14 July 2012 @ 06:49 pm
Level 20 (Phone)  
So I guess that was the big event for this chapter. Though maybe it was something bigger than a chapter, because it seemed more important than the other events when we get rewards back. So maybe a big story event instead of just a small end of stage series? Oh! Or maybe it's reaching towards endgame content!

Ahhhh! I'm not ready for that sort of thing, that was huge! I'm only level 110! I'm not prepared for troubles that would require level 500+!

What do I do...? What should I do!?
02 June 2012 @ 02:58 pm
Level 19  
So... I guess as an Overlord I should properly take over this town or something. I can't believe I'm really the Overlord now. This is so unfair!

Um.... So, yeah! But don't worry I think I'll be a pretty nice Overlord. Not that Mao's dad wasn't nice, he seemed pretty good. I mean to do all that for your son that's pretty remarkable.

Any requests or suggestions please feel free to leave at 1766 Beaver Street.
02 May 2012 @ 10:21 pm
Level 18  
[Action A: Around 1766 Beaver Street]

[There is new purpose in Almaz' movements today, in his determination, in his goals and actions! It's hard to say what has come over him, either way he's in his yard training. Training how you ask? With a broom handle and a badly constructed scarecrow.... Seems he has a new fire to try and be a proper hero.]

[Action B: Outside the comic book store]

[Almaz has a bag full of new comics and is sitting on the sidewalk outside the store with his SSP. Seems he's playing some kind of RPG]

Ha! Take that! Two more boss fights and the last crystal particle and I'll get the true ending! And back when this came out people were complaining you couldn't get a good ending for under 300 hours. I'll do it in 150!


So... I was sort of wondering, well I was wondering a few things. First, what does it mean to be a hero? Uh... in your opinion that is. There's a lot of ways to interpret a hero, isn't there? But then if you want to be the savior and true hero hero there isn't that many ways. I guess defining what a hero is is important then.....

Oh! I was also wondering how many people here have video games. Maybe those of us who do could do some kind of swap thing? Because though I have a lot of games And a lot of them unfinished.... it's not like you can just go pre order the next new release....
17 February 2012 @ 06:34 pm
Level 17 (Phone)  
[The line is open, but for a long time all that can be heard are the sounds of someone highly embarrassed and somewhat distressed. How can you tell that's what those sounds are? Well it seems just natural to understand them as such. However do not worry, Almaz speaks up soon enough.]

I... I'm very sorry! Everyone I'm very sorry!

[He sounds incredibly pathetic.]

The other day, I... I can't really explain what came over me. I... I'll fix any bad thing I did! I'll return all the mailboxes, inflate all the tires, I'll do anything to make up for it. I give my word as a hero! or at least... one who truly admires heroes. Even if it might have been this place, it's no excuse. Please accept this most sincere of apologies.

[He sighs deeply.]


[There's a hint of dread in his voice.]

I'll return your comics Mao, you can even have some of mine! I'm sorry!
14 February 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Level 16  

Valentines day, the day of love, the day of giving chocolates to those you like and telling them your feelings.

[Somethings a bit off, Almaz isn't his usual happy self, in fact considering his normal personality the tone he has while saying these things is way off. He should be a lot more upbeat and sappy about it.]

Worthless! It's all worthless! In fact, I Almaz von Almandine Adamant the Dark Hero shall make sure to ruin all of your happy day of love! I shall take all your chocolates and eat them myself!


[Unused to trying to laugh evilly he starts to hack and cough a bit. Not wanting to look more silly he hangs up the phone.]

[Action A: Hastings Boulevard

[Almaz's first target was going to be Mao so he wasted no time heading towards his house. Along the way he did silly petty things like opening mailboxes and raising the flag when there was no outgoing mail. Take that mailman! Feel his evilness!]

[Action B: Around town]

[[Pretty much like everywhere else Almaz is attempting to do evil, though it's really pathetic evil and more like bad teenage pranks gone wrong. He might have teepeed your house, or messed with your mailbox, maybe let the air out of your tires or something else annoying but ultimately harmless.]

(OOC: Almaz is effected by the pitcher plant, do hid normal heroic tendencies have been reversed to that of demon, though he's still a Disgaea character so ultimately it's harmless.]