12 April 2012 @ 12:48 am
First Treasure  
[phone; 10:00 AM]

[What a nice, bright, beautiful day in Mayfield. I mean, who could ask for such an ideal spot to appear out of nowhere? Even though the bed isn't recognized, Gilgamesh gives no fucks. Instead he'll be hopping up right out of the bed and walking outside. Except, wait... just where is he anyways? The last thing he remembered was the war ending, and now he's here? Oh well, no reason to fret. He'll just get himself a good glass of-



Woah what the fuck.


No. Fuck this man. Game over, game over.

Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, can't access his treasury or fetch his wine made by Gods.

Rage mode? Activated. During his ranting, raving and overall stomping around his house in Mayfield he'll end up knocking the phone right off the receiver to let the entirety of the town hear his wondrous butthurt state.]

Who dared to steal the King's treasures?! Speak up now and I might just let you live, mongrel. [It's to be noted here he's yelling at his drone son who is practically terrified.] Who dared to lay their filthy hands on my things?!

[action; john doe park - 4:00 PM]

[After procuring a wine glass and some wine, given what he's forced to deal with, you can find the ex-goldie laying down on one of the park benches. His irritation knows no bounds and he's taking very reluctant sips from the glass. His red eyes are staring up at the sky and he's trying to take everything in. Feel free to bug him, splash his wine on him, or for people who know him use this opportunity to get sweet, sweet revenge on him.]
03 April 2012 @ 01:52 pm
April Fools! (backdated to April 1)  

[Gilgamesh didn't bother to fill out a census, and therefore was not entitled to participate in the prank war. However, nothing said that he couldn't pull pranks out of his own volition.]

1. All around Mayfield

[Gilgamesh will be running around, pulling various pranks. He might ring your door bell and then duck behind a bush. When you open the door, he'll jump out, yell, and make a face at you. He might have coated your house in toilet paper or spray painted pictures or lines like "ENKIDU RULZ" on your porch. He might have hung buckets of confetti above your doors so anyone unlucky enough to open the door will get a bucket of shredded paper to the face.]

2. Phone (afternoon)

[Gilgamesh clears his throat before starting to speak.]

Attention, my future subjects! This is the great and mighty GILGAMESH! You know, first hero ever, King of Heroes, Judge of the Death, etc. During my time in Mayfield, I have noticed that this place is a boring dump! And all you can do with boring dumps like these is to take it over, exploit the hell out of whatever little it has to offer, and then use it as a jump-off point for COMPLETE AND UTTER WORLD DOMINATION! What are you waiting for? The time for Revolution is NOW! Everyone who has ambitions for dominating Mayfied or finding a good way to utilize its citizens, get over to 1668 Nelson to plot with me! For all those of you legendary heroes and civilians out there who stupidly fancy themselves better heroes than me...GET OVER TO MY HOUSE AND TRY TO PUT A STOP TO MY AMBITIONS! I'll be waiting to smear your dirty faces into the ground!

[Of course, this call is 100% meant to be a prank.]

3. 1668 Nelson (afternoon)

[After having finished his phone call, Gilgamesh sits down in his living room. He's got some special pranks planned for those foolish enough to actually take his offer.]