29 August 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Patrol Twenty | Instability Abounds  
-Action A: Park-

[Olivier's been a bit on edge since waking up from her two weeks of droning, not just because the droning, but because she'd been in Mayfield for a year now, and it's getting close to that time when they locked her up in a hotel room with Yosuke for a night.]

[Those who cross her path during her morning training will find she seems to be a bit sluggish in her movements.]


This instability thing has been going on far too long. Bingo night tonight.

-Action B: Annie's Flowers-

[Usually Olivier passes the time in the shop by putting together bouquets, but not today. Today she's at the counter ignoring drone coworkers and customers while looking over a notebook in front of her.]

-Action C: General Store-

[Olivier wanders around the store, pulling random snack foods and drinks from the shelves. Have any suggestions for her?]

-Action D: 1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[After unloading her haul from the store, Olivier specifically seeks out Wes and Emmett.]

I'm holding a meeting tonight, is there anything we should focus on?

-Action E: 1671 Nelson/Underground Base-

[Olivier greets everyone at the door, but quickly ushers/points the way to the basement. Once everyone is settled, she clears her throat.]

As I mentioned on the phone, this instability has gone on too long without advancing. I'm sure it will in the next few days. We need to make plans against the next movements of the town.

[ooc: Mingling Log Here!]

07 August 2012 @ 12:45 pm
Patrol Nineteen | Not Again  
- 1671 Nelson | Locked to Housemates -

[Olivier is in the kitchen having her morning cup of coffee when she notices that the refrigerator is full of an outrageous number of casseroles and baked good, her immediate reaction is to head for the calendar, and once she sees the date, she lets out a string of curses and growls. Dare to approach, housemates?]

- A | Outside 1671 Nelson -

[After settling down enough to think straight, Olivier heads out for her morning run and training, but she is stopped short by two boxes sitting on the porch with her name on them. She opens the small one first, to find a set of white gloves, but the left one is covered in blood. She smirks a bit at them and tucks them away in her pocket.]

[She shakes the second box, and it gives a bit of a rattle. She rips it open to find a toy tank. It doesn't take her long to open the garage door and find the real tank the toy had represented.]

It's like the Postman is telling me to take action.

- B | Streets of Mayfield -

[There is a tank roving the streets, and it might just get dangerously close to you or your car before stopping. Once you're out of the way, it will continue on unless you're loud enough for the driver to hear you, or violent enough to get her attention.]

- C | John Doe Park -

[The tank is parked as close to the statue of the mayor as Olivier could get it, and she sits on top of it, staring at the statue and mumbling to herself.]

I was already droned two week, what's another few days for destroying this thing?
23 June 2012 @ 10:58 pm
Patrol Eighteen | Bingo Call  
-Phone | Filtered From Drones-

Bingo night is on in twenty minutes. I'm still trying to put together teams and we've lost a few members, so I encourage anyone interested swing by 1671 Nelson. If I have enough time, there may even be some snacks.

-Action | General Store-

[Olivier is walking through the store with the gleam of woman on a mission in her eyes. She makes a beeline for the stationary, then heads towards the soda aisle. Care to interrupt or ask if she needs help?]

-Action | 1671 Nelson-

[No need to knock, the front door is open, and she waits just inside. If she knows you, she'll greet you with a, 'Glad you made it.' If not, she'll introduce herself, 'I'm Major General Olivier Armstrong, welcome to Bingo night.']

-Action | Underground Resistance Base-

[The tables and chairs are set up in a giant rectangle again. The only thing different is an old hand carved wooden desk shoved between two tables at the head of the rectangle. True to her word, there are bowls of chips and bottles of soda scattered every so often among the tables. She stands behind the desk waiting for everyone to settle down.]

First, I apologize to everyone who has relied on me for not getting this group together even half as often as it should meet. I'm sure I could try and make excuses about this town making me crazy half the time I've been here, but nothing accounts for my complete laziness and lack of dedication that other half of the time. I'm usually able to figure my way out of any rough situations I'm put in, but this town has stumped me.

