14 July 2012 @ 12:07 pm
[Out of nowhere, you find yourself transported into the lobby at City Hall! The doors back outside are shut and impossible to open, but the room is decorated by a large banner:



Inside, a little party is waiting for you! But none of the town's more infamous characters have come out to greet you, and the door to the Mayor's office is locked up tight.

Still, it's a party just for you, so why not enjoy? You'll be transported back to your beds come morning.]

OOC: Just to be clear, there will be no clues, NPCs, plot, or mod comments to be found here. This is just a little forced socializing in honor of this bountiful round of re-apps.

Time is nebulous here; while current Mayfield residents will all be transported to the party tonight, new residents will be transported either from the night of their arrival, or directly here before their arrival! So if you haven't intro'd yet, don't worry. You can still play as long as your character has been accepted.

Also, brand new folks are welcome, too, but you may want to intro first so you won't be lost in the shuffle.

14 July 2012 @ 11:49 am
[This morning, a crisp white envelope is delivered to every mailbox in Mayfield! Your address is beautifully handwritten on it, but there seems to be no return address. Inside is a simple invitation, with no date or time written.]