24 April 2012 @ 03:56 am
fifth meow  
[Take a walk through the park today, and you might just find Satomi sitting on a bench with a brown cat, hers, apparently, if the fact that it's wearing a collar is any indication. It's a nice day out, so why not take the cat out to get some fresh air?

... The odd thing about this sight, though, is that occasionally, Satomi can be found talking to the cat in a series of meows, and the cat... seems to understand, and responds. For those who already know she can talk to animals, it isn't anything new, but it probably causes some people to stop and give pause. If Satomi notices, she'll simply turn to greet her newfound audience, and smile.]

Oh, good afternyan! It's a nice day out, isn't it?
22 February 2012 @ 01:04 am
fourth meow  
[action; mayfield high]

[Sometime during lunch, Satomi and Mirai are eating lunch when a drone student approaches them. Satomi's kind and friendly personality might suggest that it's maybe for help with classwork, but...]

Hey, Satomi, what are you doing hanging with this loser? You're too good to be sitting with someone like her. You should ditch her and eat lunch with us instead!

[Satomi is about to politely decline, but Mirai gets to her feet and lets the drone have it.]

What gives you the right to tell her who to hang out with, huh? You dumb drone!

Mirai-chan, be nice; The drones are people, too, you know. [To the drone:] Thank you for your offer, but I'm alright; I'm fine with sitting with Mirai-chan.

[action; around town]

[After school, Mirai and Satomi are out shopping! Satomi for her part is treating the drone shopkeepers kindly and like any normal person, but Mirai on the other hand can be occasionally found arguing with them if they say something wrong. If anyone happens to stop to stare at the two, Mirai will turn her attention to them.]

Hey! What do you think you're staring at, huh? If you have something to say to us, then say it!

[action; malt shop]

[At the end of this long day, Mirai and Satomi can be found here, Mirai sulking over the events from earlier while Satomi buys milkshakes for them both. Once the drinks are acquired and both are seated, Satomi attempts to console Mirai.]

There, there, Mirai-chan, it's alright. Don't let them get to you, hmm?

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