So, tonight, to keep myself in line if this town does do something strange to me after that radio broadcast, I will write down a brief history of my past and personality in a notebook, and keep it somewhere safe, giving the location of it to a handful of people in case it needs to be shown to me. I have notepads for those of you who wish to do the same.

As for the real business of this meeting, that radio broadcast seems to foreshadow good and bad. Possibly a way out, but also harm. I urge everyone to stock up on supplies and weapons as soon as you can. I will offer this base as a safe house for anyone who needs rest during anytime in the coming days. And my offer to train anyone in hand to hand combat or with weapons still stands. Although, swordsmanship is my area of expertise, and there are others here who may be better for different weapons training.

Now, does anyone have any thoughts on anything else this broadcast might have meant?

[OOC: Now with a log for mingling between those at the meeting.]
02 June 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Patrol Seventeen | Prim and Proper  
-A: 1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[Clothed in a dress and apron, Olivier is makes her rounds through the house with her cleaning robot in tow. They'll work together to make sure every inch of the house is sparkling. She'll even being doing room checks to make sure things are tidy.]

-B :Around Town-

[Those who know her, may notice that she's not in the uniform she normally wears, but a dress, and her trusted sword isn't hanging from her side. She may even seem a bit more friendly, stopping to chat on her way to work. Or, maybe a bit more judgmental, giving a critical glare to females wearing pants.]

-C: Annie's Flowers-

[There's not a new florist in town, but she certainly does act a bit more chipper as she gently puts together bright, beautiful bouquets worthy of the Armstrong name.]

-D: Rec Center-

[She's back in pants, but only long enough to get in a few. of laps on the track. Being an Armstrong meant having a great figure, and she planned on keeping. Running next to her? She might fancy race.]
23 May 2012 @ 09:20 pm
Patrol Sixteen | Pins And Needles  
-Phone | Filtered From Drones-

I need someone who is up to the task of sewing a flag for me by Monday. I'd like to be able to by what this place refers to as Memorial Day. I'd also like to commission some lighter weight versions of my uniform. It's already far warmer here than where I'm from, but I can wait a bit longer for those.

-Outside 1671 Nelson | Open-

[Olivier is standing in the front yard, hands planted on her hip as she stares at the house mumbling to herself about where might be good place to hang a flag.]

Flower Shop | Open-

[Despite the fact that there are scores of red, white, and blue flowers to make patriotic bouquets with, she is putting together bouquets of yellow, white, and plenty of greenery. Occasionally, she'll make one of blue and white, but she'll leave out the red unless someone requests it.]
14 May 2012 @ 12:14 am
Patrol Fifteen | For All Your Floral Needs! | Backdated to Mother's Day  
-Action A: 1671 Nelson/Resistance Base-

[Olivier may be avoiding the household this morning. Because of work, she knew today was a holiday, and she had no care to spend it with her now droned not!daughter fawning over her. Instead of having her morning coffee in the kitchen, she takes it down to the conference room of the base in attempt to enjoy the silence.]

[Action B: Around Town]

[After noting the odd behavior of men around town, Olivier strapped on her skates in attempt to avoid all men on her way to work. She's nearly at the flower shop when she ends up tumbling on the sidewalk as a wheel from her left roller skate breaks.]

[Action C: Flower Shop]

[Halfway through her workday, Oliver can be seen balancing on a stepladder as she attempts to take down the sign advertising for Mother's Day and hang the one advertising for prom bouquets and corsages. She's mumbling to herself irately as she juggles the banners.]

I'd rather be advertising for Armed Forces Day.
23 April 2012 @ 03:02 pm
Patrol Fourteen | Add Another Candle to the Cake  
-1671 Nelson: Locked to Housemates-

[After rushing through the house with hands over her ears the night before and barricading herself in her room over night, Olivier wastes no time in approaching her housemates in the morning.]

Tell me to make breakfast.

[Strange coming from her, sure, but she has to figure out if the effects of the flower wore off or not.]

-Action: Flower Shop-

[Her first order of business at work is to make sure all those strange flowers are gone. They had to be the root of the problem. While she's checking the window display, one of the regular drone customers knocks on the window, earning a glare from her.]

It is open, you don't have to knock on the window.

