01 July 2012 @ 01:29 pm
A. [Action - Outside 456 Stone]

[It'd been nearly three whole days since Miss Elizaveta and Miss Clover had gone out. Neither one of them had mentioned how long they were going to be, but it was still a little concerning. In the whole time Austria had been here neither of them stayed away from the house too long and they always slept there at night.

Austria was perfectly capable of taking care of himself though. He'd been doing it for a few centuries after all. Miss Elizaveta was nice enough to leave some food in the house before she left so he didn't need to start scavenging or anything yet. Still, he wasn't used to being this lonely these days. Even back home he'd had Switzerland to stay with him or Hungary to beat on him.

And he'd grown to really like Miss Elizaveta especially... being alone wasn't very fun at all.

Austria will sit outside the front of the house waiting for either one of them to come home.]

B. [Phone]

[Austria had seen both Miss Elizaveta and Clover play with this thing. Clover especially liked yelling into it and sometimes it seemed like it was yelling back at her from her reaction. Maybe it would yell at him too if he talked to it!

So, getting a chair and pushing it over to where the phone is, Austria will climb up and try to work with it.]

Hallo? [Austria smacks the receiver a few times with his hand.] Halllooooo?
29 April 2012 @ 12:50 am
[A. Action - 456 Stone - Early Afternoon]

[Waking up, Austria had the feeling he'd accidentally slept much too long. It wasn't his fault though, he'd worked very hard yesterday and it had made him really tired, besides that his dream had been very nice. Still he was sure neither of those excuses would be acceptable to Switzerland.

With a yawn and clumsy rub of his eyes he rolled out of the strange bed he'd woken up in and wandered out of the unfamiliar room sleepily, not bothering to pay much attention to his new surroundings.

He had much more important things to think about, like how mad Switzerland would be at him, Austria really didn't like to disappoint him. Tomorrow to make up for he'll promise Switzerland to just wake up twice as early! That being said...


Austria didn't notice the ill placed stairs in the house until he was already tumbling down them.]

[B. Action - Around Town - Afternoon]

[So he was stuck here, huh? Mayfield was different from home...

A lot different.

But the only way to get used to it was to explore it right? So armed with a stick he found in the backyard, Austria will just poke at things around town to ascertain their dangerousness... level.

This mailbox, that car, those people:  all going to get a hesitant prod.]

[C. Action - Bakery - Late Afternoon]

[Austria's pretty much lost after walking around town. He tried to find his way back to the house he'd woken up in, but just kept going around in circles until he came to the bakery. He'll just keep his face smushed up against the glass and look at the pretty cakes until Switzerland comes to get him like he always does.]


[Except Swtizerland's not here, is he... so no one was going to come looking for him and wonder why he hadn't come home yet were they?
Tears are welling up in his eyes at just the thought. ]
21 February 2012 @ 07:45 am
❦♕❧ One  
{432 Peepers Street}

[Austria had been reluctant to open her eyes as she laid in bed. She could feel something was off from the moment she'd started to wake up. She was quite positive that she was not in her own bed, as she rolled over to bury her face in a rather stiff pillow. She reached a hand over to pet the other side of the bed, only to hit air instead of more mattress as she was used to. This was definitely not her bed.

Perhaps, she'd wandered into the wrong room in the middle of the night without realizing it. Her house had been going under continual changes and renovations as of late and she could have easily slipped back into one of the servant rooms in a sleepy daze. However, that failed to explain her change in dress. The cotton night gown she was now in felt coarse against her skin. It was a complete divergence from the soft chemise she had gone to bed in.

Opening an eye, Austria was certain that she was not in her home and this room was not to her tastes. Pink with white trim dominated every aspect of the design and her belongings were nowhere to be found, replaced with foreign looking little novelties. The closet, incredibly small, was filled with barely finished, unfashionable dresses that were in no condition to be worn cleaning, let alone out and about.

Had she possibly been kidnapped, she began to wonder? It certainly wasn't an impossible idea, but she was Austria. At another time this might have occurred daily, but not now. Not when her dominion and power stretched throughout Europe like it did. Whomever it was that had taken her hostage was obviously no ordinary individual.

Quietly she rose from the bed and made her way to the door, testing the strange doorknob. She hadn't been locked into her room, obviously her kidnapper did not mind if she roamed around on her own. Moving slowly and quietly she makes her way through-out the home. She didn't have time for this kidnapping nonsense.]

{Around Town}

[Hesitantly Austria wanders around town, continually reaching down to pull at the hem of a dress she'd found in her closet. It was much too short for her liking. A young lady's ankles and calves being visible was completely inappropriate, however she couldn't very well wander around in nothing more than a nightgown.

She could have stayed inside, but she was rather convinced there was something decidedly off about the house's other residents and she wasn't entirely sure if they were even remotely trustworthy. She needed some time alone to gather her thoughts regardless.

Tugging her hem down awkwardly again, she hoped her visit to Mayfield would be nothing more than brief.]