13 July 2012 @ 11:30 pm
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 5: In need of the fashion police  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road (Family)]

[Floyd has just received two parcels in the post, both of which are near identical to the one from when he regained his ability to detach his limbs! The boy is filled with excitement as he rapidly opens both, eager to find what he has gotten back this time!!!]


[Not caring for anyone who could be around, Floyd promptly strips off (Casting a pair of underpants off at one of Kreutzer's dolls, unaware as to what kind of mayhem this could unfold later...) and changes into his hero outfit. He is not clad in a jazzy lavender lycra number. Commando. As all teen superheroes do.]

And what is in here... It's my Legion Ring!.. But why am I being given this, I just keep it in a display box at home, why would I need this?

[The less said about the one and only time the ring was used, the better. For now Floyd simply shrugs and waits for someone to come downstairs so he can barrage them with excitement over what he has just regained!]

[B - John Doe Park, Downtown (Public)]

[Having left the house for a stroll Floyd has found himself in John Doe Park. He is still insanely excited about his regains, though the only new one he has is his favourite, his superhero outfit, and has basically come to a stop in the park in a nice open space.

Right now he is currently standing with his hands on his hips, a proud smile on his face and, rather disturbingly, he is thrusting his pelvis occasionally. Even he doesn't know why, he just is. That is Floyd all over. Approach at your own risk!]
08 June 2012 @ 12:35 am
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 4: Falling to pieces  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road]

[Floyd wakes up for yet another day of madness in Mayfield. Having walked downstairs he hears a slight tap at the front door. He quickly runs and opens it but finds nobody there, just a package sitting on the porch addressed to him. He takes it inside and into the living room.]

I must be super important in Mayfield now if I am getting my very own post!

[The boy excitedly unwraps the package, and inside all he finds is what appears to be a picture of a crash test dummy missing its arms and legs.]

Oh! This must be from a fan of my superhero work! How nice of them!

[Floyd has yet to cotton on to what the photo actually means, and probably won't for a little while longer. Maybe some of his housemates will help him in figuring it out!]

[B - Front Lawn of 2239 Stevens Road, later that day]

[Following on from the earlier madness and exciting following the package Floyd has decided to cut the grass in the front garden, in his mind he is doing this to earn pocket money from his not!parents. In reality he is just a delusional idiot.

He is happily whistling a tune as he pushes the grass cutter and is blissfully unaware of anything happening outside his own mind. If anyone disturbs him it could lead to a rather shocking and humorous series of events that the person will not forget for a long time.]
13 May 2012 @ 09:17 pm
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 3: Mother's Day in Mayfield <3  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road, Sunday Morning. Mothers Day!]


[Floyd covers his mouth on realizing how loud he just shouted. He doesn't want to wake up Kreutzer before he's even entered her room after all! After a few seconds he pretty much leaves a Floyd shaped hole in her bedroom door as he star jumps into the room.]


[The poor boy clearly has no clue how much this will annoy Kreutzer, but that is Floyd for you, blindsided to logic by his good intentions!]

I brought you this breakfast of an apple! I assume like teachers Mothers like these as gifts too! But don't worry Mom I have something else for you too! But it's downstairs in Dad's private office! Don't ask me how I got in though!

[Floyd flashes back to hiding the lock he pried off earlier underneath the sofa before snapping back to now.]

So hurry and get up! I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG drinking coffee so I could finish making it for you! And I spent all the money I have gathered buying stuff to make it too! Oh and here is your card!

[Like a ninja Floyd jumps over and places one of his trademark 'Wait, a two year old didn't draw this?' pictures in front of Kreutzer. It looks kind of like her with a plate of cookies, but with Floyd it could honestly be anything.]

[B - Around Town, Later that day.]

[Floyd is out walking around town whistling happily. It seems all the men in Mayfield have suddenly started being much more considerate and embracing of the life they are currently being forced choosing to enjoy while showering the women with love and attention. Basically the men of Mayfield have started acting JUST LIKE FLOYD!!!]

I guess me being here has helped set an example... clearly all the men have realized how much of a good role model I am and have decided to act just like me!

[Yes, Floyd's ego and stupidity are just that big. But even if he's told otherwise he won't believe it, he likes to think he could make the world a better place like that!]

Who knows maybe I can help out my fellow Mayfieldians with the Mothers Day celebrations! Ah to spread happiness and love to everyone truly is a life worth living!
30 April 2012 @ 11:56 pm
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 2: School Daze  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road, Monday Morning. The Aikawa's Breakfast Table.]

But Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I don't wish to go to the local educational facility!

[You can tell by Floyd's voice he is just putting this on. He loves the idea of school and all the new friends he will meet (And no doubt inadvertently cross personnel space boundaries with) this morning.]

