20 September 2012 @ 06:59 am
5th frog-hat  
A: 1486 Kramden

[ Well, this was a bit weird. Right? Why would he get things that belonged to Bel-senpai in the mail?

Fran unbend a knife that he probably had bent before, and turn it over. ]

As always, it's such an unoriginal design..

B: On any bench in Mayfield.

[ He's sitting on a wall or a bench somewhere, humming a tune about Bloody Wonderlands and Magic to himself and there is metal gleaming between his fingers. Those knifes are not actually his, per see, but he did receive them, so basically, they are. But they're really Bel-senpai's knifes, and Fran is enjoying himself bending them together one end, the other end, to see how many times he can do it before they snap. Surprisingly, despite their slim design, they are surprisingly sturdy. Of course, this is Belphegor we're talking about – he probably think that princes deserve nothing better than the best quality. Not that Fran agrees, though. ]
13 July 2012 @ 09:34 pm
4th frog-hat  
A )) 1486 Kramden – house and porch

[ He peers into the box with interest, and tilt his head to the side when he see what it is. ]


[ And he pick out his Varia uniform from the box. And he can't help but feel pleased over the fact that the stupid frog hat Bel-senpai always force him to wear isn't there. ]

[ He's quite fast to go and change out of the Mayfiled clothes into the black, comfortable battle-wear, and when he get out on the porch to the house, he stretch; yes, these clothes are so much more comfortable. ]

B )) By a main street somewhere. After his run-in with Belphegor. (a bit bloody)

[ So he's soaked with blood. Or, soaked and soaked; he has a whole lot of cuts and stabs all over. Nothing deadly, but the deeper ones are sure to leave scars. ]

So why does he have a knife in his hand, anyway?

It's one of the knifes that were still stabbing him after he parted with Bel, and the only one he's actually bothered to pull out; because, please, do igore the knifes in his back, shoulder and leg. They don't bother him at all.

But this knife he's holding.

He is with interest – but with his usual vacant gaze – pressing it against his arm, on a patch free of wounds and free of blood – because he had wiped that part of his arm clean.

And it's with a lot of interest that he watch blood rise in the cut that don't hurt at all. ]

[ Though the smartest thing would most likely be to get some bandages or bandaid. ]

C )) Phone

Bel-senpai sure don't care about the enviromeeent. When he tried to burn me, he almost set a couple of trees on fire insteeead.
11 June 2012 @ 01:33 am
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((ooc; This post is backdated. Simply because, well, I'm an idiot. It's the day after prom and the day after Aufield. ))

A ))) Phone - Open to all - Super Backdated to after Prom

Prom was pretty fuuun.

Bel-senpaaai. Me saw Byakuran. Kissing you. Why did he do that? Do you want Me to kiss you too? [ Eeew, no thank you. ] You're not Me's type, though. So Me'll decline whatever you say. I'd rather kiss Boss. [ Though he'd probably shoot Fran if he did. ]

Oh and Mr. Tomato? I won't forget you're going to show Me that pose with the fire. Me's looking forward to that. [ Though as motivated as he sounds - which is not at all - it might be easy to think he's not really serious. But it's Fran, alright, that. ]

B ))) 1486 Kramden, front porch – Morning – open to family and passerby's

[ He's standing on the porch to his house, a package in his hands. He's turning it around curiously, inspecting the box to see if it can give any clue to it's contents. It don't seem as if it's from Bel-senpai... The guy just might send him something dangerous in an attempt at killing him. But no, he don't think it's from Bel-senpai, because he don't know Fran's address, does he?

He shrugs to himself, and decide to open the package.

The moment he does, he feel a huge loss inside of him, but he don't know why. Then it vanishes, and he feel a calm warmth settle inside of him. He blink in surprise, and flex his fingers around the box. It shifts in color, and when Fran tilt his head, it grow into huge proportions. ]


[ It seems as if he's got his powers back! ]

C ))) Phone – Late morning - Open

Mr. Tomatooo, Me got me's powers back, so f you want to, me can turn you even more into a tomato if you want to.

Me's a Top Magician agaaain. Senpaaai, want me to turn your girly fake prince tiara into lead?
03 May 2012 @ 05:47 pm
2nd Frog-Hat  
A )) Phone

Hellooooo. Me's looking for a hat, if anyone have any to spair. If possible, a high, black one. Ah, it's called a top hat, right?
Ah... Or, if you know any hat shops, Me wouldn't mind getting directions or an address to .

B )) Hat Shop - Afternoon

[ He did find his way to a shop. There were many different types of hats, but none was really the height that he wanted, and they were so... brand new..

He's picking down a hat and inspecting them closely, and either putting them back on the stand because he don't really like it, or taking it to the mirror and trying it on because he think it might be good. ]
29 April 2012 @ 01:50 pm
1st Frog-Hat  
A)) 1486 Kramden Road – Locked to not!family

[ The first thing you do normally when you notice that you wake up in a strange house would most likely be panicking, or at least trying to get an answer out of someone about where you are. Then again, Fran never does anything like normal people. So the first thing he does is not to panick, not to wonder where he is, not asking any questions. When he find his way to the kitchen, there is only one thing that he wonders. ]

Wasn't it the Idiot Long-haired Commanders turn to cook today?

[ And he sees no breakfast. ]

B)) Kramden Road – Open to passerbys (2 = locked to Belphegor)

1: [ Just looking out the window, watching the people passing, and looking the least interested in his whereabouts that's possible. ]

Good morniiiing.

2: [ There is something that suddenly catch his attention, however. And that is a certain person passing by. A person that he know. ]


C)) Phone – Open to all

Me's surprised~ Bel-senpai's here, and he got mad at me the moment he saw me. I wonder why.

Me's Fran, by the way. Me don't know why Me suddenly have the same last name as Master, but Me guess he's a bit like a mother to everyone in the Koukyo Gang, but Me's in Varia nooow, you knooow.

D)) Anywhere – Open to all

[ So he can't do Illusions. Not Normal Illusions, nor Real Illusions. Alright. That will be the most annoying to deal with. But from what he had heard, he would most likely get them back sooner or later. He did hope that he would get them sooner, though.

As for now, he's walking around, peeking with blank curiosity at all the weird people, and the weird town in general. ]