18 February 2012 @ 02:59 pm
[Action A: Morning; 852 Goldberg Street]

[Wilhelmina was sitting on her front porch stitching something. It looked like a dress of some sort though the size would be too small for herself. Paying attention for any amount of time would indicate that she's hand sewing an outfit. There are scraps of cloth to her side as well as materials for other things. It seems when she's done with the dress she may make a pair of shoes.]

[Action B: Afternoon; 852 Goldberg Street]

[The door is wide open, Wilhelmina herself is a mess. Her apron is burnt and stained, there's black marks on her face as well as smoke billowing out from behind her. It's almost as if there was some kind of fire inside. She seems embarrassed but otherwise her expression is hard to read.]

[Action C: Evening/night; Around Mayfield.]

[She starts off from one of the tallest structures in town, City Hall and then moves to the Church and other buildings. She uses her ribbons to glide from one to the other. She has no particular goal other than to take note of what people do at night. Understanding the routines of those within the town would better help her form plans in case there was a situation that required it. It also could give her an idea of people to be weary of as well as people she could rely on as a potential ally.]