28 November 2012 @ 09:24 pm
[Firo doesn't like believing anything Mayfield says, but when he hears the information some of the others got from Zemekis, he has trouble not believing it. Everyone else seems to accept it as truth, and from what little he can understand in all the talk about copies and simulations, the gaping glitch holes and the way Mayfield could really mess with their heads seems to back it up.

And he finds knowing he's just a copy oddly comforting. If there's a "real" him back home, then that means Ennis will stay alive no matter what happens to him in Mayfield and that business with his Family keep running as normal. Of course, that also means he's basically superfluous.

He doesn't know what he'll do now, since it seems his survival suddenly isn't as big of a priority as it once was and whatever he does probably won't mean anything. He's ready to postpone answering that question until he can fully grasp what's been going on these past months, but it suddenly doesn't matter.

Because now someone else is deciding for him.

Controlled by Mrs. Johnson, Firo's out roaming the Mayfield streets, knife in hand and ready to kill. It's one of his worst nightmares; as much as he struggles to regain control, he just can't. He thought it would come from Szilard's memories, but who's doing it doesn't matter--what matters is what they'll make him do. If he sees anyone he'll call out a warning to them:

Don't come near me! I can't stop-!
10 April 2012 @ 08:22 pm

[Firo's leaving 1246 Williams Road late in the morning when he spots his regain. Outwardly, the car's nothing too remarkable. Except that the sides are badly scratched and the windshield is mostly broken. The thing's definitely been through the wringer.]

What the-? This thing..?

[It's not even his, unless... The sudden presence of the car has Firo a little unnerved. He knows he's seen this before, and he's pretty sure it's Szilard's. That brings up a question: why did he regain it?]

The hell is goin' on here..?

[He growls and marches to the vehicle. Though this is worrying him- he's been trying to just forget about Szilard- he's going to do his best not to show it.

After a few moments of slowly circling the car, he attempts to push it into the street. It stays stubbornly in place. Passers-by might see Firo glaring resentfully at the car before kicking it in the tire. He'll be alternating between attempting to move it and anxiously examining it.

He's not Szilard, Mayfield's must just be trying to mess with him.


[A little later in the day, Firo picks up the phone. Trying to sound casual, he asks:]

Hey, have any of you ever gotten somethin' from Mayfield that's... not exactly yours?
04 April 2012 @ 09:18 pm
Five: April Fool's  
Action- locked to Bart Allen )

Action- locked to Feferi Peixes )

Action- locked to Makoto Nanaya )

Action- locked to Rika Furude )

Action- locked to Wes Janson )


[In between pranks Firo can be spotted throughout the town, carrying a stepladder and a bag for his pranking tools. A little while into the day, he starts to perk up a bit. So what if Mayfield's forcing him to act like a kid; it's actually sort of fun and the threat of the sickness gives him an excuse.

At the end of the day, he'll stop to rest on a park bench before heading home.