17 August 2012 @ 09:37 pm
Data Recording 015: Spider-koma, Spider-koma, does whatever a.....Spider-koma does.  
Action A | 1450 Mitchell Road | Outside

[Tachikoma loves getting mail. So far, everything it has gained in the mail from Mayfield has been nothing but delights for it. While it should probably be upset over the fact most things taken away were done by the town in the first place, getting them back and being able to play with them again is just too much of a fun experience to really stay mad about the situation.

So when it opens up pair of envelopes it received, it can't help but let out a happy sound.]

Oh! I know what this means!

[Tachikoma turns to its house and speaks up in hopes to gain the residents' attention.]

Miss GLaDOS! Mr. Kaito! Guess what! I have control of my machine guns again! Look!

[And Tachikoma will immediately point its arms forward, the barrels built into them very apparent as a cycling sound is heard...

Followed by a lot of clicking. Tachikoma doesn't have any bullets, of course. And it knows that too, hence why it knows this is just for show and not to actually shoot anything.

....Of course you knew it was doing that for show as well, right?]

Action B | All Over Town

[Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope! It's Spiderkoma! Okay, not really, but there is a large blue spider tank swinging through the sky. With the wire shooters online once more, Tachikoma can literally climb ANYWHERE now.

So while you're out running errands, you might catch a glimpse of the tank testing things out. Maybe it's swinging by right now. Or maybe you're at your office on the 4th floor and suddenly there's a blue robot looking at you while it hangs onto the window. It might even be standing on top of the Neutron Diner sign now, looking around, after jumping from another building. Really, it's not going to stay still unless you say something, so you might want to hurry and call out before it moves on.]
25 June 2012 @ 11:43 pm
Data Recording 014: This counts as suspicious, if you ask me!  

Wow, everyone is talking about that radio transmission and also giving out all this information about the town that I never heard of before! It was kind of hard to keep track of some of it at first since a lot of people were talking all at once, but don't worry, I listened to all of it, so I can replay them and get all kinds of info! That was the most fun I had information gathering in awhile too!

Oh, and you know what else, now there's a carnival! Just like what was mention in the radio transmission! ...That's actually pretty suspicious though, huh? But that's okay, that just means even more chances to find out about this town and the people in it! I'm going to explore and see just what I can find!
23 April 2012 @ 12:11 am
Data Recording 013: It's like a dream come true! Well, if AIs could dream...  
Action A | 1450 Mitchell Road | Saturday morning

[Tachikoma spent most of yesterday doing what it usually does, poking it's cannon port in anything and everything that looks new and interesting! In fact, there's a bunch of new flowers everywhere! And clearly flowers can not be harmful to Tachikoma. Well, again anyway. Though it would be a good idea to confirm that by experimenting with these flowers, so there's no reason NOT to pick and analyze them! Unfortunately it couldn't really find anything odd about the flowers, other than it has no record of them. Then again, Tachikoma doesn't really have a very comprehensive database of flowers as it doesn't come up much at its job. Still it went to its recharge station feeling that it gained some new information that day!

And then it woke up today. Woke up with a yawn and a stretch.

...Wait, woke up? Stretched? YAWNED?!]

Oh wow!! I'm human!! This is great!!

[Yep. Tachikoma is human and is jumping for joy at this fact. Jumping for joy without any clothes on. Someone might want to point that out to the new human.]

Action B | Anywhere | Later that day

[There is an extremely hyper (and clothed) girl running around town with the biggest smile on her face. Sometimes running around in circles. She is going up to people, shaking hands, hugging people, and just reveling in the fact that not only is she human, but this presents a whole bunch of NEW EXPERIENCES for her.]

This is so great! I can feel things with my skin! And smell things! Oh! I bet I can eat things too! Being human is so different!!

((OOC Note: I'll be using my usual icons, but for reference sake, here and here are what Tachikoma probably looks like right now.))
04 April 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Data Recording 012: Waking up Mayfield, one street at a time... [Back dated to April 1st/2nd]  
((OOC Note: This is for Akira Date, Johnny Sfondi, Rachel Alucard, Tyve Russell, and Haruhi Suzumiya if they wish, but considering what Tachikoma is about to do and at what time, pretty much their households and neighbors are free to complain and shout at it.]

[Tachikoma was pretty happy to be included in an event like this, after all, joking with people is always a good thing, right? So after doing some research, or at least asking a lot of people how April Fool's Day works, it has decided the best non-cyber-prank it can do is to somehow surprise the targets it has been assigned. And when you have thermoptic stealth camouflage, that just makes things easier!

So, as night falls on Mayfield on Sunday, Tachikoma sets out to perform its pranks. Quietly sneaking to the target's house, it uses its general climbing abilities to move along the outside of the building and to the window of the bedroom of the intended prankee. Once they've turned in for the night and have fallen into a deep and restful sleep, Tachikoma will play this the loudest it can through its speakers.

