13 February 2012 @ 11:27 pm
A. [Action, Mayfield Elementary, February 14th.]

*Einhard's not particularly happy as she's looking around the school. After everything that had happened right when she had first gotten here, and now with everyone being, well... different, it was a lot to take in.

So there Einhard was, resting in the corner of the school cafeteria and trying to avoid some of the other children. Especially the ones who were more and more affected by whatever was causing everyone to be all weird during the last few days.

... Not that this was different from her normal behavior, but still.*

B. [Anywhere else in Mayfield, Feb. 14th after school]

*See Einhard.

See Einhard walking through Mayfield with a flying tiger plushy flying around her and growling at anyone who might even be thinking about expressing romantic feelings towards her.

Einhard sighed.*

Teo. Calm down. No one here is going to try to hurt me.

*The floating plushy will have nothing of it, still just growling for a bit. At least until it moves to land on Einhard's head and give a cute little meow.

Einhard's just going to sigh at that again.*
22 January 2012 @ 08:56 pm
A.[2242 Stevens Road]

[Einhard knew that something was wrong almost as soon as she woke up. The fact that the place that she was a rather small room had been a pretty big clue. So was the fact that she was dressed in frilly pajamas that she had never even seen before, much less worn. But unlike the last time she had woken up in an unfamiliar bed, she didn't remember challenging someone to a fight and getting beaten into unconsciousness.

She didn't spend too much time looking over at the stuff in the room that she was in as she sat up in the bed. The important thing right now was getting changed, preferably into her own clothes. Though it also didn't take her that long to realize that her clothes... weren't there. At the very least, they hadn't been left where she could easily find them.

She got out of the bed, heading over to the nearby closet and opening it, frowning at what she was. There was nothing that she could see that would be remotely comfortable to fight in if it came down to it.

She took out a blue dress and immediately got started on getting changed, not taking that long to get dressed as she started heading out of the room, looking for the way out of wherever she was.

And was immediately blindsided by seeing a photo of herself. Along with two other girls. And people who were obviously supposed to be her parents. That didn't look anything like her.

Though that wasn't the biggest, most distrubing part.

She was smiling. Not a small smile, big wide toothy-grin smile. The types of smiles that she had seen on Vivio's face a few times.]

What... what's going on here?

B. [Mayfield Public Library]

[Einhard was not in a good mood. Now that she knew that 1.) She was stuck where she had woken up as that was her "home" and 2.) had no magic, she was not in a good mood.

So she had decided to take a walk, making sure that she knew exactly how many turns she had taken to get from "home" to wherever she ended up.

Which was when she ended up standing in front of the library. She let out a sigh, not doing much at all before deciding to go ahead and walk inside it. She might as well see what type of information about this place she could get.]