forming on his arm from the hard pinch, he's still not entirely convinced that he isn't dreaming]

[Action, around town]

[When he steps outside he lifts up a hand to shade his eyes and allows a brief display of anxiety in the way he softly bites his lower lip. He hesitates, then moves off the front porch and walks slowly down the street, just taking everything in]

08 May 2012 @ 03:34 pm
Third Song - Errand Duty  
[Action -842 Hastings Bvld - Backdated to shortly after Poison Joke]

There's a knock on your door Russia, and that girl from before (now with arms) is carrying the bag you lent her. She waits rather patiently for an answer.

[Action - Around Town]

Fi seems to be quiet today. Well- Quieter than normal. She can be spotted at numerous locations, inside or out, simply standing there. And staring.

Exactly why she is doing this is unknown, but she seems to specifically be watching drones, non drones, and their interactions to one another...

She also seems to be studying the clothing.


During my observations of this town, I have discovered that there is to be a 'prom'- I have been told it is a formal event involving dance, and have decided I will attend. However, I have also been told that it is recommended to attend with a partner- is this true?
07 May 2012 @ 02:02 pm
8 things To Fight For.  
(A. School - In Class)

[Today's class is going to be over edible plants mostly. Fang's even gotten creative and drawn things on the board (somewhat badly) to help show the difference between leaf types, leaf arrangement and root types ((figure 9-1, 9-2, 9-3 & 9-4)). There's lots of options and it seems like she's actually looked into what plants are on your planet for this lesson even! A miracle! This means she's pointing out that you need to be careful about noticing if the plants looks like they're dying, have any signs of fungal growth, avoiding plants with an almond like scent (due to possible toxin levels) - unless they're almonds, how if you run into acorns or lily rhizomes you should boil them first because the bitterness otherwise will make them inedible, don't eat mushrooms (Fang doesn't care how tasty you think they look. Don't. Eat. Them. Period.) Overall stay away from unknown plants but if you're going to be stupid get stuck in some situations where you may not have options so follow the follow edibility test. Fang is pretty laid back about all of this, but it's clearly something she's pretty knowledgable on, unlike some other classes where she might have accidently started going on about things that only existed on Gran Pulse...]

(B. School - After her class - still during school day)

[Man, some of those drone kids are dumb. So dumb. URGH. Fang wouldn't believe it was possible for anyone to be that dumb if she hadn't witnessed it with her own eyes. Either way, Fang may be wondering around the halls between classes or watching out for kids who are trying to skip class. She even ends up in the lunch room at some point. What are you doing that she needs to scold you for? ... Or perhaps she wants to get in on your shenanigan... Never can tell with this one.]

(C. Park - after school)

[Fang's out on her normal run again! Who wants to join her? She's probably invited several people with her at this point and she's always welcome to new faces joining up with her. However, as always, if you're doing something particularly odd (or you are something particularly odd) Fang of course will stop and investigate the situation. The other option in the park is she's seemed to fishing out of the pond and actually manages to walk away with one or two every day!]

(D. Flower Shop - afternoon)

[Fang's back again! This time with a dirt sample... Now where's that helpful man she talked to last time... Oh and seeds, she still needs some of those.]

(E. 841 Hastings - Out front - Late afternoon/early evening.)

[Yup, Fang's at ruining the front yard all over again. Those few holes here and there have now turned into a bunch of dirt mounds. Isn't that just awesome? And she doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon as she's working on another hole right now.]

(F. Phone - Open to all)

So what's this Prom thing? I get it's a dance but what's the point in it?

(Phone to SquidGirl) )

(Phone to Gakupo) )
07 May 2012 @ 01:55 pm
Case File One: Where am I?  
Action for housemates )

. Trying to dial 911, though she's been told the phones don't work like that.]

Hello. This is Special Agent Clarice Starling of the FBI. I need to get in touch with the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Failing that, and these phones actually don't work normally. Anyone who knows where I am. And what's going on, would be very much appreciated.

[A pause because even if she thinks it's highly unlikely.]

Doctor Lecter. If you're responsible for this. ...alright you've had your laugh. Now I'd like an explanation.


[A. Well you know the drill. A confused woman is looking around town, trying to find a way out.]

[B. Walking into the Police station. Well where else would she end up?]

Excuse me. Is anyone here?

[C. Well probably trying to buy a gun. Trying and failing. If you're nearby she'll walk over. He said she doesn't need one. Bull.]

Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know why they won't sell a gun to me, would you?
03 May 2012 @ 06:48 pm
02 ❥History Project  
[ action ❥ 838 Hastings ❥ morning ]
[ Keine is making breakfast, as she always does. Making a count of the food they have in the cabinets and fridge and preparing her weekly shopping list. In the living room, Keine has set a low table and various notebooks that she purchased using leftover money from her groceries over the past few weeks. She greets the droned kids and sends them to school with boxed lunches, leaving a lunch out for her "husband" before going to clean the house. ]

[ phone ❥ ]
Good day to you all, and my apologies for this call so early in the day. I'm rather new to "Mayfield", to be quite honest, but I know enough to have heard there have been numerous "events" and incidents over the course of everyone's stay. I'd appreciate any information I could obtain on these incidents. If you'd be so kind, and have the time to spare, please drop my house sometime before 7 in the evening. I live at 838 Hastings, and I will be sure to have tea and snacks to offer in exchange for anything you could tell me.

Thank you kindly. I certainly appreciate it.

[ action ❥ 838 Hastings ❥ all day ]
[ Keine will then spend the entire day on the front porch, only going inside to make a fresh pot of tea so she's ready for any visitors. The smell of fresh cookies and pies drifts out of the kitchen, since she had prepared snacks earlier that day and is making an extra batch for the drone children when they get home. She thumbs through a cookbook while waiting, lifting her head to wave at anyone who passes the house. ]
A good day to you! Do you have a moment to spare?

21 April 2012 @ 03:49 pm
Deception Twenty Five: Now what  
Just some thoughts )

[A. Johan is in his study and has been for some time now. Ignoring things works great right?

B. Johan is trying to clear his head with a walk in the park. ...it isn't going so well.]

[Phone: And a calm perfectly calm, not utterly upset at all, voice.]

Nina Fortner is no longer in town. That is all.

[And with that he hangs up.]
13 April 2012 @ 10:17 pm
[A - Action; 836 Hastings

the first thing Len notices as he wakes is that Rin is not beside him. that's unusual; usually whoever wakes first wakes the other too. so he opens his eyes to see--

there's a white hoof stretched out in front of him. purple hair in his eyes. and this is not Rin's room.]


[anyone still in the house can hear that shout: loud and coarse and decidedly un-Rarity-like.]

[B - Action; around Mayfield

hey look, it's Rarity! ... maybe. She's stumbling around like she's not sure how to move on four legs, her mane and tail have not been groomed to their usual impeccable coif, and she has a look of panic on her face. that's because this isn't Rarity - it's Len Kagamine, walking around in her body. heaven help him when she sees how he's handling it.]

♪ H-Hey! Someone help! What happened to me?!

((Replies will come from [personal profile] kagawhinny))
13 April 2012 @ 01:04 pm
54th Resurrection  
Action - locked to 836 Hastings residents )


[Phone call to everyone. Ms. Nina Fortner sounds uncharacteristically angry:]

Someone tell me what the fuck is going on, and how to fix it, NOW. Don't tell me I'm the only one who woke up as someone else today!


[Action: Being in the body of someone who is healthy and athletic is a big change for the sickly, chemically-dependent Theo Crawford. Maybe not physically, but mentally, he needs a cigarette. Anyone walking by the general store will see Nina there, taking a drag, making a sour face and then looking at the cigarette as if something's wrong with it. Why does it taste so strangely? Oh, right. Nina's not a smoker.]

12 April 2012 @ 07:04 pm
1st Mission: The Crapshoot  
837 Hastings; morning

(Well well well, Dante woke up in a place he's entirely unfamiliar with...and based on the pictures around the house, he's apparently married? Must've gotten drunk in Vegas again...

Though he did find it surprising that he was without any of his belongings or even his powers...

Heh...I guess this is what getting a divorce is like.

Greased Lightning Garage

(Dante's not letting something like being robbed of all of his powers get his ego down. The only thing actually getting him down is the crappy clothing selection. As such, he's showing up to work shirtless. One of the weird drone people told him that he apparently worked there, so once he arrives, he's just going to look at those ancient looking cars and scoff.)

You gotta be shitting me. It's one thing to make me entirely human, but this is the crap they want me to drive? This is crap...

Outside 837 Hastings; open to all

Not like I can't have fun with this place while I'm here, right? It'd be a crime not to!

(Says the guy who's standing on the roof of his house with an electric guitar in his hands. Anyone passing by or trying to sleep will hear some of the sickest riffs you've never heard of before. He's also managing to twirl that guitar around him as if it were a toy, all while still continuing to flawlessly play amazing guitar solos. Yeah, this guy is boss.)


(And to top off an exciting day, he's going to order what he loves most...)

Let me get a large pizza with pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage, pineapples, bacon, onions, garlic and jalapeno peppers, but no olives. Absolutely no olives; I will not be happy if I find a single olive on my pizza, got it?
06 April 2012 @ 11:42 pm

That was an interesting week, wasn't it? Eh heh... kind of glad nothing happened with me. Some of the things I saw, didn't look very fun at all. Thought the idea of pranks was supposed to get a laugh or a small chuckle.

Guess this town is just full of surprises.