10 October 2012 @ 11:06 am
Backdated to Monday  
[ Ever since he got his viola back, he's been bringing it along ecerywhere. Really, everywhere. ]

1 : Anywhere and Open!

[ Today we are making Teru Teru Bouzu! Well, Natsuki is, at least. He found some old sheets and yarn, and is sewing while happily humming. Just look at those cute weather dolls with cute faces and cute hair styles! And hey! If you ask him, I'm sure he'll happily customize one after your wishes, friend!

This is happening at several different locations.

1: the High School, in a classroom or a corridor

2: In the park under a tree or on a bench

3: Anywhere else in Mayfield. Possibly even outside your house. ]

2 : Anywhere in Mayfield and still Open!

[ And now we're giving them out! Completely for free! He might be a bit annoying when he tries to give them to you, though. Because the guy can be pretty persistent. ]
20 September 2012 @ 06:25 am
A number of songs  

Beulah 948 – possible passer-bys are welcome by.

[ Satsuki don't put on his glasses right away this morning – those days happen, after all – and since his drone parents are yet to wake up, he goes to get the newspaper. Because even if Natsuki does not read the new except browsing for anything about music, Satsuki reads it properly.

That's when he notice that there is a package for him.

When he open it, he's returned to his room, and why is their viola packed this carelessly in a box like this? Satsuki's gonna kill those bastards if it's broken.

So, on experiment, he tries the strings, to see if they sound like they should. ]


John Doe Park – Open

[ The sound of music can be heard from a corner of the park. Natsuki just found he had gotten his viola back (finding himself already in the park, for some reason) and of course he can't refrain from playing some of the strings of music that him and Satsuki had composed.

He seems to be pretty emerged in the sounds, and at first, he won't notice if you come up. But when he pause to make a change to the music sheets, or to change page, he will notice you, and give a huge grin. ]</small>