18 August 2012 @ 11:08 pm
Shot 1 :: Returning  
[A. 431 Peepers Street :: Morning]

[Tyve knows something is wrong when the smell of gunpowder and the great outdoors is missing as she wakes up. Last she remembered was she was of course on the front lines in the middle of a war. This was not it. This is further confirmed by the stranger in bed with her and the pictures she obviously doesn't remember being taken. It dawns on her as she takes stock of her surroundings that she's back in Mayfield. As to why, she's not sure, but she does find comfort in the fact that she knows what she's up against.


She hopes.]

[B. Phone :: Morning :: Open]

[She's not quite sure how long she's been gone yet, but she figures she'll give this a shot.]

Hello? [There's a pause. Of course the phone should work just fine. Why was she even asking?] It appears this place has brought me back. I don't know who's still here but, this is Tyve Russell-Rasmussen speaking. [Of course it's mostly the same old Tyve...Just sounding a few years older.]

[C. Around town :: Most of the Day :: Open]

[It seems like this place has barely changed and Tyve is now about the town, visiting old friends and acquaintances and getting reacquainted with the town. While it may have been only a small amount of time gone for those in the town, it's been years for her.]
04 June 2012 @ 08:41 pm
7th shot :: magic and mayhem  
[Action :: Around Mayfield]

[No magic, no abilities. Nothing.

The full weight of being so long without these abilities is bearing on her particularly hard for some reason. These past few days have not been particularly happy for the girl (even more so than usual) and when she's not in school, she's stalking about though she seems to be mostly (fake) smiles. Occasionally she'll kick a trashcan or easily tippable object in irritation as it bubbles up, almost daring something to come and stop her. Other times she'll occasionally bump into people and snap irritably at them as if it's their fault.]

((OOC: AU information is here. Instead of living in a world that is governed by science and technology, she thinks she hails from a world where magic reigns supreme.))
28 April 2012 @ 09:32 pm
6th Shot :: a friendly reminder of home  
1. [Action :: Morning :: 727 Anderson :: Housemates]
[Tyve wonders if she's making a bad decision. After the bees and the punching glove and all manner of boxes arriving at the house after that whole pranking episode, she's avoided opening the small box that also appeared with her name on it thus far. But for some reason a curiosity tugs at her to finally see what could be in it. While it's small perhaps it's something important from home. She sits at the kitchen table staring at it before taking a deep breath and opening it.

There's a bit of a yell as Tyve doubles over in her seat, clutching her face. It's not like she was expecting to experience the feeling of getting her face sliced all over again.

And..Uh.. There's a bit of a mess. But blood should be easy to get off the linoleum, right? ]

2. [Action :: Afternoon :: Shooting range :: Open]
[It looks like the whole bleeding out of your face thing was temporary as the scar on Tyve's face seems to be back to what it was before she arrived in Mayfield. Which is to say scar-like and not bleeding all over. In any event, she's at the shooting range and probably reaching regular status here now. But anyone who's seen her before will notice the scar and that she seems agitated as she shoots at the targets. In fact her form is pretty poor and she's missing an awful lot today. Nothing like a reminder of home to cause shots to go awry.]

3. [Action :: Makeout point :: Late Afternoon :: Open ]
[It probably isn't the best of places to sulk, but Tyve couldn't figure out any other place that was at least marginally as quiet as makeout point before the evening. And she's currently sitting on a log, with her gun in it's bag next to her. She seems to be deep in thought at times, occasionally throwing pebbles over the nearest precipice or, more often than not, agitatedly punching the log she's sitting on. She's got some scrapes and bruises on her hand for her troubles.]

4. [Phone :: Open]

How do you people make it day by day when you know that it's important that you return to your own world? [She's not sure why exactly she's asking, it's not like she's looking for advice, but here she is.]
03 April 2012 @ 10:22 pm
5th Shot :: Pranks are acceptable for self-preservation  
1a. [Action :: Backdated April 2nd :: Afternoon :: Open]
[Tyve's looking kind of green and queasy and a mite spotty. She might be sitting around or she might be leaning against a wall. Tyve tried to ignore the letters but then the rashes happened. Also the spots and sickness from nowhere. She's uncharacteristically ditched classes and she's not in a good place, wandering the town.]

Pranking Fang )

Pranking Mamizou )

Pranking Nia )

Pranking Wes )
25 February 2012 @ 09:00 pm
4th Shot :: training day  
1. [Action :: Morning :: Streets of Mayfield :: Open]

[Tyve has managed to steal a nominally comfortable t-shirt and pair of pants from her drone!brother and is jogging around town. After all, exercise helps to keep a soldier (Even one who isn't full-fledged) in tip-top shape. And it gives her time to think. Feel free to run with her or ask why in gods name she's running so early in the morning.]

2. [Action :: Afternoon :: Shooting Range :: Open]

[Have a disgruntled girl dressed in a long-sleeved blouse, mid-length skirt and saddle shoes at the range today. Apparently while she was out running, drone!mom thought today was perfect for laundry and her usual uniform is in the wash. At least there's shooting to take her mind off the travesty. She's noticed a few drone stares but nothing she can't handle as she settles in and loads her rifle. She steadies herself, letting the butt rest against her shoulder and pulls the trigger. The first one is off target. Tsking at herself she adjusts the sights of the gun before shooting again. This time the bullet hits closer to the mark.

