02 June 2012 @ 07:05 pm
{Fifth Desire}  
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Well, it looks like people's tempers are becoming riled again. And here I thought we'd finally had a long enough spell of people calming down to get along decently. [Not entirely clear if Miko's serious with that or not. However, the next part does have a slightly more somber note:]

There are those of us around here that will happily lend a hand or sword, or even a soothing scripture for anyone that might think themselves in danger here.

He who lives by the Dharma is protected by the Dharma, after all.

Speaking of which; Byakuren! I think this would work better to protect the more unfortunate if I had help. Do you mind if I send them to your house?

[Christ, Miko's a Buddhist, get in the car.]

[Action; 335 Brady Lane]

[HI BYAKUREN, GUESS WHO IS DROPPING BY YOUR HOUSE. Even if the answer to that question over the phones was 'no'. Miko's the damn Crowned Prince, and Miko can do what a prince wants.]
03 April 2012 @ 07:12 pm
{fourth desire} {prankfield}  
[All days; plotting; between pranks]

For those that want to prank Miko still )

[Day two; evening; Patchouli Knowledge]

Patchouli Knowledge's prank )

[Day three; midday; Nia Teppelin]
Nia Teppelin's prank )
27 March 2012 @ 08:39 pm
{third desire}  

... It seems some people are becoming restless and causing their own trouble, and then there was that census form that went around a few days ago [That Miko totally filled out because she's a bureaucrat and that's what they do isn't that right Eiki] that I hear led to bad things last year...?

I hate to say it, but something feels very... calm before the storm. I hope others are getting this sinking sensation, as well.

I think I'll stay inside if anyone needs me. [Which means anyone who normally plays chess with her might... find themselves without her at the park]
08 March 2012 @ 07:55 pm
{Second Desire}  
[1 - Phone]

I find myself with much time on my hands of late. I wonder - is anyone out there good at games of strategy such as Go or that Chess game that is popular here in the West?

I don't mind where it might be, but I believe I'll take the chess board we have here in the house out to the park.

I suppose card games will suffice, as well. And I do have a sword if anyone enjoys sparring. [Yeah, she's just That Bored. Beware: Miko is known as a genius, so games of intellect will be a difficult prospect for others.]

[2 - Action - park/anywhere you choose]

[You want to play a game? Come meet Miko at the park, or... just about anywhere else you might want to play a game with her!]