12 October 2012 @ 01:05 pm
Phone; drone filter

Does anyone know how the town of Mayfield is connected to human computer technology? And is there anyone out there who can either grant me the usage of their computer terminal, or possesses the ability to hack and control computers on a large scale?

[After talking with Chell, she has an idea she wants to try...]
13 July 2012 @ 10:38 am
Back from Welcomefield  

1. Phone; backdated to the morning of her return

[Bazett's voice on the line sounds angrier and more panicked than those in Mayfield might be used to hearing. The new resurrection seems to have had some effects on her emotions.]

Kariya? Tohsaka? Are you here? Are you alright? Did everyone get out?

2. Phone; filtered to Hayate Yagami


[She is not sure where to begin.]

I'm sorry. I...couldn't keep my promise. I'm sorry for giving you all this grief. I'm sorry for everything...

26 May 2012 @ 09:49 pm
[It had been a week since Bazett had made her big mistake. A week since she had last spoken to Hayate. She had thought to herself whether or not she should just ignore it and let it fade from memory, since Hayate seemed to have adjusted well.]

[However, every time she is tempted to do that, she is hit by a fresh wave of guilt. Surely, Hayate was putting on an act to keep her from feeling guilty. And even if Hayate did not mind, Bazett would always remember and regret ravishing her friend and superior. Also, seeing as this is a small town, what would happen to Hayate if everyone found out Bazett's indiscretion? How much pain would she have to go through? Could she really hide like a coward and let Hayate bare the rumors and the subsequent social rejection?]

[There is no other way. Bazett would have to take responsibility. However, she has absolutely no idea on how to ask anyone out on a date, much less asking them to enter into a stable relationship. This is why she is currently putting out a call to the rest of Mayfield.]

1. Phone (public; filtered away from drones and Hayate Yagami)

...How do you ask someone on a date? Or...um...how do you ask them to be your girlfiend...?

2. Phone (private to Rin Tohsaka)

To Rin Tohsaka )

3. Phone (private to Hayate Yagami)

To Hayate Yagami )

4. Florist

[This is the second time Bazett has gone into the flower shop, but she looks even more guilty than the first time.]

Roses, roses...where are the roses?

5. Makeout Point (locked to Hayate Yagami)

[Bazett stands at the point, holding a large boquet of roses and blushing redder than a beet. She mentally goes through all her lines and actions. Tonight has to be absolutely perfect. Hayate deserved no worse.]
21 May 2012 @ 08:44 am
Backdated to End of Prom  
[1334 Benny Road - Open to Housemates]

[Morning in Benny Road. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and a pair of forms shuffled in bed. It wasn't much but Hayate had made a discovery that night before: that Bazett was comfy.

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[1334 Benny Road - Surrounding Areas]

[Hayate is humming to herself, doing the laundry. She's washed up Baz's outfit from last night and is outside in the yard hanging it up.]

I hope it didn't get ruined last night... my goodness she was such an animal...
03 May 2012 @ 11:06 pm
Prom Requests  

1. Phone to 1335 Benny

[The phone at 1335 Benny rings, but should anyone pick it up, they would only hear the click of a receiver being hung up. Again and again it does this, and only on the last try will the recipient hear anything.]

...Lancer, this is Bazett. Um...would you like...to...come to the prom with me?

[Her face is burning red and her heart is pounding as she asks the question.]

2. Phone to 1334 Benny


[This is slightly less awkward than trying to ask Lancer, but still awkward.]

I believe that it is in our best interests to go to the prom. That said...do you think you could go with me?

3. Action; all around Mayfield

[After the sheer awkwardness of the phone calls, Bazett wants to distance herself from their targets. This is why she is wandering around the various stores of Mayfield though she does not really need to buy anything. Still, she could try to see if there are any materials with which she could start setting up a workshop.]
14 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
Freaky Friday  
1. 849 Goldberg

[Ever since arriving in Mayfield, waking up feeling groggy or with a headache has become a usual experience for Bazett. Therefore, she does not notice anything wrong when she wakes up. Even when her movement feels awkward, she only shrugs and attributes it to the wrong sleeping position. Everything seems perfectly normal for her until she goes into the restroom for her morning routine.]

[That is when she notices the strange teenage girl reflected in the restroom mirror. Her first reaction is to walk up to the mirror and touch it. It seems to be a an ordinary mirror. And the background reflected in it seems to be exactly like the restroom that she is standing in. Next, she raises her arms above her head, then places them on her waist, and finally she blows a raspberry at the mirror. The girl copies all of her movements perfectly.]