Feel free to talk to her or give her tips between shots. Just don't bring up the outfit.]

3. [Action :: Late Afternoon :: 727 Anderson :: Open]

[After a productive day of shooting, Tyve does the responsible thing and cleans out her gun. She had planned to do it in the house, but the hassle of the drones is annoying enough that she's currently on the front porch. She's humming to herself as she carefully clears out the barrel of the rifle, looking rather at ease with this activity. She won't say no to a little conversation right now if you're passing by.]

4. [Phone :: Open]

Ah, has anyone been beyond the edges of this town? I'm curious as to how large this place is. Also, how dangerous is it outside of the town? [After all, she wants to be aware of any dangers she may encounter as she continues to explore Mayfield.]
13 February 2012 @ 09:28 pm
3rd Shot :: time for feeeeelings (Forward dated to the 14th)  
1.[Action :: Mayfield High :: Open]

[Past events aside, Tyve seems to be in a particularly good mood today. She finally opened the box with her regain this weekend to find her academy uniform and she's wearing it quite proudly at the high school. Also there were some lovely flowers at the house as well. Tyve has never been taken with that sort of thing but they were so irresistible...

Anyway, she'll be normal enough to most people. Unless you're a certain person named Clover. With laser-guided precision, she's going to meet up with you and act like you're her best friend here. What? Of course you've always been best friends and it has nothing to do with the Forget-Me-Nots in Tyve's floral bouquet at home.]

2.[Action :: Throughout Mayfield :: Open]

[Have an irrationally angry blonde teenager. With her rifle. Too bad she forgot her ammo. Ooops. She has fallen violently in Lilies with a redheaded teleporter. All it took was a glance and it was all over. Anyway, you can stop her to see what's going on or to actually keep her from making any rash decisions. Or you just don't care. Or maybe you're just a spectator and watching this car wreck unfold.]

3.[Phone :: Open]

[Is it threat time? Yes.]

I would just like to make some declarations. If anyone should hassle Miss Clover, I assure you that you will find yourself at the business end of my gun. Also, Miss Charlie [ Tyve is if anything, polite even in her barely seething irrational rage. Also it's polite to know the name of your most hated enemy, right?] I am keeping my eyes out for you.

4.[Action :: 727 Anderson Lane :: Locked to Wes]

[Maybe she's been holding it in too long. Or maybe it's just Carnations. But Tyve's got a lot on her mind and she needs some parental guidance. She's knocking on the door of whatever room you're in.]

...Dad? Can we talk?
03 February 2012 @ 08:35 pm
2nd Shot :: when the war came  
1. [Action :: Outside the Hospital :: Backdated Feb.2nd ]

[Get out of the open. That's the first thing Tyve thinks of when she finds herself deposited outside the hospital. She can hardly believe the war zone Mayfield has become during her short captivity. She's visibly distressed as she sees bodies and shooting everywhere. Has the attempt to escape begun? She's running on adrenaline right now. She might try to get you to come with her when she thinks you're an ally. Or she might try to get away from you.]

2. [Action :: Feb. 2nd + Over the next Few Days :: Throughout Mayfield ]

[For better or worse Tyve still has the rifle given to her during the dairy raid. So she's running around Mayfield, ducking, rolling and doing the sorts of evasive maneuvers one tends to do during a battle in an urban environment. If you try to stop her, she might yell at you for being stupid for being in the line of sniper fire. Or she might point her gun at you. Or something else entirely. Luckily, while she's hallucinating that the rifle is loaded, it's quite empty at the moment.]

3. [ Action :: Over the next Few Days :: 727 Anderson]

[Tyve does go home everyso often. You're probably going to catch her currently on the roof of her house in a shooting position. This time however, she has real ammo as opposed to imaginary. It's hard to tell who's an enemy and who's an ally (And even that changes) so if you happen to be walking by and if she thinks you're too close, she might try shooting at you.]

((ooc: Tyve's suffering from hallucinations that Mayfield is a war zone and also partial droning. She'll be flipping between being against Mayfield or supporting Mayfield throughout. I don't intend for her to kill anyone this time around, but if you want to be injured by her shots, let me know. Otherwise, assume they miss or they're warning shots.))
18 January 2012 @ 07:44 pm
1st Shot :: There's no place like home  
[Backdated to the 16th]

Intro )

[Action :: Locked to 727 Anderson Lane]

[Having assessed the situation as hostile, have Tyve coming at you using a broom she's managed to find much like a sword. Whether you're ready or not.]

[Action :: Mayfield High :: All]

[You're approached by a new person. Who isn't these days with all these comings and goings in Mayfield? In any event, she looks sort of confused as she clutches a paper and fidgets in her dress like she's not used to wearing the thing.]

Excuse me, can you take me to this room? [She points to her clutched paper which is something that appears to be a schedule. It might be a class. It might be lunch. The long and short of it is Tyve is completely and utterly lost.]