Being serious though, I plan to go and hug every single person I meet. Including the teachers. And the principal. And I think I have finally finished my song and dance introduction for when I get through the front doors!

[Yes. Floyd is INSANE as he normally is, perhaps more so given the ratio of new people he will meet at school. Can his not!parents talk ANY sense into the young lad???]

[B - Mayfield High, Later that morning...]


[Floyd is outside the school building as other students flow in before the bell goes. Anyone with any common sense is no doubt given him a wide birth and avoiding any form of eye contact, others however may be excited at seeing such a new and enthusiastic person in school!]

I can't wait to meet my teacher and give them the apple I picked from the floor after my father threw it at the back of my mothers head the other day! They will love it!

[Yep, and he has already mentioned the awkwardness of his home life. Two for two. Hopefully some kind person will come and take him under their wing and stop him from becoming the target of any and all bully who currently goes to the school!]
28 April 2012 @ 11:46 am
06 - Not the Father  
[Action - Jonathon's Tools]

[Hajime has decided to visit the hardware store today. He's got a bit of a home renovation project planned, and he's got a cart loaded with things like plywood, bricks, and mortar. He's also throwing in a few tools here and there for good measure, as well as screws and nails.

This might be perfectly normal and not at all cause for notice were it not for the fact that his new teenaged not!son, Floyd, has followed him into the store. You may hear him repeatedly telling Floyd to go home. Or you may hear him telling Floyd to put (insert dangerous-looking tool here) down. Or you may hear him telling Floyd that no, eating the cement is bad no matter what you saw Matter-Eater Lad back home try. He might also simply be trying to get Floyd to stop calling him "Dad."

Hajime looks like he is resisting the urge to carry out an act of great violence. Floyd looks like he's probably having the time of his life. Care to bother them?]

((OOC: This is a joint post with Floyd Belkin/Arm Fall-Off Boy. Responses will come from either one of us, and we will be threadjacking unless you specify you only want either Hajime or Floyd.))
15 April 2012 @ 04:53 am
The superfabulousawesomesauce adventures of Arm Fall Off Boy - Part 1  
[A - 2239 Stevens Road]

[Floyd awakes with a warm sensation around the edge of his mouth. Drool, the elixir of a good nights rest! He pushes himself up and stretches his arms as he shuffles out of bed before coming to a halt to rub his eyes. Having done so Floyd looks around... THIS IS NOT HIS ROOM!]

Where am I!? I don't remember going to a hotel last night...

[After a few moments Floyd begins to walk around the room and inspects it carefully. It seems like a teenagers room, but not the kind he is used to seeing on Lallor... And what is this? Pictures of him with two strange people he has never seen before, but it looks like this is a family portrait! This can't be the case, surely?]

This must surely be some trick! I never take off my hat but this is definitely me in the picture without it...

[Could this be some kind of super-villain trap!? No... I haven't really fought anyone to annoy them recently... and I STILL haven't found myself an arch nemesis... Unless this is some kind of new entrance test for the Legion!!!]


[Floyd stops himself for a moment on realizing he just shouted... But what kind of test is this? And for that matter why did his arms not fall off a moment ago on seeing the strange room and becoming nervous? He checks to be sure, and it is a fact, his abilities are gone... strange... Then what is this test about? He looks at the portrait again.]

Maybe the Legion wants to see how heroic recruits are without powers? Just around town during everyday life?

[It has not escaped Floyd's notice that out of his bedroom window is a strange housing community, not too dislike one he saw in a textbook about Earth during Universal Studies at school back on Lallor. It now dawns on Floyd that the strange people in the photo... must be his parents in this place!

Floyd becomes overjoyed at the prospect at meeting new people whom he can befriend and have a loving relationship with, and being his parents they will ADORE him and shower him with love and hugs! He runs over to the door of the room and out into the upstairs landing, quickly running down the stairs and into what appears to be the living room of this house.

Who is that over on the couch? Is that... IT IS! It's Floyd's new Dad! It looks like Dad has been sleeping on the couch and hasn't slept too well... Oh well a jolly good morning hug from his son will perk up that grumpy looking face!]

DAD! Wake up, it's me, Floyd, you son! Nice to mee-Er I mean good morning! Is it time for a hug before Mom finishes breakfast for us!?

[B - Around Town]

[Having made his Dad's day so much better just for seeing him Floyd has hit the town to explore this amazing and intriguing new place! So far he has seen a park and what looked like a playground, and has waved at several rather stiff looking people.]

My what a lovely town this is, I wonder if there is an ice cream parlor near here, they always look so yummy and taste soooo good!

[Floyd is definitely taking all this in his stride, sure he is feeling a little nervous but at the same time it is all so new and interesting! And all the new people he can meet and become friends with! It will be even easier now he won't have his limbs fall off when he gets nervous, it's almost like a dream come true for the young lad.]