[Shocked, she begins to touch her face. Her facial features had been completely changed to match the girl in the mirror. Her hands move to her hair. Like the girl in the mirror, her hair is a bit longer than that of her real body, and, if the mirror image can be believed, pink. Next, her hands move down to her body. She feels the comparatively smaller breasts and the narrower hips of the girl's still developing body. The girl does have muscles similar in development to Bazett's real body, meaning that she probably also had fighting experience.]

[She pinches herself. Twice, in fact. When she fails to wake up from the "dream", she sits down on the ground, taking deep breaths.]

[After she finally calms down, she decides to perform her usual morning routine of brushing her hair and teeth and such. When that is done, she heads downstairs to get some breakfast before trying out the abilities of this new body.]

2. School (classroom); morning

[Bazett had combed Mayfield for her allies and her original body, but found that with all the body-switching and general confusion, it was next impossible to find them. Therefore, she had gone to school. At the very least, she could probably find Tohsaka or Kirisame. Either one could be consulted as to the way to reverse this current situation.]

[The classes are not too bad. She finds that she can basically understand everything.]

[...Except when it comes to literature. Despite being a native English speaker, she is woefully unfamiliar with many of the classics of the language, as well as the specific mechanics of the grammar.]

[Therefore, she finds herself poking the student sitting in front of her.]

...What is a gerund?

3. School (lunch); noon

[Bazett has secluded herself during lunchtime, meaning to finish eating the barely edible school food as quickly as possible so she could look for Kirisame or Tohsaka.]

4. All around Mayfield; afternoon

[After school had let out, Bazett had resumed the search for her allies and her body.]

Excuse me, have you seen a caucasian woman with short red hair go by?

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05 April 2012 @ 02:52 pm
April Fools Pranks!  

April 1

All around Mayfield; Action

[Those of Mayfield's residents out on the streets will see a very strange thing. An angry woman, swearing in a mixture of Gaelic and English, is tearing down the street in only her lingerie.]


[After being pulled this way and that by the strange sensations that had started soon after her "prank" on Little Slugger, she had wandered through Mayfield, finally stopping at Tohsaka's house. A strange symbol had been painted on the driveway. She had tried to investigate it, but in the process had fallen victim to a prank. Not only that, but soon after she realized she had been pranked, her suit had disappeared, only to reappear on the prankster who had gotten her.]

[So now, she is chasing after the girl who not only humiliated her, but stole her suit. At the very least, she is determined to take her clothes back.]

[OOC: Those who reply here might also have to speak to Tony Stark, who will be accompanying her.]

April 2

1. 340 Brady Lane

Locked to Koakuma )

2. 5721 Cunningham Lane

Locked to the Courier )

3. 2240 Stevens Road

Locked to Natalie Waters )

4. 1447 Mitchell Road

Locked to Romana )
26 March 2012 @ 08:28 pm
Public Call  

Phone (public)

[Bazett had thought this through the best that she could. With the recent happenings involving Marisa and the True Ancestor, she would need to be more careful with her activities. Therefore, she decides that what she is about to do should be the best course of action. She takes a deep breath as the phone connects her with all the Mayfield households.]

My name is Bazett Fraga McRemitz....and I want to ask you a question. Do you practice any sort of magic?

20 March 2012 @ 10:29 am
March 20

1. 1130 Taylor Road (locked to housemates)

[Bazett steps into the kitchen to find something to eat. For some reason, she feels more irritable than usual. However, she just shakes her head and attributes it not getting enough sleep.]

[When she enters the kitchen, she is greeted by the sight of a sea of slime. Everything in her kitchen is coated in it. As she looks around for the possible source of the slime, a glob of it drops onto her head.]


[She frowns and wipes the disgusting substance away. Almost immediately after she finishes, she feels her mood plummet even further. She now wants nothing more than to smash everything into splinters. Only the objective knowledge that something is probably wrong with her stops her from going on another rampage.]

Damn, not this again...

[She walks into the living room and all but collapses onto the sofa, trying to calm herself down. She would need to find some way to reverse this effect as soon as possible.]

2. All around Mayfield

[Bazett has decided to go look for Ciel. While she could try to cure herself, she ran a risk of making the infection worse, like the time with the age reversing candy. As a Church member, Ciel is the only person that Bazett knows to have the medical expertise to heal her...and the power to restrain her if necessary.]