[The drone laughs and shakes her head.] I just wanted to say happy birthday, Mrs. Coxen.

[It doesn't take long before Olivier realizes most of the drones will be giving her birthday greeting, and she decides to flee to the back of the store.]

-Phone: Filtered to Ilsa-

[She decides that it's best to stick to working in the back, but while she's back there, she remembers that they finally got in the last of Ilsa's requested plants. Maybe she can have some normal conversation without anyone interrupting her with birthday wishes.]

I managed to get a hold of those things on your list.

-Action: Around Town-

[Olivier walks with her head ducked down, trying to avoid making eye contacts with drones, but it seems one calls out to her no matter how fast she walks. Every now and then, she straightens up, knowing her odd behavior will cause comment from those who know her, but it's not long before she's avoiding eye contact and picking up her pace again. She may even be careless enough to bump into people.]

-Action: Underground Base-

[She sits at the head of the conference table with a cup of steaming coffee. Anyone who happens to have made their way to the base for any business may find her sipping said coffee and staring at a broken pocket watch on the table in front of her.]

[ooc: She is lost in thought, and a sword or gun may end up pointed at anyone who tries to sneak up on her.]

13 April 2012 @ 11:11 pm

A | 1761 Nelson | Morning

[Riza woke early as per usual, but found she was freezing. Even wrapped under the blankets something didn't feel right. There was no weight in the bed next to her, and a moment of abject panic resulted in her groping under the pillow for the gun she knew was there--except it wasn't.]

[She bolted up out of bed, and caught a glance of herself in the mirror and what in the ever loving hell is going on?]

What the hell is going on?!

B | Phone | Filtered to Roy Mustang

Sir? I think we have a bit of a problem...

C | Around Town

[Hi there, Mayfield. There is a rather cross looking "General Armstrong" walking through town. Not that looking cross is unusual for her, of course, but something seems a bit off about the woman.]

[Approach? Be forewarned, she is carrying a sword.]
13 April 2012 @ 11:44 am
Patrol Thirteen | Don't Panic  
-5725 Cunningham: Locked to Roy Mustang-

[When Olivier wakes up to an arm wrapped around her and no sword hanging from her bedpost, grumpy does not begin to convey her attitude. She finds a gun under her pillow and shortly after frees herself of the man cuddling with her by delivering a blow to his stomach with her elbow. Out of the bed and standing with the gun pointed at him, she just stares in shock.]

Why the hell are you in my bed Mustang?

[And, even as she asks, she notices that those are not her hand or arms, and that fringe of bangs that is blocking her vision is not hers. This isn't her room.]


If this follows the usual patterns of the town, then not everyone will be who they appear to be today. If you're looking for Olivier Armstrong, you will have to address Riza Hawkeye.

-Phone: Filtered to Riza Hawkeye-

Hawkeye, if you bring my sword to the flower shop, I'll have your guns waiting for you. And do not put my body in a dress.

Action: Flower Shop

[No, there is not a new florist, and anyone who asks will get a glare and growl in response. If she recognizes you, she will be asking who you are. Otherwise, she will be behind the counter moping, because she would rather be wearing her uniform than these baggy pants that are hardly fitting with a belt and the tight sweater that was in Hawkeye's closet, but no, her uniform was tailored perfectly to the body of Olivier Armstrong, and would fit even more poorly than what she was currently wearing.]
04 March 2012 @ 11:41 am
Patrol Twelve | Chocolate Is A Girl's Best Friend  
-1671 Nelson: Morning: Locked to Housemates-

[Olivier had gotten a hold of and tried some of the candy floating around the night before, and now is going through her room tossing out anything that belongs to Nox, even if it's only things the town supplied.]

This is MY room, YOU can have the guest room.

-Around Town : Morning: Open-

[Look at her strangely and she'll have either a sword or pistol pointed at you.]

Gotta problem?

-Flower Shop: Open-

[She's sitting behind the counter just staring off into space as she picks the petals off a flower.]

So boring.

[One may catch her abandoning her post, or with her pistol out ready to start making the displays in the window into target practice.]

