19 April 2012 @ 09:35 pm
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I - [locked to 3475 Erwin]
[This was certainly the last place she expected to be. She was supposed to be on her boat. Her family's boat. All alone with Makoto-kun, at last. She'd never have to face trouble again.

Except, of course, this wasn't heaven. Or anything remotely close. 

Not entirely sure what is going on, the second she awakens and becomes aware of her surroundings, her self-defense mechanism goes into overdrive. Find a weapon, secure the area, make sure you're safe. Make sure he's safe, wherever he is. So as quietly as possible, she attempts to sneak into the kitchen without being noticed, grabbing the sharpest knife she can find, and goes off into the rest of the house, searching all doors and rooms. GL MINATO.]

II - [all around town]

[Maybe you're a student in the highschool. Maybe you're somewhere in the diner. Maybe you're just walking around town, bored. Because there's Kotonoha: a) sitting in the back of class, her head down and quietly shivering, b) tucked into a back booth in a waitress outfit, noticeably doing no waitressing at all, or c) absentmindedly stumbling around the town with a blank look in her eyes.]