15 March 2012 @ 02:15 pm
there's something here from somewhere else  
(in which kex catches up on a lot of regains)

[action, park]

[It has been a very long time since N's checked his mail, so it's understandable that a thing or two has gone unnoticed. Four things, actually; three boxes and an envelope. He absconds with the whole lot off to the park, where he's set up a semi-permanent shelter beneath a tree, and settles in to inspect the contents.

The first is the envelope, and when he opens it there's no paper actually inside. It's pretty baffling, at least until Purrloin comes to settle in his lap and he hears something he hasn't heard in ages.]

What's in it?

[It's... He heard him. Purrloin, he heard his voice. N just has to confirm it.]

Wh-what did you say?

Oh, you heard me that time? I wanted to know what's in the boxes.

[Okay, N might be just a little bit too overwhelmed with emotion to react properly just yet. Pidove and Scraggy are having something of a mock battle outside, and it just...

He bites back relieved tears and scratches behind Purrloin's ears, then opens the rest of the boxes. Two Pokéballs, and... and his crown. The one Ghetsis had coronated him with, marking him as Team Plasma's king. Kind of a downer considering the rest of his things; for now, he sets it aside and releases his friends from their traps. He was not expecting to see who materialized.

Zoroark, the one friend who's accompanied him his whole life.

Reshiram, the Pokémon he'd tested himself and his ideas of truth in order to befriend.

Yeah, now he's crying, but it's not sad. N collapses forwards, Zoroark catching him and Reshiram lowering his head and extending a wing over the lot of them. Yeah, this is a happy reunion.]

[action, around town]

[Finally, N is somewhat confident enough to go wandering about town, though as usual he's not alone. Rather untypically, though, who he's accompanied by is a person... people... ...a person who switches forms every so often, usually when they see someone who looks more interesting. Also, the giant white feathered dragon flying overhead, who occasionally lands on a building to wait for the pair to catch up. That's there too.]