-Around Town: Late Afternoon: Open-

[She's got her skates on and is headed for the roller rink. And yes, you may have heard her wolf whistle at you. Her mother hates it when she does that, and she's sure the drones will, too.]

-Roller Rink: Open-

[She may seem to be having more than a little fun as she skates around. Dare to ask what is in that bottle in her hand?]

-1671 Nelson: Night: Locked to Housemates-

[She is trying to sneak into the house, but failing miserably in her intoxicated state. Giggling loudly as she tells the door shhhh when it squeaks at her closing it, and stumbling down the hall to her room. Catch her? Demand she get some water in her system? Leave her to suffer from a hangover the next morning?]
21 February 2012 @ 10:22 pm
Patrol Eleven | Setting The Record Straight [Backdated to the 16th]  
Phone: Filtered from drones

For anyone who met me between the time the revival machine was broken and fixed, I was not myself. Nor was I myself during that ridiculous holiday the drones around here call Valentine's Day. So don't go getting any ideas about me unless I was shoving milkweed at you. That was me.

If you'd like to meet the real me, I will be holding a bingo night at 1671 Nelson. We need to get organized. I encourage leaders of other such groups to join us. It will be for the best if we try and work together.

1671 Nelson: Locked to household

[She's going to be making sure the children of the house are all safe and ask if they have plans for the night.]

Flower Shop: Open

[She's a bit distracted today, trying, and failing, to forget everything she did under the influence of that pink goop and the flowers. It'll take a couple attempts to get her attention.]

1671 Nelson: Open

[She'll greet those she knows with a nod, and ask for names of those she doesn't know. Then, she'll whisk you away to an underground base through a tunnel hidden behind what appears to be flawless wall in the basement. The room is furnished sparsely with a group of tables that form a giant rectangle, chairs ringing the outside perimeter of it.]

Underground Base: Open

[Once everyone is settled in, she will sit on the table.]

In order to get this thing running properly, I need to be more familiar with you all. Are you experienced with battle? Are you better with defense or offense? Do you still need training? Or, are you good with intelligence and technology? Maybe first aid and healing is your thing? I'll need someone skilled in each area to take charge of those units. Once we get a proper system going, we may be able to actually make a difference.

[ooc: feel free to join in the mingle thread for the last option, or create your own, and go ahead and hit up the Resistance Roster if you'd like!]
13 February 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Patrol Ten | Flowers Suck  
-13th Morning: Locked to Household-

[Olivier stares at the bouquet on her dresser, not quite sure how the carnations got there, but she feels oddly sentimental as she passes the family portrait in the hall on the way to the kitchen.]

Hello! I know you haven't been here long, but I hope you're starting to think of us as a family.

[She's about to head out the door when she see a small box on the porch for herself. She goes back inside and opens it once the door is closed. When she does, pink glitter flies out of the box with a woosh.]


[That's all she has to say about this regain. Tsunade has helped her come to terms with the sparkles, but she's been hoping for her tank or a powerful gun.]

-13th: Morning: John Doe Park: Locked to Tsunade

[She's still got the scent of carnations skewing her point of view. And she strolls over to Tsunade with a smile.]

Care for a bit of sparring?

-13th Afternoon: Around Town: Open to All-

[And as she leaves the park, she passes by a row of plants that smell strongly of mint.]

[Suddenly every adult she passes seems very attractive, and before long she's calling out to the passers-by who don't seems like drones.]

Nice weather today, isn't it?

-13th Afternoon: Locked to Spain-

[In a moments of flirtation, she grabs a bunch of daises in a planter and hand them to Spain. Her heart skips a bit as their hands touch, and she holds back a giggle.]

Do you have any dinner plans tonight?

-14th: Flower Shop: Locked to Roy & Riza-

[Olivier growls as she spots a stray bunch of hyacinths. She'd felt strange yesterday, and preferred not to think about it. Part of her wondered if the surgery had lasting effects, while another reminded her it was Valentine's Day, something was going on.]

[A wave a jealousy washes over her as Riza walks in behind Roy.]

You're supposed to surprise the girl with flowers Mustang, not bring her shopping with you.