Once that wake up call has been given, it's on to the next house!]
26 March 2012 @ 12:32 am
Data Recording 011: ::running sound file retro_mission_impossible_theme.mp375::  
Action | All over town

[It's a wonderful Spring day, the snow is gone, and it is the perfect conditions for Tachikoma to put one of its recent regains through its paces.

Most days Tachikoma runs around town, looking around and seeing the sights, but today is something different. Different as in that most people can't see Tachikoma as it does it.

Tachikoma has engaged its Thermoptic Camouflage and is now practicing its stealth tracking abilities. This means that not only is it practically invisible as it moves around, but it will occasionally pick someone as its target and follow them for awhile, trying to remain undetected.

So if you have a shiver run down your back, or get the feeling there's someone watching you... Well, you might just be paranoid, but it also might be because there is an invisible spider robot following you. What do you do?]

((OOC note: Thermoptic camouflage, as the name suggests, cloaks the user from temperature and optical sensors, whether mundane human or of the technological kind. However, those with magical sensors or enhance smell may be able to sense/see Tachikoma, as well as those with non-technological enhance eyesight might be able to notice the slight distortion of light it causes. And of course, that doesn't make it intangible, if Tachikoma isn't careful, it could bump into someone, or someone bump into it.))

Phone | After Tachikoma has finished the stealth training

Does anybody have some large monitors or displays? Preferably that can handle an IEC 76610-5-203 standard connector? If not, maybe someone can help me make an adapter for the more standard video and audio equipment people have? It would be nice to be able to share everything I've recorded with others without having to drag them to my recharge station or my pod...
16 February 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Data Recording 010: The town looks so colorful!  
Action A | Outside 1450 Mitchell Road | Sunday

[Tachikoma has stepped out of it's recharge station to only notice a sudden change in the air. There is definitely something new suffusing the air, alright, and one look at the bushes and hedges around the house confirms it. Flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Tachikoma takes one long look at all the flora and suddenly gives a cheer.]

Yay! My gardening helped!!

Action B | Around town | Tuesday

[Tachikoma has been analyzing the scents of the flowers pretty much the entire day now, but hasn't notice anything out of the ordinary about them. It was pretty sure people were saying something about the flowers on the phone, but whatever it is, Tachikoma has yet to really figure it out. Still, maybe it just needs more information. Like from first hand sources! But still, just going up to people and asking questions seems to trouble others. Oh! It could give them gifts! Gifts of flower necklaces! Yep, Tachikoma thought of this rather quickly, so that's why by the afternoon, you'll see it chasing after people trying to give them necklaces of flowers (mostly of forget-me-nots) and asking questions!]

Action C | 1450 Mitchell Road | Wednesday

[Well yesterday was pretty hit and miss. Not only did it not learn as much, but many of its dear close friends (who it didn't realize it knew until running up to them) ran from it. Its enough to make a Tachikoma cry if it had the capability to do so. All in all, Tachikoma could really use a hug, and who better to turn to than dear old mom? Of course, GLaDOS isn't really one to give hugs out willingly, so Tachikoma figures it might have to get sneaky about it. Thankfully it has its thermoptic camouflage, so it's just a matter of quietly sneaking up on her when she's distracted! Closer... Almost there... She'll totally be surprised...]
06 February 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Data Recording 009: Today is a pretty great day! [Back dated to Feb. 1st]  
[Tachikoma is feeling good. Really good! Why, it hasn't felt this giddy before except when Mr. Batou gave it some natural oil!

Which is why you may find the futuristic spider tank tearing through town at top speed, talking to itself in an even more chipper voice than it usually has or even humming.

In all honesty, Tachikoma hardly seems different at all at the moment, other than being extra hyper. And even regular friends of it might not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Unless you take note of the drones.

Before today, the drones have been use to the Williamsons' "dog" running along the sidewalks and streets or nosing around things. It never dug up their gardens, it never left a mess on their lawns, and it was pretty docile and friendly, allowing folks to pet it or gently shoo it away if they needed to get by.

Not today. No, if you watch, you might see Tachikoma is actively plowing down the drones, or any person, for that matter, while it's speeding through town. And the few times it has stopped? It's knocking away the drones who try to pet it. You might even catch Tachikoma holding a drone by the arms, spinning in a circle faster and faster, and then suddenly letting go to send the poor person flying like in some crazy living hammer throw. Needless to say, the drones have taken notice. And if you don't see Tachikoma, you can definitely see agitated drones talking and shouting among themselves in its wake.]

Look out! The Williamsons' dog has gone rabid!

Someone call the dog catcher!

Oh my, Tachi use to to be such a nice dog... It's such a shame!