16 July 2012 @ 02:54 pm
1 ♥ ★ Let Me Intro One More Time ★  
[ A: Action - 628 Topper Street. ]

[ Morning, citizens of Mayfield! For those of you that are in the house, have really good ears, or are just super nosy neighbors, you might be able to see Juliet punching the stuffing out of her unfortunate drone husband. ]

This is so totally not cool and creepy. What the dick is going on?! And just what am I wearing!? [ Juliet stressfully grasps the yellow and orange hibiscus floral dress abomination that she's currently wearing. ] I mean, I like hibiscuses and all but this isn't even practical to wear! It's stuffy, and, it's shapeless!! [ Not cool. ] What will Nick think if he sees me in this! [ The horror! ]

Honey, I just want some toast and eggs for breakfast this morning! Over-easy, like usual!

I'm not your honey! I don't even know you! [ And, if her fellow housemates haven't decided to seek out the cause of the yelling, Juliet will quickly open the door (or rapidly kick it in hopes of breaking in if it's locked) and look around each room individually. Meet your new mom, Peeta. Don't worry. She's totally qualified. ]

[ B - Phone ]

What the dick is this place? Okay, first of all, the clothing here is terrible! Everything is shapeless, and I look like one of those sad lunch ladies no matter what I wear. Is there any place to get clothes that actually look good? I mean, good looking clothes is a basic necessity and it says a lot that this town can't provide them! Are they like, racist against clothing or something? Other than that, I think I like this place! I mean, so far everything looks friendly! Everyone is always smiling, and there are a bunch of nice cars! I mean, my dad would never get me a t-bird and the station wagons have so much wood on it. As much as I like it here, I definitely belong back in San Romeo. Is there some way I can get this mistake sorted out? And still keep the t-bird?

Anyways, I'm Juliet Starling! But, a lot of people think I'm a wife and mom here. I don't know where they got that from since I just turned 18 and it's not like I'm Juliet from the saddest movie ever, Romeo and Juliet. I'm from San Romero, which is some place in California. I wonder how I ended up in this place. It's so Midwestern. Anyways, if anyone has seen either a zombie, or a pink chainsaw with hearts all over it, please let me know! It's very important that I find them, and, it'd be kind of messed up if you jacked some girl's chainsaw. [ Duh. It's a shame that Juliet isn't aware how these phones in Mayfield work, and that no one is going to interject until she shuts up, but, at least she's stopped talking. For now. ]

[ C - Bodine Fashion. ]

[ If Juliet was going to function in this town and everything, she needed to find threads that didn't make her look like a runaway nun. Too bad there's nothing for her. Everything is practically the same. Long skirts that try their best to cover those scandalous ankles! Or dresses that seem as impractical to wear and somehow manage to look even uglier than Juliet's initial outfit. They're all hideously shapeless too!

Juliet hopelessly kneels as mountains of fabric and clothing pile behind her. She's definitely agitated, in case the desperate, groggy, irritated groans didn't clue anyone in. ]

This is so hopeless! [ She double checks another pink, rose decorated assault on the eyesight. ] At least the thread count is high!

[ D - The general store. ]

[ Well, the lollipop section in the store is officially missing. A crying drone kid points accusingly at Juliet, who just merrily walks on with two baskets filled with absolutely every last lollipop in Mayfield. Wise financial decisions, Juliet. Wise. ]

[ E - Anywhere in Mayfield ]

[ In the most hideous floral dress ever, Juliet walks around Mayfield to observe the town and fellow people. She'll definitely come up to you to ask you some questions.  ]

Hey! You! Stop! This is really important! [ She has a pencil and a notepad and she's not afraid to use them! ]