[As she heads to the Church, she can be seen either snapping at the other people on the streets or bashing some of the various animate objects.]

3. Chuch

[After some complications, Bazett has finally arrived at the Church. Instead of knocking and waiting, she slams an angry kick into the door.]

Open up!

March 21

4. All around  Mayfield (action)

[By this point, Bazett has decided that the new ghosts and ghouls are the best targets for her slime fuelled rage. She might lend anyone engaged in combat with one of the monsters a hand, but she is equally liable to turn on them for getting in her way.]
03 March 2012 @ 11:56 pm
March 3

1. 1130 Taylor Road

[After the last couple of incidents involving mind control, Bazett has started to take records of her own memories and mood. Therefore, this time, she actually realizes that something is wrong with her thoughts.]

[Her first reaction is to try locking herself in her basement. However, after two hours passed, she realized that the only difference between her current mood and usual state was that she felt a little more depressed than usual. This means that she is unlikely to go on another dangerous rampage.]

[With that thought in mind, she heads out to try to find her allies.]

2. All around Mayfield

[Bazett is quietly cursing herself for being so stupid as to use Reinforcement on herself in this state. She had thought to use it to get around town quicker, and to help purify her body of the toxins. However, she had forgotten that Reinforcement did this by boosting existing biological mechanisms. Namely, purifying her body of the toxins by cyclng them through her body at top speeds so they would be absorbed and then expelled quicker. In addition, Reinforcement enhanced the body's absorption.]

[In other words, she had gotten a maximum dosage of the youth toxin, and was now stuck as an 8 year old child. Her clothes, too loose for her, had mostly fallen off, leaving her in nothing but a blouse. She tried her best not to cry as she forced herself to adjust to her new clothing arrangements by tying the blouse at her waist with her now loosened belt and wearing it like a dress. The rest of her clothing she bundled up and carried over her shoulder.]

[What's worse, her reduced age meant that physically, she no longer remembered her combat experiences. Therefore, her crest burned against her flesh, now unadjusted to taking massive amounts of pain. She has done the best she can to numb it using runes, but it still hurts and she has to swallow tears every time her shirt brushes against her skin.]

[She is walking down the streets of Mayfield, looking hard for her allies. Given that she is distracted, she can easily bump into other people.]

3. The Park

[By night, the poison has finally cycled through her body enough for her to resume at least a teenaged appearance. Now garbed in some of her drone son's clothes, she stares out into the distance as she sits on a bench.]

What's the point...?

[She looks depressed.]

March 4

4. All around Mayfield (after this thread)

[Bazett, due to a fit of teenage stupidity, had gotten herself turned into a child again. This time, she doesn't even try to resist crying. She runs through the streets of Mayfield, sobbing and sniffling.]

Stupid! Stupid Suzumiya!

[And of course, she'll end up bumping into some people.]

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14 February 2012 @ 08:30 am
Love is Blooming Event (forward dated to 14th)  
1. 1130 Taylor Road

[Bazett had thrown out the flowers that Mayfield had left her the first two or three times. However, since the white hyacinthes kept coming back, she eventually stopped. After all, they seemed to have no effect beyond looking pretty.]

[Even on the morning of the 14th, when the flowers have had an entire night to work their influence on her, she wakes up and does not feel any obvious effects beyond feeling slightly uneasy. The flowers' sweet scent is just a little bit overwhelming. This time, instead of simply throwing the flowrs in the garbage, she uses her runes to light them on fire and does not stop until she sees that they have been reduced to ashes.]

[Even so, she feels a little wary of the effects that these flowers might have had on her. As a result, she resolves not to go outside and to simply look out her windown instead.]

[Needless to say, not even this will spare her from what is to come.]

2. Action; All Around Mayfield

[Bazett is going on a rampage, trying to hunt down all who she has deemed an obstacle to her maddened love.]

You! Get out here! Now!

[As if to intimidate her target, she smashes her fist into the closest structure, denting it.]
05 February 2012 @ 10:46 pm
1. 1130 Taylor Road

[Bazett remembers the woman digging into her skull. She remembered the hands enclosing around her brain. Then, something was being pulled from her body and her sensation suddenly cut off.]

[It had been dark. No, not so much dark as the total absence of light. Just like it had been not so much silent as it was the complete absence of sound. She had not felt anything, not even her breath or heartbeat; nor could she move. She does not know exactly how long she spent in this state, only it felt like forever.]

