13 July 2012 @ 01:59 pm
06. return to abnormal  
[ SCENARIO A / early morning / Phone ]

Rise and shine! Ain't no rest for the wicked and all that jazz. Hellooooo?

Okay, so. Can someone please give me the deets on what happened? Besides the obvious shit. I feel like I took the wrong drink from the wrong person. Anyone else feel like they puked up their stomach and NOT because of the deep fried food?

[ Roxy groans a bit, her head hurting and her limbs still numb. What happened in that other world? All she remembers was... darkness after a while.

A moment or two passes. ]

Jake? Once-ler? Nepeta? Birdy-boy? You out there in audio-land? Please be there..

[ SCENARIO B / mid afternoon / a bus stop in town ]

[ Sitting on a bench at a bus stop that seems to always one late, a particular blond is seen smacking her gum obnoxiously. You can find Roxy Lalonde looking a bit under the weather. Perhaps its the throbbing head ache or the tingly sensation in her limbs, but she makes due. She sits with a dark black cat near her lap. Upon further inspection, said black cat has 4 eyes -- wowzers! Pester? ]
24 June 2012 @ 09:15 pm
05. Take Me Out  
[ A / THE HOSPITAL / Backdated to June 18th ]
cut for length )

[ B / PHONE / Day of the carnival ยป Leads to carnival threads ]

Soooooooo, I need to get my mind off some shit. So, who is up for eating cotton candy til you puke and ride some bunk ass rides til they break down?

I'd like to enjoy my last day of freedom before I'm probably grounded, sooooooooo.

[ Dramatic pause. ]

Anyone up for it?
16 June 2012 @ 11:28 pm
04. Broken Parts.  
[ SCENARIO A / Neutron Diner at lunchtime / STRANGERS WELCOMED. ]

[ As the clattering of forks and spoons died down, anyone passing by would hear a few curse words off in the distance. Sitting at a lone table in a corner, Roxy Lalonde found herself holding back tears.

Figured it would take her a month -- probably because she was in no doubt 100% sober -- for her to realize the situation. She missed Janey, and Dirk, and AR! Even those weirdo trolls that bugged her. She was overthinking: wondering if her mom could be here too, since obviously death meant nothing here.

So, here's a girl with sunny blond curled hair, a polka dot dress and leather jacket, popping gum to herself in a corner with red puffy eyes. ]

Fucking stupid. I want to go home. Even if the miles are ripping the shit apart...


[ Roxy fumbles with the receiver, scratching it a bit until she finally connects the call. ]

So, I need some answers. I don't give two horse shit of who answers me, but really. Just.. just listen.

I've always heard people blab about drones but I figured they were always just born that way or some kids on bad behavior punished like a forreal slap on the butt.

But, I could have sworn I saw... a friend from my old place here. Well, kinda my place, but like a billion years in the past.

Anyway... I didn't even KNOW she was here until today. She never said hi to me. I could have sworn it was her but she was different... She didn't know shit, even her goodie two shoes speech patterns were too retro...

[ Apparently, Jane was here months upon months ago? She had no clue but when she saw a girl that looked quite similar to her in an American Lit class... that 'Jane' seemed utterly.. out of whack. It hurt, actually. ]

Dude, fuck this. I'd rather be drop kicking some aggros in SBURB then be trapped here. This isn't forreals. It's just... Is that shit possible or am I handling some unsolved mysteries? That can't be Jane.

edit: since i posted like 20 mins before event was announced, roxy can most def be affected and nice to male chars. soooo! say wassup
01 June 2012 @ 07:48 pm
AU information under cut )

[A: The Rec Center / action / ANYONE WELCOMED]

[ There's a teenaged blonde girl, bikini-clad and all, lounging in the pool. Maybe because of her snarky comments or the fact she already had blood on her hands from a tussle earlier with someone: she did not look like the nicest of people to be around. So she had the pool all to herself. Go bug her, if you daaaaaaare! ]

[B: 1650 Albright Lane / action / FAMILY]

