19 July 2012 @ 02:05 am
[ACTION: 5718 Cunningham Lane]

[Well, now that the Carnival business seems to be settled, what's there to worry about? Not much, from this Autobot's perspective.]

[Enough to where he's currently sprawled lazily in the driveway of his house, spraying off his wheels with a hose. It's not a power-washer, but it'll have to do. Plus, it sort of feels good, to get the grit and whatnot out of his tires.]

[Fortunately, he seems to be in a fairly good mood, occasionally spraying the hose up into the air, so, it looks to be a good time to approach the giant alien robot, if you so desire.]
02 June 2012 @ 09:15 pm
[action] AU Event Joint Post  
[ACTION; around town]
[Greetings, Mayfield. On this fine evening, should you be so inclined, you may witness a pair of giant alien robots moving about town. You're probably familiar with them, as they've been in town for quite some time.]

[Nothing looks immediately different about them. Except that Sideswipe seems to be leaning on Jolt a little, and moving somewhat unsteadily -- like he thinks he's unused to walking. Both their expressions seem unusually solemn, Jolt's in particular, and they don't speak much. If it's possible for robots, they somehow look older, more worn, even if there isn't a physical mark on them.]

[They seem to be moving with a set destination in mind -- toward the park -- but, if approached, will more than likely stop for the random passerby who cares to say hello.]

[ACTION; the park]
[Upon arriving at their destination, they separate, and Sideswipe begins skating in lazy circles around the park area. The solemn look on his face suddenly evaporates, as he laughs outright, picking up speed.]

[Jolt can be found watching him, under a tree, also looking much more pleased with himself.]

((ooc: joint post! Responses may come from either Jolt ([personal profile] electrowhipit) or Sideswipe, or both. Both of them have been AU'd to a very bad end.))
08 April 2012 @ 04:38 pm
[The pranks seem to have died down. His systems seem to be in decent working order finally, after that whole near-death fiasco. So, then. What else is there for a sleek, speedy Autobot to?]

[Go driving. That's what.]

[He can first be found tearing his way up and down the highway. Who cares if it goes nowhere? Right now, it's empty of traffic, and provides the perfect place to hit his top speed without worrying about the consequences. It feels fabulous.]

[But eventually, he'll slow down, and start making his way back to the house. Of course... the emotional high from driving so fast might not yet have worn off. The silver Corvette may or may not be speeding through the streets.]

[Watch where you step, Mayfield. You don't want to get run down. Do you?]
06 February 2012 @ 11:07 pm
[Action] // [Phone]  
[ACTION : 5718 Cunningham]
[Ever since the surgeries started, there has been a pile of unconscious silver armor lying in the driveway, hooked up to powerlines, batteries, and whatever else generates power. It got better after Jolt found some of the missing parts, but for the most part, he remained in stasis while everything exploded and went to hell around town.]

[Today, though?]

[Today, the silver body stirs, making quiet, groggy sounds. Systems that have laid dormant for days start booting back up again, and air cycles smoothly through his intakes. He actually moves to sit up, his optics unfocused, but strangely clear. His movements are much smoother, as well.]

[He doesn't remember half of what happened. But he's in his driveway, and there... well. There's stuff everywhere. The phone is buzzing.]

[He looks around for a few moments, before deciding sitting up is still too much effort, and flops back down again. Though it's more of a contrary sort of flop than one of real exhaustion.]

[PHONE / sometime later]

What did I miss this time...?
27 January 2012 @ 10:59 pm
[Action] // [Phone] // Early on the 28th  
[Outside the Factory / Around Town]
Cut for length )

[5718 Cunningham Lane]
Cut for length )

[It's not really a call so much as it is a clatter of the phone falling off the hook. There's the feeble sound of an engine whining, and the rough, static-y cough of damaged vocals.]


[Until a gasp is heard, and the frantic sound of metal scraping over metal.]

... Hurts.

[More silence, until the line dissolves into a dial tone.]

((ooc: Sideswipe was Experiemented On. Enjoy.))
14 January 2012 @ 01:16 am
[Despite being mechanical, Sideswipe still manages to somehow sound sleep-deprived. Tired.]

So... sound off. What just happened, and who's still functioning? Anybody know anything?

[A pause.]

Like... how about why the calender suddenly says I'm missing three days of time.

[Housemates of 5718 Cunningham can find him in the garage, peering blearily out at the street, in his robot form.]

[Afterward, he'll be driving about town, just checking things out.]