03 April 2012 @ 03:14 am
][ Pranking of Belgium ][ )

][ Pranking of Mao ][ )

][ Pranking of Dynamo ][ )
][ Pranking of Olivier Armstrong ][ )

][ Action - Around Mayfield ][

[ This was probably the best day he'd ever had in Mayfield. Even if he was feeling a bit sick, he'd never seen the town come to life like this. It felt less like a prison and more like an actual place to live this way, with every so set on having fun and actually being themselves for a change. And, hell, maybe this would do some good for the town -- they seemed so jittery most of the time, like everyone was waiting for the other shoe to drop or something.

When he's not out pranking -- and it's not just his targets that he pranks today; the drones make for good practice too -- he's wandering around the town taking in the sights. Maybe he notices that someone is following him, and maybe he doesn't. Either way, he's having his fun. ]

ooc | sorry this took so long! Something came up today so I was away from the computer. If you want to backdate or forward date to your convenience, it's fine by me :D And if you want to prank Naruto in this post, just let me know and we can get right into it!
09 March 2012 @ 11:53 am
[ A - The Post Office ! ]

[ Naruto might call himself a shinobi, and there may have been some kind of vague amount of training involved in his life that allows him to call himself that, but, really? When it's all said and done, the kid who wears bright orange and black and has bright blonde hair tends to not be the stealthiest person around. He spends most of his morning trying to stake out the post office to see if he can even catch sight of what goes on inside, and he'll pester anyone he sees walking nearby for information on it if they don't run away or anything.

Do you stay around and indulge him -- Y/N? ]

[ B - Bodine Fashion ! ]

This looks so dumb...! Where're the real clothes?!

[ Naruto is currently diving through the bargain bin at an accelerated pace, and he's not liking what he's seeing. The clothes are so drab! So boring! So devoid of the vivacity and life that he's so accustomed to! And there's no orange -- it's basically a travesty in the making, and he's making a huge mess. ]

Gai-sensei wouldn't even wear this!

[ C - Goldberg Street, Building 849 ! ]

[ Tsunade, Naruto is pounding on the door to your room! ]

Oi, Granny! Open up!

[ D - Phone ! ]

[ The line is...quiet, for a moment. As if the speaker doesn't know when to start. ]

So stupid. This -- just ask! Ask!

[ He takes in a deep breath, steadying himself. Those acutely aware of what it's like to lose your father twice may have a small inkling of what hes going through right now. ]

Oi! [ He yells this, basically ] Which one of you guy'sve been here the longest?!
12 February 2012 @ 02:54 am
[ A - Goldberg Street, Building 849 ! ]

[ This is Naruto, stumbling down the stairs like he just got done being on the receiving end of one of Lee's famous Jet Li Youthful Green Beast of Konoha entrances. He looks fairly beat-up, thoroughly exhausted, and manages to just barely stick his landing by catching the floor with his face. Then he just lays there for a bit, twitching every so often that he's not making a noise somewhere between a groan and calling out for ramen.

He'll tiredly blink up at whomever finds him when he regains consciousness, and say: ]

--Did we win?

[ B - Randomly around Mayfield! ]

[ Greetings, people of Mayfield! On this fine day, whether you like it or not, you may be witness to a rather odd sight -- a blonde teenager with a silly black headband on, aged about fifteen to sixteen, darting around town like he's trying to find something. Or someone. You might also have to blink repeatedly, because there's no way that he's wearing that particular shade of orange in the daylight, and there's no way he's got fox-shaped whisker marks on his face. Those just have to be a tattoo -- and anything he says about being a ninja to whomever will listen?

Oh god, don't believe it. ]

[ C - And again, around Mayfield! ]

[ Having given up -- for the moment! -- on finding his own way out, Naruto is just walking around the streets, trying to get his bearings. At some point, a truancy officer comes up to him and starts trying to get the blonde to come with him, which of course starts and argument. Naruto says things like he doesn't need school, like he's already graduated from the academy, but the office-drone won't hear any of it, and keeps muttering something about kids these days not having any respect for their elders.

That is, he keeps saying it until Naruto grabs a conveniently placed can of paint and dumps it all over the drone. Now, cue chase scene!! ]

[ D - Down, the Neutron Diner! ]

[ After having gotten rid of the truancy officer, Naruto is still making a scene around Mayfield. This time, he's decided to go get something to eat, and lo an behold the first place he finds himself at -- that doesn't rightfully kick him out for being obnoxious -- is the Neutron. He hasn't been kicked out yet, but he's still making a scene. Loudly. ]

Whaddaya mean there's no ramen? What kind of stupid place is this?! Ramen's the best damn -- What? Huh?! No, I don't want a hamburger and ice -- what the heck are freedom fries?!

[ E - Phone ]

[ The line comes alive almost begrudgingly, like it knows the teenager handling it has no idea what he's doing. There's a few moments of silence, and sounds like Naruto's trying to figure out what the heck to do, and then, extremely loudly, he says: ]