[ Loud thumps and clanks came from the bedroom of the usually drunk daughter. Here, instead of a brightly pink room, there was a bit of darkness in the room. Dark curtains were put up and Roxy was currently standing on the edge of her night stand to hammer in some fish net decor. The allowance she got was easily spent on the tacky fisherman/aquatic decor. Fuck that, she deserved the best so why the hell wouldn't she have it? She continued to make a shit load of noise without any care, working towards making her room presentable to any guests she invited over. ]
19 May 2012 @ 09:59 pm
02. tunes & moves  
[A: the record store / action / PREVIOUS THREADERS]

[ For anyone she has spoken with about parties, she was waiting for them to show up. She saw them around a few times and decided to finally throw an offer of meeting up at the local record store.

She was planning on finding a nice selection of music for a party she hopefully would be able to work into her not-busy schedule. Her day-planner was 365 pages of empty. Roxy was simply flipping through the selection, waiting anxiously because jesus fuck, anything was better than playing hopscotch with the neighbors kids again. ]

[B: the record store / action / STRANGERS WELCOMED]

[ For any people Roxy hadn't spoken to about a party, she was just a normal blonde girl busying herself while looking through the stacks of records. She doesn't stand out much; her blond hair in loose curls and only a striped scarf abnormally hanging from her neck. It wasn't until she would speak up in disbelief, rolling her eyes in an annoyed fashion. ]

Does anyone know where the hell some sweet tunes are? Don't know if I'm blind or missing the non-stupid section. I doubt 'The Andrew Sisters' are dropping the base or anything like that.

[C: burger bonaza / action / STRANGERS WELCOMED]

[ What she wouldn't give for something cooked! Scrounging up her lunch money, she threw away the silly ham and cheese sandwiches for a chance at something good. Something American, like she read in those shitty novels her Mother wrote. A double quarter pounder with cheese was non-existent, but a Big Bonzo Burger was.

Too bad that Roxy found herself in the place was full of people on a Saturday night. She was bumping into people left and right while waiting for a table to become available. If this was what the low-class place was like, she could only imagine how roomy the snobby lounges were. ]
07 May 2012 @ 02:50 am
[action: bodine fashion]

[ Roxy has been having a bit of a problem fitting in. As she finished school for the day, it was in her best interest to find something of a good attire to wear. Stumbling upon Bodine Fashion, the girl had found a small gold mine. Or, so she believes! Roxy was busy looking through the fashions and keeps a conscious thought to the lack of funds in her pocket.

It is here, she slides towards the discount clothing rack, finding a few short skirts and ripped jackets. This was not a very successful hunt so far. Perhaps she would have to make due simply deal with the tacky dress and saddle shoes.

No. No way! It was bad enough having to pretend to be okay with the situation and lack of booze, like hell she'd dress like a mary sue. Roxy will most certainly keep looking. ]

[voice: open phone]

Okay, so, I'm really pretty much on edge, yup.

Still on the damn edge. I can't believe that someone fuckin' had the nerve to shoot a spit ball at me during school. I mean, really? That was just the beginning. I got chased by a damn dog walking home, almost took my ugly ass school bag back to it's doggy house of hell too.

No wonder I prefer cats, shit.

Best part? Scoot real close 'n shit for this.

I get home and the milk was still out on the front porch. I don't even wanna tell you what I THINK I saw.

Anyone got some advice on how to not flip my shit? Hello? Roxy Lal -- er...Rep... calling anyone. SOS. Arooooga. Mayday????

[action: front yard of 1650 Albright Lane ]
family, neighbors, passer-bys welcome!

[ Well, if you're cruising around Albright lane, you're in luck! You'll see a nicely toned blonde laying sprawled out on a red checkerboard blanket. With the sun beaming down bright, it was a perfect occasion to work on a tan, right?

Polka dot bikini and all, Roxy finds herself collecting her thoughts. If there was a damn martini available, she would sip that. Yet, legal age was a problem here and she was NOT touching the milk anytime soon. Busy daydreaming, Roxy wants a bit of company, however she would never do something lame and uncomplicated like that. So instead, she remains on the lawn, sprawled out and awaiting attention. ]