16 January 2012 @ 11:33 pm
01: Blank Slate  
†01「Locked to 336 Brady」
[Waking up in a bed in a room full of things he didn't recognize, clothes he didn't remember owning, in a place he didn't know: left Hope in a of a state of panic. The last thing he remembered was jumping down from an airship onto a race track, following after his friends to infiltrate Eden. Thinking about it now, he couldn't even remember landing on his feet after the leap. What stood out most to the young teen though in his fleet of uncertainty was his left wrist, which was no longer branded with the mark of a l'Cie.]

Hello?? Is anyone there?? [He'll call out into the home, cautiously going down the hall with a bat, which he found in 'his' room, at hand.]

[The phone in Hope's new home was very different from the phones he was used to, but after a little bit of investigation and time to calm down he's decided to use it and try to contact his friends.]

This calls out to everyone, so uh, can someone tell me how I got here. This is place is called Mayfield isn't it....? I'm... I'm looking for some people too.


A 「Streets of Mayfield」Afternoon
[After determining his 'fake home' was the last place he wanted to be: Hope went to the streets exploring. So where ever you are, regardless of what you might happen to be doing; you might see a small young teen wandering around. He doesn't seem exactly sure about talking to others, but he is rather interested in the homes and vehicles he keeps passing. He might even stop in front of the one in your driveway or just outside your home or shop and start fiddling with it.]

B 「At the Park」Evening
[He didn't know anyone, didn't recognize anything in the town, really the park was just one more brand new place he would have to familiarize himself with. Probably the only consoling aspect of the play ground was that it didn't have pictures of him and some random family hanging around the walls.

It's getting dark out though, and he wasn't exactly sure how to get back to where he started.

... I guess it's not like I haven't slept outside before.