-14th: Everywhere: Open to All-

[She finally figured it out. It was the damn flowers. And, working in the flower shop may have made it worse, but it also helped her find the solution. She's got bunches of milkweed in one hand and a huge glass of milk in the other. She'll be approaching anyone acting strange and shoving milkweed under their nose.]

Pin that to your collar, and go get some milk from the store before you start craving it so bad you'll even drink the crap from the dairy.
28 January 2012 @ 11:38 pm
Patrol Nine | If You're Happy And You Know It...  
[Action: Outside of Hospital]

[Once she's free of the factory and left outside of the hospital, she will make sure all of her fellow patients are okay on their own.]

If any of you need help, let me know, after all there's no reason to leave a man, woman, robot, uh, fellow citizen behind! Just let me know if I can assist you!

[Action: Around Town]

[She's explored town before, but she's never really gone into all of the shops and offices, so she makes that her goal for the morning. Because of the distance she'll need to cover, she's pulled out her dusty skates and can be found skating around town humming and singing to herself as she flits in and out of said locations. Don't worry, she won't knock you over, she's got the breaks down now, or does she? She may just be too absentminded to stop soon enough. And if she bowls you over, she'll be giggling. As a matter of fact, if she wasn't humming or singing, she was already giggling.]


[When she goes home to deposit her skates before work, she notices she hasn't seen Emmett all day long, so she'll pick up the phone.]

Has anyone seen Emmett Brown today? I wonder if he was in the factory and I missed him, maybe he's there now. Has anyone seen the factory where they're performing the operations? It vanished on me!

[After a bit of giggling, she changes the subject]

Have any of you gotten flowers lately? Flowers are so pretty, everyone should get flowers sometime. I'll tell you what, because I'm feeling so happy, I'd like everyone else to be happy. I'll give everyone who comes into the Flower Shop a free flower of their choice today!

[Action: Flower Shop]

[Yes, she's in a much happier mood than normal today. Employees and anyone who walks through the door will notice her perma-grin and fits of giggles as she works with the flowers.]

[Occasionally she will be re-locating her happy self to the cooler, because, for winter, boy is it hot sometimes.]

[Olney's Tavern]

[She's having a good day, and she's gonna celebrate with a few drinks! Go ahead, encourage her to drink more and see what happens. Or notice that she can't quite sit still, her foot is tapping to the faint music in the bar and she's humming along with the tune. Just be careful, if she drinks too much she might overheat and try discarding clothing.]
23 January 2012 @ 10:15 pm
Patrol Eight | Impromptu Bingo Night (Pre-Dairy Raid)  
1671 Nelson: Locked to household

[Olivier paces up and down the hall for a few moments, gathering her thoughts on the overheard phone call. She needs to see if the kid wants to investigate, too.]


Phone: Filtered from drones

Bingo night is coming early folks. Meet at the flower shop in an hour.

Flower Shop

[Those who visited the shop in the past few days, or those who work there, will notice there have been big changes. The tables usually full of arrangements have all been cleared off and pushed into a big rectangle in the middle of the room, and there isn't a single flower in sight.]

Individual Threads

[She'll nod and greet each person who enters]

Planning/Strategy Thread(s): feel free to join in at any time

She waits until those gathered are seated and stands at the end of the table.]

Tomorrow, from three until five, we will have a chance to get inside the dairy. We need to make sure those machines stay broken. We'll enter together, but break up into groups to cover more ground.
19 January 2012 @ 12:22 pm
Patrol Seven: Olivier Wants You!  

Phone: Filtered from drones.

[After staring at her broken pocket watch a few minutes, she snaps it shut and heads for the phone.]

Any fighters left out there? How about people who want to learn to fight?

Or even those who'd rather work gathering information and keeping newcomers informed.

For those of you who were working with Sanguinius, we shared a common goal, and I see no reason why we shouldn't continue working with each other in his absence.

If you're up for joining forces and helping we can talk here or you can stop by the flower shop and ask for Olivier Armstrong.

Flower Shop

[Yes, that's right, she's eying the door while she trims stems of flowers and makes arrangements to go in the window. If she suspects you are there about her call, her eyes will follow you around the shop for a bit.]