[Then, suddenly breaking up the monotony was pain. She supposes she must have spent too long with her senses shut off, because even this acute pain breaking out all over her body is a welcome change. What accompanies the pain is the odor of blood and the sound of her own intensified heardbeat and labored breathing.]

[She forces herself to move. If she can feel, then she should be able to move as well. To her relief, she can move all of her limbs. She draws herself to a sitting position and opens her eyes.]

[The sight of her Mayfield bedroom is, for once, a welcome sight. She is lying next to her drone husband, having bled all over the bed. There are open wounds criss-crossing her body--claw marks as if she had been attacked by an animal.]

[She has many questions, but her most important task right now is to heal herself. Dipping her fingers in her blood, she draws the necessary runes. While she is not an expert at healing spells, the rune magic induced healing is still smoother than healing through traditional magecraft.]

[Having properly healed herself and changed out of the bloody clothes, she checks the calendar and makes a call.]

2. Phone

A. Unfiltered

Can anyone tell me what happened after the morning of January 30th?

[The last time she had been droned, she had only missed 5 hours, but now, she had missed around a week.]

B. Filtered to 1335 Benny Road

Read more... )
C. Filtered to 310 Miller Street
Read more... )
2. The Park

[Bazett is sitting in the park, watching the drones and sentient people passing by. She had never realized how precious her senses were. That sensory deprived state had been worse than she could describe.]

[For now, she just wants to sit around and enjoy the fact that she can see and hear and feel again.]
02 February 2012 @ 12:42 am
Potato Chip Zombie  

1. Outside the Hospital (backdated to January 31)

[Out of all the mutilated patients who have been dumped in the hospital from the factory, there is one woman that looks out of place, even among them. Physically, she appears unscathed, except for the blood trickling down her head and face. She is smiling blankly, as if she does not notice the injuries, nor even the rest of the world around her. However, she is clearly not a drone.]

[Every once in a while, she spouts a few lines of cryptic dialogue, seemingly speaking to herself. Her hands dart around and she paces before the hospital, as if pantomiming something. Sometiems, after finishing up her dialogues, she laughs a strange, echoing laugh.]

[Those that get close enough may recognize her as Bazett, but they would be wrong. In truth, there is nothing of the "real" Bazett left in this woman. Her brain had been replaced with a potato battery powered chip playing Leave it to Beaver reruns. The thing walking around is nothing more than a zombie, a husk.]

2. Action; all around town

[Bazett, or to be more accurate, her husk, is wandering around Mayfield. Without a brain, she cannot recognize her house. Instead, her body is pantomiming the actions of the episodes being played by the chip. Blood is still pouring down her head, the wounds left untreated.]

Pot roast, potato pancakes, and what's the big idea? 

[She might invade people's houses, or assault people trying to use them to play out the latest action being shown by the chip. If anyone tries to talk to her, she will answer with quotes from the show depending on the member of the Cleaver family that she believes she is at the moment.]
24 January 2012 @ 09:34 pm
Breakdown event  

Tuesday, Five hours after raid

1. 1130 Taylor Road

[Just before she steps into bed, Bazett falls to her knees, gasping. Her memories of her home universe and Mayfield come flooding back into her mind. She shakes her head, trying to gather her thoughts. The last thing she clearly remembers is trying to punch the machine in the dairy. Everything between then and now is more or less a blank.]

[She frowns and looks down at her nightgown. She does not remember putting it on. What's more, she would not have worn such a frilly nightgown out of her own volition.]

[She rushes out of the room to check to clock and the date. She finds that she has missed five hours. Combined with the fact that she was wearing the nightgown and ready to get in bed with her drone husband, she deduces that she had been droned.]

[It makes her feel uneasy. Before this, she had thought that the droning during the previous dairy raid was bad. However, during that time, she was still able to think though she could not control her body. This time, whatever forces at work had completely overwhelmed her mind. The only reason that she knew she had been droned was because the droning had worn off.]

[The forces at work...seem stronger than she had thought.]

2. Phone; filtered from drones

Can anyone tell me what happened to the machine at the dairy? I am afraid that I was droned trying to investigate it.

3. Wednesday, outside the dairy

[Bazett is walking around the dairy, trying to see if the now locked building still contains any clues as to what the machine was. However, before she can get anything done, she doubles over in pain.]